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Injustice [oneshot]

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MoonEevee's AvatarMoonEevee
MoonEevee's Avatar
Wow! Amazing story! The suspence is so strong! You're an amazing writer as well as programmer!
camjja's Avatarcamjja
camjja's Avatar
Story 2!!!! Loved it!!! Best pokemon story I have ever read. STORY TWO!!! I like how the pokemon complained to the trainer, the point of view, and the twist ending.
Kumokiri's AvatarKumokiri
Kumokiri's Avatar
This is such a great story!Absol is my favourite,and I would love to see a sequel!
Aw000's AvatarAw000
Aw000's Avatar
I wish that this wasn't a oneshot so I could know what happend to the kids

Single arts by HeartlessDemon

Family arts by HeartlessDemon

Thank you Pyra for the avatar. Most sprites are from here
ZÅRKÉR12345's AvatarZÅRKÉR12345
ZÅRKÉR12345's Avatar
think u
im zark i have a dream to takeover the world of pokemon with my pichu hahahaha now i will be god and get the god pokemon ahhahaha
Purrloin4548's AvatarPurrloin4548
Purrloin4548's Avatar
That was great! Keep up the good work! Not really sure if anyting even could be changed.
i love purrloin so much aaaaaa
Hollowshield's AvatarHollowshield
Hollowshield's Avatar
Oh my stars the ending was so sad... But the story overall was ABSOLutly amazing! You did great on this!
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KorokuRain13's AvatarKorokuRain13
KorokuRain13's Avatar
Im crying onto my keyboard
Looking for Korokus and/or a melan finneon. Pm me! Avatar sprite created by pfq art team, found on pokefarm wiki. If I'm crediting wrong please tell me how to fix it as I'm bad at this [align=center] Name: Sylvie Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
expected that lmao, this is why i love oneshots, i can't reproduce the same feeling of sadness, but i can make brutal deaths, guess everybody has their own talents
"Riddle me this, what makes the world go round? Why that's right, IT'S LOVE! Well, that and inertia along with the north and south poles, we don't talk about that tho."
Violetglare's AvatarVioletglare
Violetglare's Avatar
Great story! You had me following every line and at the end I almost cried when she got caught.

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