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S/A Complaining Thread

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An I allowed to whine about too many shinies and albinos hatching? I have 22 of each, no melan, and it's a single stage pokemon...I don't need duplicates!!! T_T
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I decided to do a pichu hunt-pichu eggs hatch quickly, and are easy to find! It will take no time to get 2 shinies and 2 albinos! 300+ eggs later, and I'm feeling like this image- https://i.redd.it/6x0hm2op6nj51.png
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My first attempt was hunting Galarian Zigzagoon. After 200 eggs and only 2 albinos I was like "Where is my shiny zigzagoon? Lol". Ik 200 eggs is nothing compared to people hatching thousands of eggs and not getting anything good. I hoped that I was one of the few luckies to get a shiny early on nope I wasnt. One thing to mention I only hunt with the radars very basic no uber hm or charms. Same thing today with Pichu. Since it is POTD I hoped to get one shiny Pichu. Nope hatched 90 eggs nothing. At least got a lot of gems and wishforge evolutions for future electric badge upgrades so that is something.
https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/324117/Hystericz-Adoptables/post/6170386 Link to Hysterics shop. They made my profile pic. Go take a look at their shop.Thanks for making a profile pic for me as well.

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