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Sprites Lost to Time

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Peeko has the old albino Meowth sprite in her dress up! I miss the old mega sprite a lot and I can sorta see it in my head but I haven't found it anywhere :< So now anything I like I always make a dress up for it xD Though sadly once or twice my dress ups have vanished so that sucks. All of these old sprites are so interesting! :o
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Does anybody have any pictures of the old trainer sprites/ trainer card from however many years ago? I swear I remeber the old user avatars having a much more canon pokemon game npc look to them Edit: I found them literally a minute after 8 asked, whoops! Here's what they looked like for anyone wondering ^v^
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I've still got my trainer card from PF1, if you're curious. I didn't capture pre recode or before the trainer update tho.
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I realized recently that a couple of my melans still have their old sprites in their dressup pictures! for example, miss Ebony Darkness Dimentia Raven Way here. Honestly I like both versions! They're different takes that both work.
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if anyone could find some old eevee or zacian sprites i would love to see em!
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Zacian wasn't added before the big sprite disaster. So the sprites and any updates to them are all on the wiki ^^ Eevee, on the other hand, is something we could look for.
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QUOTE originally posted by CQHerosteve

Zacian wasn't added before the big sprite disaster. So the sprites and any updates to them are all on the wiki ^^ Eevee, on the other hand, is something we could look for.
what was the big sprite disaster? :,0
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I don't exactly recall what happened, but something happened with the wiki which caused all sprites to be lost when they remade it. That's why I made this thread, to try to save some of those sprites that people have saved using dressups or even screenshots. So we can appreciate the old with the new.
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this is mainly me commenting to boost this thread as it's really cool to see all these old sprites and it'd be a shame if they were all lost again but I feel like Mega Skarmory Q's old sprite gives off more draconic vibes than its newer one does, I love/prefer the new sprite to the old one but I'd have an easier time believing the old one is Steel/Dragon than the newer one
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