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Is it possible for me to bring up a minor issue that I observed, and could be seen as inconsequential in another perspective? Please understand that it is about semantics and can come across as pedantic. I would like to suggest that “rules” avoid *potentially* ableist language, such as: “type like an idiot” and “there is no excuse”, both regarding text speak, which is a valid rule and not my focus of questioning here. The second one assumes that access to a keyboard is equal to the ability of using it, which places abledness as a default. Thank you. This may be important to some of the community. (It is for me.)
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Enjoying the game alot. Also excited for the new game coming up and glad you didn't reboot PFQ. Loving how nice the community is! However I see alot of language and dirty jokes that go under the radar. I almost feel as if the PG meant PG-13. Sorry if thats what you meant, but maybe some rules aren't clear enough or enforced well. Edit: Ok the mods talked to me about this. I see now that its point of view, not abuse of chat. It just doesn't seem clear to all people I suppose.
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I've recently come across the argument of being entitled and that we, as players, shouldn't be entitled! I feel this argument has passed my way a lot of times – and I've always felt the same: When you grind for something, even more if it's a hard grind that can cause you to struggle with your motivation – you get entitled. Getting something you work hard for is a reward, but when that reward gets lost or changed – you start to ask yourself why you put in all that work. And yes, while you can argue that it isn't a design goal that people get entitled – the way PFQ works (at least for me) plays exactly into being entitled. You work hard, you achieve it and you then want to keep it. This especially goes for the one thing, you do in the endgame and that may, or may not, I don't know the numbers, keep the game running not only for endgame users, but also from a financial point of view: Melan and Legendary Hunting. And with Melan Hunting, we get into a whole big story of things you can get entitled too – so let's start: 1st) Your Arceus Rank and it's Buff. I think the site has found a reasonable balance to loosing Arceus Rank and being able to re-achieve it in a reasonable time. But I think that should always be an additional focus when adding new things: Keep Arceus Rank re-achievable within a reasonable amount of time. I hear people saying that day and night, happiness and maybe even unhappiness evolutions are in the games – but to be honest, we all know that the games had ways to circumvent it. Night evolution in the bright day? Change the clock of your gaming device! To be honest, the most recent batch of Galar Pokemon has shown that that's being considered, so that's good! I love it! Before they appeared, those that wanted, knew there'd be evolution items and also got said that they won't be special. We could prepare, we could get Boxes and then when the Pokemon droped, our work paid off, we could maintain Arceus Rank. Not because it was super easy, but because we could prepare. And that's actually a fun way of handling it! So while we may see other day/ night, happy/unhappy evolutions again, I want to reiterate: It is fun to have a chance to prepare for that and then pull it off. It allows us to keep the rank we are entitled to and also shows, that we are still willing to show the effort – that we don't think it's a one time achievement you get to keep like the badges. Please keep this up! Because waiting in order to be able to do something may be something they have in the games too – but it was so not fun I usually change the clock to my needing! Oh also one point I often see about Arceus Rank: “You don't need it to hatch a melan, I've seen people hatching Melans without it!” and I am just like: “Yeah, you can also hatch random Melans, even random legendary Melans, BUT at that point (and to be fair this is an exaggeration) you may as well play the actual lottery and plan to buy the Melans with the money you've left/ gained afterwards!”. Without Arceus the maximum Long Chain Bonus is 50%, so 150% chance in total. With it, it's a bonus of 150, so 250% total. So if an endgame user drops out of Arceus Rank they operate on 60% of the previous efficency in terms of hatching a Melan. This feeling just sucks for me, especially since a weaker long chain buff, also means that the value of your Z crystal is diminished, and so on. As long as Arceus Rank is in the game, I will get entitled to having it when going on a hunt and that is, in my humble opinion, not a bad thing or something that should be put aside saying: “But I saw people do it without it!”, because those people ain't me. 2nd) And now to the thing this was, kind of obviously, leading to: Melans There are 2 topics that come to my mind here: Feeling entitled to getting a Melan and also feeling entitled to keeping the Melan, the way it is. One topic is about the contribution of Melans and the other one is about the rework policy. So first off: Feeling entitled to get a Melan. This goes back to something I mentioned above: You may argue that the game isn't meant to be played as Melan hunting only – but then again, why do we have so many Boosts that ultimately lead up to one thing: Better chances of getting a Melan? The only mandatory thing to get a Melan is a Level 1 Charged Albino Radar, however, here are the optional boosts this game offers to get a Melan (some may not work without having the other): Albino Radar Level 7, PokeRadar, HyperMode to further the PokeRadar, Shiny Charm, Übercharm, Z Crystal, Long Chain Bonus, Arceus Bonus, Sei Bonus. So I count 9 optional ways to further Boost your chances when you invest time, attention to daily bonuses and also possibly money/ trade a lot. And when I pay attention to all 9 buffs, use them as much as possible and invest a lot of time and possibly money I am supposed to be okay with not getting my Melan Pichu after 5000 hatches while others get a random Melan Legendary (this is an exaggeration of course, but it does happen – also this isn't meant to make the person that got the random Melan Legendary feel bad – if anything this is against the system, not the user. So congratulations you lucky devil – enjoy your melan and honor it^^). In the past Niet has commented on this that he doesn't want to give out pity Melans and that it would feel wrong to him to do this. I disagree! Yes, we are again talking about being entitled to get a Melan – but what is so wrong about that? Also I wouldn't call it a pity Melan, I'd call it a deserved Melan. As I said above – I am not against people having extra ordinary luck – that's part of live and I remember my Adrenalin when I hatched 2 early Melan Mewtwo's on my birthday. It's amazing and fun. But I also remember hatching 7k+ Snovers with all Boosts (except for Z crystals, that only happened on fitting days) – and if I try to imagine how I'd feel if I hatched that many Legendaries without getting a Melan – I cannot do any different but say: That's not a game design I want to support. How could a system that ensures getting a “deserved Melan” be implemented without having holes that can be abused to get easy Melans? I'd happily jump into that conversation if there was a reason to assume that it'll lead to fruition. But for now all I can say is that I'd really welcome such a system. The last point that I wanted to raise is kind of canceled – Sei sparked an excellent and I believe healthy discussion about the rework and the general Melan policy. My input isn't really needed – please check it out here: The discussion Overall this whole post comes down to one feedback that I consider valueable, as it reflects my playstyle and my point of view: Getting entitled isn't always bad and PFQ, at least the way I play it, ties into getting entitled. Please consider that people like me get entitled to things, when they worked hard for it. And when I cannot get entitled to things I worked for, their value as a reward is diminished for me! I rechecked this post several times to make sure that I mostly speak for myself – if anything comes across as me saying “That's how the majority things about this and this is how it should be done immediately!” that's a mistake of my wording. This is just about my preferences and the preferences of people I talked to.
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BeetleJuices's AvatarBeetleJuices
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I feel like this site doesn't explain enough of how it's varied evolutions etc. work, I've had a feebas for a month or more and still can't figure out on my own (i have tried asking, too) what to do in order to evolve it, the only hint I've got is that I have to increase the beauty. Another example is how I had to get perfect berries in order to evolve my shiny sylveon from an eevee. I had no idea how to do that, and had to make a forum just for asking how. I don't quite see the site having any sort of way to solve this on your own without going about asking a staff member or another player, if I'm missing something please enlighten me! Maybe it's on the wiki- but not all players use the wikis?
Charizard95's AvatarCharizard95
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I love this site but one thing i dont like is having to unlock most summons. I've had a graceidea since my first box but not been able to use it
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QUOTE originally posted by Charizard95

I love this site but one thing i dont like is having to unlock most summons. I've had a graceidea since my first box but not been able to use it
You can't get Summons from Boxes unless you unlocked them. That's a Forme-Change Item.
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I'm no master on computer games but this is so addicting and my favorite computer game ever! I've only been here about a month and have no experience with PF1 but I'd like to say I LOVE this site best of all! Its my favorite and I stay up late to play it ^^ I also like... Well, a lot, let's just say c: Mod edit: posts merged
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This could just be random nonsense, but as someone who is actively on the website everyday now, I have noticed that the same people seem to get Pokerus over and over again. I know it's supposed to be random, but since I am on here so frequently, I have begun to recognize the usernames of people who frequently get the chance to get Pokerus. I'm only starting to get frustrated, not just because I myself haven't seemed to have gotten it in literal years, but because I have friends who also have this problem. And we do mass click whoever has the Pokerus (Party and fields) so it's not like we aren't participating in it. I don't want to come off as like whiny over not getting it, I just wanted to bring to attention that the same people seem to get it every day.
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@cottoncandycat12 The same people typically get Pokerus often because they spend as much time clicking for Pokerus as they can every single day. Some of these people will even have rus click lists where they frequently are party clicking people that commonly get Pokerus. This results in them having more clicks on Pokerus users on average and thus giving them a better chance of getting rus. Also, on a related note, I'd like to point out that you currently show as offline on the site. As the site seems to think you're offline, it's impossible for you to get Pokerus as far as I'm aware. I'd highly recommend logging out and then logging back in as this fixes the bug.
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Before logging in, the image of the staff in the socialise tab has old information. At least over 3 years old if you look at some of the staff's bios. Most of the staff are no longer part of the staff. Constantine and Ledah still have their bios open, even though they're not mods anymore. I'm an old user myself, so this doesn't affect me, but it might confuse the new users. Will it ever get revamped?

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