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FrostiiWolf's AvatarFrostiiWolf
FrostiiWolf's Avatar
Yo dudes! I'm FrostiiWolf and I joined a few months ago but I don't use the forums that much. I joined because I really like Pokemon and I heard that this game was pretty cool. I'm not comfortable with saying my age, but I will say that I'm currently living in the US and that I'm a gal. I'm always late to fandoms and I'm always playing unpopular games, for example, I'm still into Hetalia (though I'm not into ships or anything like that). My favorite Pokemon used to be Absol but now it's either shiny Glaceon, Alolan Vulpix, or Yamper.
LesbiQueen's AvatarLesbiQueen
LesbiQueen's Avatar
heyo! im LesbiQueen (yes. i chose that name in all seriousness.) and i really like slowpoke! i think pokefarm is pretty coolio so far!! one of my friends reccomended it to me and helped me a bit with my profile and stuff!! i really like this site!
hewwo! im new here! my avatar is an offical sprite of slowpoke from pokemon silver!! so are the cute runners in my signature! if you wouldn’t mind, please visit my art store. <3 the art there, unless otherwise stated is also official art!
Braìxen101's AvatarBraìxen101
Braìxen101's Avatar
Yo, I'm Silky, I've been here for about 4 months. Really, this game should be on nintendo. I LOVE this game, because of my shiny collection. Yea, I'm a bit crazy for shinies. Steve does not deserve shinies, I do!
Avatar made by me
A person from another site told me about this site :D
n'e'ø'n's Avatarn'e'ø'n
n'e'ø'n's Avatar
hey people, i'm neon! just joined several days ago and having fun so far... i found this site while looking for adoptables sites to join (i'm a sucker for those) i'm a fan of pokemon, not the biggest but i still love the games! my favorite mons are vaporeon and maractus :P i just like video games in general, such as kirby or dragon village, and i like to draw digitally as well!
avatar is dragon village 2 official art!
Lake1's AvatarLake1
Lake1's Avatar
Hello, I'm like 2 days into this site, but I've enjoyed it so far. My name is Laken, and I like all sorts of video games, along with sports and stuff. I hope to meet people here and make friends! My favorite pokemon are Buizels and any sort of Eeveelutions.
Hyma's AvatarHyma
Hyma's Avatar
Hi! I’ve just discovered the game thanks to an ad. I play pokemon since childhood. I love music, horseriding and video games. I’m hoping to find many shiny! My favorite pokemon is Mew since the movie with Lucario. I also love Zorua! Have a nice day!
Hi! I'm 13utterscotch! You can call me Scotchie! My brother, Roxuls, and close friend, merinque, introduced me to this site! I love drawing, watching, cats, and my girlfriend! My favorite pokemon are the Ralts line, Bounsweet line, Mudkip line, and Buneary Line!
Avatar made by Foxgay on deviantart•Banner by EeveeBailey•Neko Atsume IMG made by cutgut on deviantart
Decaf's AvatarDecaf
Decaf's Avatar
Hi there! I'm Decaf (or Vik, either works). I'm a 21 year old nonbinary/genderqueer artist from the US, and I just joined this site a few days ago. I found it while searching for a different site I used to frequent, and I thought, "Hey, this seems fun! Why not join?" I've actually told a few of my friends about this place, too, because I like it so much, hehe. There are too many favorites for me to list off the top of my head, so I'll just list the typings I have a tendency to adore: water, grass, ghost, and fairy! I love to play a variety of video games when I'm not drawing or being a responsible adult.
My avatar was drawn by me!
VarenHills's AvatarVarenHills
VarenHills's Avatar
Elo there everyone! My name is Varen. I'm 26 years old and I just happened to stumble on here! I hope to basically meet some new friends as I tend to travel a lot. I hope to get to meet some of you cool people!
Picture by EverlastingShyTenn Current OU team

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