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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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I STILL HAVEN'T HATCHED THAT MELAN YET ;v; 2k+ eggs hatched... like 10 troll parties? i'm so tempted to restart the chain but i don't know if it's worth it ;;
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this hunt is horrible, my motivation has disappeared.... only one troll party on a sei day too oof wonder if i can get to field 3 of s/a delta totodiles before i get this dang melan
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Hello~ I have came to join the ranting and complaining (c:) Now, I may not have the longest chain and dedication like some of you do but It's still a long and frustrating hunt. I haven't even hatched a shiny yet and I think sally and Niet really like to mess with me because this whole week, there hasn't been a single V-Wave day that's Fairy; and I don't see one coming either according to the forecast >:l Oh and don't get me started on the Melan percentage being two percent, agh. I can't even get the dexes for the egg dexes that I need for champion rank. sad times.

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this is just a casual hunt but i'm still angry ;;
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:') I understand @Veggie.
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hi here to complain about another hunt - grubbin. I quit the mudkip one cold turkey because it was legit so frustrating. Used two z-crstals on two different Sei days and only got 1 albino on each....so I didn't even save it. I was at around 1.8k hatches. Was having a terrible week then anyways and it didn't help. I was hoping this one wouldn't be another long hunt but looks like it is :( I'm almost at 2k. I've been here for three months and would really like to have my first melanin. LUCKILY I really like the grubbin line (Vikavolt is one of my favorite pokemon orz) so it's not too terrible. I don't want to be someone who has to hatch over 3k just to get my first. I liked mudkips but not so much that I was willing to do a long hunt for, plus the melanin was...just alright looking. Also grrr. Bait doesn't work it seems D:<
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i’m doing a nincada hunt for dp and it’s going HORRIBLY, i’m at a little over 1k hatched and barely any shinies with a few more albinos. i used a crystal a couple days ago and got the same amount or less albinos than i usually do. i was really hoping to get a melan so i could sell it since i need the money, but i don’t have the money to save the chain so this might just be a week and a half wasted
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can we just talk about this............ A quadruplet set ?!?!?!?! are we for real :'(((((( EDIT first the quads.. NOW A TRIP SET?! Sally..... </3
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recently restarted my 4k+ treecko hunt out of pure frustration; hatched like 5 troll parties the entire hunt. honestly glad i restarted it, and i hope this carvanha hunt treats me better :"))) currently have every possible upgrade prepared for the next sei day so maybe, just maybe... EDIT: now im just watching gifs of other people hatching melans to feel something again :")
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Probably a stupid rant but: I'm so unnerved by my slow hatching. Especially on days I'm working I have like 0 time to play or do anything else beside sleep/ go to work/ work/ go home/ eat/ sleep which means very few eggs. And also very few interaction points. Meaning my few eggs are without high albinoradar because I just ccannot affort to put it to lv7 every day. And then I managed to hit myself in the eye with a sharp object meaning it has to heal and I cannot look at a screen for longer periods of time -.- My hunt so far: 11654/186/132/2. Both melan well after 9000 eggs. I just love the idea that number three takes close to 10k eggs again

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