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Injustice [oneshot]

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lionmane5's Avatarlionmane5
lionmane5's Avatar
I am in love with this story! I really love it soooo much!
What am I doing with my life?
Flutterby000's AvatarFlutterby000
Flutterby000's Avatar
Truly great story
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Eclipsehawk's AvatarEclipsehawk
Eclipsehawk's Avatar
Wahh! So sad but it's truly great, I read this twice without knowing it ;D
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Beautiful! One of the best Pokemon one shot I've ever read before .
Kisara1990's AvatarKisara1990
Kisara1990's Avatar
Arceus is the answer. He is the pokemon God. Make everything go good for them :D I'm so tempted to post my story here... Think I'm going to do it now.
woah this was.. AWESOME to read too bad there isn't a book of this 'little' story i would read a book like that a lot amazing job
Please please pleeeeeease write a sequel about how you escape and return! Or something like that...
PokecraftCat's AvatarPokecraftCat
PokecraftCat's Avatar
AWW...So beautiful and sad...
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SaberStar2's AvatarSaberStar2
SaberStar2's Avatar
I'm crying so hard for silent moon and the children right now. Now I k ow how the pokemon I catch feel 😭
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Torterra's AvatarTorterra
Torterra's Avatar
Poor Ampharos.. Just there to pick up some berries..
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Pages: 123456··· 101112

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