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TsunamiVoid's AvatarTsunamiVoid
TsunamiVoid's Avatar
Im tecnically no longer new, but i only joined a few weeks ago How did you find us? A forum post on some adoptables site i forgot the name of Would you reccomend us to a friend? yes Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? swimming, food, art What's your favorite Pokémon? Rayquaza
Hey. The name's Blaze. Few know more about Pokemon than me. I'm also one of the biggest Hamilfans out there too! My pronouns are she/her! I am age 9-15 (not telling my real age), and from California! How did you find us? I was taken here by a user named Glaciersong. And I'm all like, "Wow this place seems cool!" Then I joined. Would you reccomend us to a friend? YESSSSSS!!! Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I'm just on Quotev, writing stories! Go check out Legendary Humans! But it has violence and swearing, so NOT FOR USERS UNDER 10! What's your favorite Pokémon? BLAZIKEN!!! If you've been here for a while.. What do you like about PFQ? It's a fun time killer! What would you change? I don't know. Maybe the daycare and how we only get 6 eggs per day. What do you dislike? The daycare problem. Does Steve deserve a shiny? Who's Steve?
927 Blaze ~ Human-ken ~ She/her
ford's Avatarford
ford's Avatar
do not be fooled by my 2016 join date- i am still extremely very much new here and i barely know what i'm doin! so uh! hey there, name's ford. i'm 20 and i use he/him pronouns. my favorite pokemon are flygon, torterra and decidueye! i am in a constant state of sleeping or being sleepy. it's currently 4 am as i write this. send help. again, i do not know what i am doing i am so lost most of the time ;v;
Lich's AvatarLich
Lich's Avatar
hi! i'm sev (28, they/he), i actually stumbled across this place on accident when trying to find something about gpx plus (which i played back in 2017 and promptly forgot about). my fav pokemon are vaporeon and mightyena! my hobbies are gaming (i play a lot of video games, pet sims, and tabletop rpgs), writing, and digital art.
sev - 28 - they/he avatar created on subeta.net
Quilava2010's AvatarQuilava2010
Quilava2010's Avatar
Heya! You can call me Quill, but I also go by Sharkie on most other platforms nowadays. I'm 23 and my pronouns are she/her. Technically I'm...not all that new around here! I was moderatley active for a few years on the first PF in Ye Olden Times when one of my friends got me into it, but I kinda fell out of it around the time PFQ rolled around. Another friend of mine recently mentioned they had an account on here which piqued my interest again so, back due to unpopular demand: Me! I'm still getting used to stuff around here but I definietly think I would reccomend to a friend! I love Pokemon but I've never been one for competitive battling, the slower-paced collection focus of Pokefarm is really enjoyable to me. Plus the added bonues of different takes on shiny hunting and some fakemon just make it that much better :D I hope to be active again, hopefully I'll work up the courange and you might see me around in the forums every once in a while! If not then I will just be...silently clicking from the shadows I suppose ^^;

Pages: 123··· 434445

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