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PurpleAsh's AvatarPurpleAsh
PurpleAsh's Avatar
Hi everyone, i just joined a bit less that 2 weeks ago. you can call me Purple. i am an older aged player, i could probaly be your mom or grandma. i am a collector on pet sites, but also like breeding and such. i had a friend from another game send me an invite and became addicted that night. in real life i keep and breed tropical fish and sell to people and a local store. i have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rabbit, 2 snakes, 1 lizard, 7 chickens and have started collecting isopods, plus lots and lots of fish. i also love to garden, read, play pixel games, have 4 grown kids and such. i am disabled/retired and getting ready to start seeing and visiting places i haven't been to. so i see some traveling ahead, lol.
CheddarCheese's AvatarCheddarCheese
CheddarCheese's Avatar
Hello hello! I'm Ched, I made an account a week or so ago? (Too lazy to check specifics dlskfgjdlsg) But I just decided to start pokin around the site~ I managed to stumble onto pokefarm through a random link from someone on flight rising aha, but considering pokemon has been my one defining interest my whole life I think i'll like it here well enough >:3c I enjoy drawing and playin games, and outside of pokemon I am currently in the bottomless pit of genshin .-. If i can get my head wrapped around what things there are to do in this game i might consider dragging friends into here bc literally all my friends like pokemon too >:3c Either way, I'll be floatin around here n there~ Feel free to drop by and say hi (or give advice im so lost kjgsd) Always open to makin friends too!
Valkins's AvatarValkins
Valkins's Avatar
Hello! Please to meet you all im Val, very new to this website but i adore pokemon so much and im excited to be here. not really sure what im doing yet but any suggestions would be great. having a pokemon farm and a pokemon browser game is awesome i love this idea! i hope i can make some friends along the way ♡
chalkyclouds's Avatarchalkyclouds
chalkyclouds's Avatar
Hello, you can either call me Cloud or Jerry, and I just joined today! I am 19 and my pronouns are he/him. I found the site through Flight Rising as someone in their forum signature linked back to this site and I got curious. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and these sort of pet collection games, so I thought it was right up my alley. Besides that, I am also an artist that likes to draw sometimes. However, I am a college student and don't have as much time or energy recently. So yeah, nice to meet you all and hopefully I'll figure out how this game works because the premise is very cute.
sychosis's Avatarsychosis
sychosis's Avatar
hello!! my name is sychosis, but you can just call me sy/sych. i recently just turned 24, and go by he/him, they/them pronouns. however, i have no issue with whatever you address me by. i found pokefarm through a friend of mine, who encouraged me to play since i’m quite the (casual) fan of pokémon in general. i also used to play flight rising, so little collecting pet sites are something i have interest in :) i write, draw, and sometimes help to conduct/play the piano in some choirs. while i am not too busy, i often have other things that keep me occupied, with pokefarm being a small side hobby i can play on when i’ve got some time to spare. however, i do hope to meet new friends and hopefully also have lots of fun on site! <3
avatar from tumblr [lyla from atsv]
Peter's AvatarPeter
Peter's Avatar
Even though I'm technically not new to this site, I feel like I should make a post here. I recently started getting back into PFQ again after not being on the site for around 9 years!!! I was also on the original PF1 website. Any help/assistance with filling out new additions to the eggdex and pokedex, or just tips/advice on what has changed in the last decade would be greatly appreciated! Just send me a friend request and/or DM. It's honestly been really cool to see the state my trainer bio, forum signature, fields etc were left in. It feels like a time capsule almost!
hiya, i'm lucky! to be honest, i forgot what brought me here, i just kinda remembered the site one day from... somewhere and re-logged into an account i made. i love pokemon, it's my comfort franchise. i'm actually working on a pokemon au!
Hello! I am Hoshi. 35+. Pokemon Blue was actually my first handheld game and I've owned at least one per generation until Sword/Shield. How did you find us? I was browsing the "other sites" section of a breeding game's forum and someone posted it. I've heard of it before, but I don't know why yesterday was suddenly different. Would you reccomend us to a friend? If they'd be interested, yes. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? Most of my time is spent playing games or listening/watching Youtube. I also do a lot of writing, but it tends to tire me out quickly, so I go back to gaming. I try to draw a bit. I love horror movies. What's your favorite Pokémon? Sinistea!
My picture is from a Pokemon Card.

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