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Daily backup failure + potential changes

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Narflunk's AvatarNarflunk
Narflunk's Avatar
I'm going to agree with keeping it daily (or every other day at most) since there is so much that happens during a week, as has already been stated. The time when the backup happens is the most unpopulated time of day already, so it is good to take advantage of that (unless it is least populated specifically because of the backup). The potential loss from a crash after a whole week with no backups is significantly greater than the loss from 10-20 minutes of downtime every day. Perhaps there is a way to streamline the method that the backup occurs, so as to save time? Idk, not sure how it works.
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Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
I prefer daily, like said before, A lot happens in a day and we all need that data backed-up just incase something happens, like a crash before the backup Mostly, I just like daily as a precaution to make sure everything is safe EDIT- Spelling cause I cant spell :p
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Belial's AvatarBelial
Belial's Avatar
Daily backups (that work) would be a sacrifice necessary to ensure that a catastrophic disaster wouldn't take as much from us as it could otherwise. 20 mins a day is nothing. :P
Eclipsed's AvatarEclipsed
Eclipsed's Avatar
I understand the time it takes, and that it's rarely been an issue. I've even been online during that time regularly, but don't think I'd like it to be less than several times a week. When the site did have to be rolled back after reopening after an update last year, the reopening didn't last all that long but it was enough for me to hatch an albino that disappeared. I can't imagine how much more annoying it would be for that to be a melan, or a new discovery. As an endgame user in particular, but to an extent to everyone, week represents a significant amount of money and effort spent in the game.
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Delta1413's AvatarDelta1413
Delta1413's Avatar
20 minutes a day isn't too bad, flight rising has 30 minutes. I vote to continue with the daily backups even if you haven't needed to draw on them so far - better safe than sorry.
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emocandy's Avataremocandy
emocandy's Avatar
i would prefer a daily backup.. but i also am not normally effected because its in the middle of the night for me!
CatEnergetic's AvatarCatEnergetic
CatEnergetic's Avatar
I'd prefer daily as a lot can happen in a week's time, because a lot of progress can be lost if they are made to weekly backups. At least daily backups would ensure that the day's activities are secure and safe, rather than taking a chance on a weekly backup? Especially if someone were to hatch mulitple melans in the timespan of a week, it's best to have a daily backup so figurative melans wouldn't be lost to the void. I don't mind the wait time, as I get there's a lot of data to be saved and backed up, so it's not an issue in general! It's not normally a big issue for me as I'm sleeping during the backup~
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
1) No changes please until the current (revised) analysis comes back and can be vetted. Right now knowing that you don't know isn't nearly enough to propose this change, in my opinion. 2) Are daily backups expected to continue to remain around 20 minutes, increase slightly, continue to increase, or decrease in some way once you figure out if/how to make them happen completely? 3) What is the increased risk to once per week backups vs daily? If all users would literally lose a week of effort (especially trades, special hatches and the like), I think that would get a hard NO from most users. As I am 99% online daily over backup, and am thus affected at least as much as anyone else, the security of knowing I would at most lose a days worth of effort as things stand right now if something catastrophic should happen, is very much worth not being able to play for even half an hour a day.
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ÜbiCørrin's AvatarÜbiCørrin
ÜbiCørrin's Avatar
This is probably a noob question but what does the daily backup do exactly with PFQ? Is PFQ being hosted by something like GoDaddy or is it something like an independent server?
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Prf X's AvatarPrf X
Prf X's Avatar
I say keep the daily backup

QUOTE originally posted by Trebor

3) What is the increased risk to once per week backups vs daily? If all users would literally lose a week of effort (especially trades, special hatches and the like).
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