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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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QUOTE originally posted by seji

wishjsgs i want to get hypermode to hunt a melan but hhhhh thats a Lot of Eggs but i like suffering so Hm should i ?
i mean idk! i’d recommend getting arceus rank first, but at the same time, some people have good chances even without it! hm..
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"Oh, I just maxed out my Totodile chain! I wonder wh--" Literally the next party, right before I went to bed: Two notes: This was my first troll party, and I wasn't even trying for a melan. This just happened.
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>hatches bunbori for days straight with a z crystal, spending absurd amounts of time clicking to hatch a lot. a couple shinies. no albinos. >decides to switch to cleffa for a day or two just to take a break. 3 albinos. ok! waiting for my random melan cleffa to arrive before my bunbori melan
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loud yelling noises i ended up getting HM and an uber charm, it's 110 eggs in, and would you look at that troll party.
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Max charged Albino Radar- No albinos what so ever 1st Level charged Albino Radar- An albino Oh I see how it is Sally...
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QUOTE originally posted by Raichi

Max charged Albino Radar- No albinos what so ever 1st Level charged Albino Radar- An albino Oh I see how it is Sally...
Lets beat her at her silly logic
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Idk if this is a rant but I hate how much harder it is to try and melan hunt when ya cant get HM. Had a HM, got a lot of specials. No HM, not a. Hopefully some day I get a melan. I started a Snorunt hunt for my badge so yeah!
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Not hunting for a Melan in my Type Race hunt but a troll party is still upsetting D:
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5.7k chain... hunt has been active for over 8 months, probably? I'm getting a little frustrated with litleo at this point but I'm not stopping yet, just whining.
skylucario's Avatarskylucario
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not melan hunting atm, but HOLY HECK. almost 100 eggs w/ full boosts, no shiny, and i can never freaking find eggs in the shelter after having released 200+...worst shiny hunt ever

Pages: 123··· 5657585960··· 717273

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