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Daily backup failure + potential changes

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QUOTE originally posted by Garthic

Doing it once a week would not change the amount of time that the backup would take, for reference. It would just change how often we do it. It doesn't affect us at all. That's why we're asking you guys for your opinion :)
If something did happen the night before backup, what would be the potential loss? What would we be risking changing from daily to weekly backups.?
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I'd prefer for it to stay daily, there's way too much that happens in a week's time that would be felt worse than if only a day's worth is lost. If not daily then definitely twice weekly (like every Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday) or every three days (more ideal but most people probably wouldn't attempt to keep track of the schedule).
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I think weekly is fine with the few/lack of issues the site has had to need reliance on the back ups, daily is great but thats a lot of details to log every day and seems like techinically eztra data/lots of seperate files to manage. But even if not, if it's not really going to affec tmuch other than how often I don't see why the ocne a week would be an issue?
Luggs's AvatarLuggs
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A 20-minute long backup is one of those grey areas for me. For now, that seems like an okay duration to keep it at daily, but if it grows too much more in the future then I might be more inclined to move it to weekly so as not to increase downtime too drastically.
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i'm all for having it once a week then, since it wouldnt change the amount of time it takes. the current time back up is at right now cuts into the rus host a lot. i haven't been on at that time of night since this became 20 minutes long, but assuming it starts at the same time 10:12 (iirc) and ends at 10:32... whoever got rus during 10:15-10:30 wouldn't get to use it at all. having it be once a week would mean just one unlucky person, compared to 7 unlucky people. so it'd be pretty great to have it just once a week! :D
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I think daily backup is the safer route.
I don't really mind either way as long as the system doesn't crash it's fine right
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...Right, now that my question was answered, here's my two cents: At first I voted for weekly without really thinking about it, but after letting it sink in... I think we should continue with daily. Even in only a day, a lot of people can lose a lot of progress in the game - imagine if you'd hatched a melan and then it was rolled back? Admittedly, this could still happen even with daily backups; but the jump from one day to one week is pretty significant. Plus, 20 minutes isn't really long at all and backup takes place when the fewest users are online. It doesn't really affect a huge margin of people.
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Niero's AvatarNiero
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Please continue with daily backups. I don't know if this site's backups also include forum posts and PMs, but if those AREN'T included, there's a chance that important exchanges between users could be lost. Especially since some people buy and sell commissions on this site. In regards to the game itself, I still think daily backups are the safest thing to do. Does it really hurt to have a few minutes of downtime each day? Better to be safe than sorry.
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I prefer the daily back ups! I’m more than content with waiting 20 mins for it to do it’s thing! :> I’d much prefer it over the other!
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