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Maleficent's Profile

1,130 / 10,240
Hatch progress 11%
1,130 / 10,240
Hatch progress 11%
1,130 / 10,240
Hatch progress 11%
1,108 / 10,240
Hatch progress 10%
1,097 / 10,240
Hatch progress 10%
1,097 / 10,240
Hatch progress 10%
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Type Race:
Black Hole Eclipse (Dark)
Joined: 27/Oct/2015
Starter: Purrloin
Rank: A+ Arceus
Wishalloy Normal Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Fire Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Water Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Electric Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Grass Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Ice Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Fighting Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Poison Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Ground Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Flying Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Psychic Gemwish Badge
Rattled Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Rock Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Ghost Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Dragon Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Dark Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Steel Gemwish Badge
Carbuncle Gemwish Badge
36💛30❤️-🖤2418🐣 If I afk I Nuzlocke (or sleep) @Sally where's MY melan? >:(

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Just send a Labeled Trade
Labeled Trades are when you use the little message feature at the bottom of the trade to say what you want from me and how you’re paying for it—ie
“My X for your Y?”

My answer will usually be YES!
; NO Trade PMs
Trade PMs are when you click ‘Send Message’ to ask “Can I buy—” or “My X for your—”

The answer is always going to beNO

Do not PM me re: Trades.

I have a SHOP Ask me there.

One more time: Do not, not, NOT PM me if you actually want me to trade with you. Happy to answer questions if you need help
with general PFQ stuff, not things pertaining to my shop like, say, stock
, but if all you’ve got to say is "Hi," literally nothing else, DO NOT PM ME

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Current Hunt: What’s in stock:

flawless gems

for bae’s souffles

in light of the GP nerf
Still need to pair Zodiac Mal's Guide to Tourneys

Spellbook | Mal’s Malens H: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • abc ace/bambi lesbian
  • writing writer. save my soul
  • obligated melan hunter
  • kristin bauer is proof heaven exists
  • sarah bolger: real-life disney princess
  • harumichi are ultimate gf goals
  • miss sherlock is clearly best sherlock
  • the future is female bc 13 is bae
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