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QUOTE originally posted by FieldOfFlõwèrs

I got a mark on my pokémon, what does it mean? Sorry for your time.
It depends on what the mark is. Can you post the Pokemon in question? Alternatlively, check out the Symbols Guide.
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Why is there a badge with knuckles on the top of my screen?
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It’s your Type Race team! It ends in six hours,but the event will be back in mid November. It’s monthly.
Buying Tanzakus for 20 ZC
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You can find more information about the Type Races here. I'd recommend giving it a shot! ^_^
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Hi, I was trying to use an imgur image as my avatar and it keeps coming up as an error. https://imgur.com/eakUnoe

QUOTE originally posted by kjokjo75

Hi, I was trying to use an imgur image as my avatar and it keeps coming up as an error. https://imgur.com/eakUnoe
You're putting a url instead of the actual image when uploading the avatar. Use the direct link from imgur instead.
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Hello again! I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong? I'm trying to get my Walrein into a totem, but I can't seem to find totem stickers with him. Is the only way to get one through the Super Totem Stickers or is it because he is a delta?
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That'll be a Super Totem Sticker. ^_^
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Hi! I was curious about the base shiny odds? I know the 40 chain increases the odds by 3996%, (I have a chain of about 140 now) but I want to know how much of an increase that is from the base odds. Thank you for your time!
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The shiny odds are the sams as was in Ruby and Sapphire. ^_^

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