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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
So glad I found this thread.... SO, I'm nearly at a 1k chain and I had this WHOLE plan for sei day today, I'm using lvl 7 radar, ubercharm, shiny charm, and hm but GUESS WHA NO MELON CHEESUS albino twins and a shiny so far, not complaining sally's doing great, but after all that effort, why,,,, and a fren said a lot of people get early melans on sei, but hey in the last few hunts i did, theres been no shinies on sei days... I WAN MY MELON SALLY BLS
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i have a bug z-crystal that i was planning on using today (since sei day), but then i completely forgot to use it. i'm pretty low on IP too so i can't recharge it :')
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AmberScroll's AvatarAmberScroll
AmberScroll's Avatar
UGH troll party EDIT: UGH UGH second troll party
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Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Unbefreakinglievable 330 eggs today thanks to a x2.6 Shazi day. I used a crystal my chain is over 5K I've got Arceus, charm - shiny and uber - the former of which died when I still had 10 adopts left, and the latter of which is going to die after MCW I've got my radar charged up to max my chain is almost to 6K and Sally keeps dripping albinos at me like a leaky faucet! Drip, drip, have an albino, drip, drip, drip, oh time for another albino! Out of 13 specials today, I got 3 shinies, droughts apart, and 10 albinos in between No troll parties. Or twins Just drip drip d rip reginascream.gif

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two troll parties today. all i need is one more melan. it's my mental breakdown DO DO DO DOOO DO DO DO DO DO.
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SphynxMagg's AvatarSphynxMagg
SphynxMagg's Avatar
Welp....I've hit 4k+ with no Melan. I'm feeling like I might have to PR another hunt if I can't get this done before the next type race TTATT Please....I want my purple sparkles
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CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
I WANT MY DARN FREAKING PURPLE SPORKLES, SALLY T^T Okay, so whew I don't have good luck, apparently. On Sei day I charged my radar full (whopee!) and got albino twins and a shiny, but nothing else. NO MLEM day after that i charged my radar full again and whopee no albinos! NO MLEM! (I know, shocker right?) I swear I will HATE Vulpix after this darn cursed hunt is over (but i wanna get to 10k and holy carp I'm dying already at 800+; this is the longest hunt ive ever done on pfq
seriously my misdreavus hunt was only like 318 hatched
) let's hope sally doesn't see this thread
QueenDiancie's AvatarQueenDiancie
QueenDiancie's Avatar
Chain: 5
Shiny Albino Melan
0/17 47/17 1/17
Delta Shiny Delta Albino Delta Melan
0 1 0
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Rawst BerryRawst Berry
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Dry food
Happiness 27%
Mild nature
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KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
Chain's at 4,120. No melan.... Please you adorable little Teapots ;-; Let me love youuuuu
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miha's Avatarmiha
miha's Avatar
My Chain is not as long as KishanHarus, butstill... 3547 and still not. A. Single. Melan. Sometimes ranting here seems to help hatching one so: Sally, I did my deed. Now hand me my melan

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