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Sprite Permission Request Thread

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Since it's happened quite a lot, it needs a PSA here: Do NOT edit our sprites (Gen 6+, Megas, and fakemon) to show off an example for your idea of colors without asking for permission first! This should be fairly common knowledge, but given how often its happened, its now an official PSA on this thread. Consider this fair warning since its posted in three places now.
This thread is going to be for the requesting and review of sprite permission, and the records of who is allowed permission to use Pokéfarm sprites. We had a version of this on PF1, but it has not been carried over. Users are encouraged to ask for permission here, and not message a member of staff. When given permission to use sprites for editing purposes, you simply need to credit the site--- for example: Mega Mightyena Q (c) Pokéfarm Q, recolored by me. Any edits made to a PFQ sprite -- megas or Gen 6 -- must be asked on a case-by-case basis for permission. We don't grant "blanket" permission. Also, if we find that a PFQ sprite has been edited by a user without asking permission first, then asks for permission, it's not okay. Permission to use the edited sprite will be denied, and if it is found still being used, action may be taken on the account. If you make said sprite for a user you should include that you have permission to edit the sprite, they just need to credit it appropriately like mentioned above; Mega Mightyena Q (c) PFQ, edited by <your username> with [Permission] <- would normally include a screenshot of permission given. With that out of the way, below can be found the official list of those permitted to use PFQ exclusive sprites. I'll provide an example forum below should you wish to use it - you dont have to, but it might help some of you. ^^
Garthic's AvatarGarthic
Garthic's Avatar


June 2018

14th Jun

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Bugmilk Bulbasaur Egg sprite Recolor 2018-6-13 Sei
Katfoxxo Braixen, Tsareena Recolor 2018-6-13 Sei
MissingStar Melan Mega Lucario, Female Trainer Sprite Recolor (shannypopsxxx), Edits 2018-6-13 Sei
PurpleTiger albino/melan purrloin, albino/melan throh, & albino/melan scrafty Fusions 2018-6-13 Sei
peachimaris Albino Orkit Recolor 2018-6-13 Sei
rêveur Litten Edits 2018-6-13 Sei
Magalia323 Rockruff Edits by Shannypopsxx 2018-6-13 Sei
xaandiir Sylveon and Fennekin Edits by CSY 2018-6-13 Sei
Lia Alolan Ninetails, Alolan Vulpix Edits 2018-6-13 Sei
Taløn Fletchling, Talonflame Fusion 2018-6-13 Sei
C10H12N2O Mega Pidgeot Edit by HeyItzJake 2018-6-13 Sei
Piffposh Lurantis Recolor by Bugmilk 2018-6-13 Sei
W.D.Gaster Melanistic Magikarp and Melanistic Gyrados Banner 2018-6-13 Sei
thedorkychicken Aytheraye Recolor 2018-6-13 Sei
ThunderGod Kinaster Recolor and edits by Bugmilk 2018-6-13 Sei
Frûçtøsê Noivern Recolor 2018-6-13 Sei
XØXØ Salandit, Salazzle Recolors 2018-6-13 Sei (swirlinginferno) Sei (bugmilk)
DemonZorua Litleo, Mega Pyroar Recolor 2018-6-13 Sei
ChåråDrëëmürr777 Mega Zoroark Recolor by Chronos 2018-6-13 Sei
MidnightWölff Mega Floatzel Recolor by Ashtylon 2018-6-13 Sei
nerdofnerds Albino Suicune Edit for a Discord Icon 2018-6-13 Sei
vxctini Kinaster Fusion with Eevee 2018-6-13 Sei
Jalakins Mega Absol, Inkay Fusion with Eevee 2018-6-13 Sei (bugmilk) Sei (nyanskitty)
Am Hydra Pangoro Edits for banner 2018-6-13 Sei

April 2018

27th Apr

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Artistic SANS Seasonal Spring Turtwig, Seasonal Spring Grotle, Seasonal Spring Torterra Edit (Animation) 2018-4-27 Sei
Duckbug Chikorita and Sentret Eggs Edits 2018-4-27 Sei
Wandering Galaxy Lunupine, Solynx Fusion/Recolor [by MissingNinja] 2018-4-27 Sei
Fyrena Dratini egg, Flabébé, Floette and Florges Recolor 2018-4-27 Sei
Katføxxø Mega Umbreon Recolor 2018-4-27 Sei
ëspêøn445 Litleo and Spritzee Fusion
between requested sprites
2018-4-27 Sei
misc20 Mimikyu Sprite Edit 2018-4-27 Sei
Portoconnor Albino Igglybuff, Melan Igglybuff Banner [By Sugita] 2018-4-27 Sei
XØXØ Salazzle Edits [By Bläzyñx] 2018-4-27 Sei
Calsa Staff NPC Artwork Personal Use 2018-4-27 Sei

19th Apr

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
TrainerBrianna Kinaster (shiny + edited color) Off-site icon for their tumblr 2018-4-19 Sei
Deki Mega Mightyena Q Fusion
with Pidgeot, Liepard and Haunter
2018-4-19 Sei
Ryuimoogi Fuun Noivern, Mega Weavile Q, Mega Noivern Q, Mega Sableye Fusion
between requested sprites
2018-4-19 Sei
Daemos Pixrine, Minibbit, Metabbit, Terabbit Recolors/Edits 2018-4-19 Sei
Stim Sylveon, Popplio, Litten, Albino Litten, Tillink Personal Use 2018-4-19 Sei
LemonDragon26 Melanistic Sigilyph Edits by Midnight Blaze 2018-4-19 Sei
ThëLightKing Salandit, Zygarde 10% Forme, Carbink Fusion
between requested sprites
by Katfoxxo
2018-4-19 Sei
Piano Melanistic Scyther, Melanistic Scizor and Melanistic Mega Scizor Edits 2018-4-19 Sei
Lunaflare Ultra Necrozma Banner 2018-4-19 Sei
SinnohRegixn Kitsunari and Dusk Forme Lycanroc Fusion
between requested sprites
2018-4-19 Sei
DemonZorua Pyroar Recolors/Edits 2018-4-19 Sei
Mirai Steenee and Doublade Recolors, Fusion
between requested sprites
2018-4-19 Sei
Cattafang Mega Ninetails, Mega Lopunny, Mega Jirachi Recolors/Edits 2018-4-19 Sei
Talus Quetzephyr and Quetzaptyl Edits 2018-4-19 Sei
PeanutsButter Mega Sylveon Recolor by CaitlynMellark 2018-4-19 Sei
Glaciersong Cosmog Recolors by Angelghast 2018-4-19 Sei
Duckbug Melanistic Exeggutor and Albino Furret Personal Use 2018-4-19 Sei
AstroCat Melan Espeon Forum template 2018-4-19 Sei

February 2018

19th Feb

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
ØmqPøkémøñ Saiyan Rattata, Impyre, Mega Rayquaza Recolors 2018-2-19 Sei
Rattata Pokemon Trainer Sprite Edits by Mauriceopye 2018-2-19 Sei
frayed Melanistic Cherubi and Melanistic Cherrim (Overcast) Banner 2018-2-19 Sei
Møøgirl25 Searene, Halloween Purrloin, Rapidash Q, Ninetales Q Recolors 2018-2-19 Sei
Psychøkineticism Marshadow Edits 2018-2-19 Sei
thedorkychicken Noibat, Noivern, Yvetal, [More...]
Decidueye, Cutiefly, Ribombee, Salandit, Salazzle, and Charjabug
Edits 2018-2-19 Sei
Glaciersong Mega Glaceon, Koruku Recolors 2018-2-19 Sei
Iridyon Krystall Mega Mew Recolors, Edits 2018-2-19 Sei
Pèrïïdøt Kinaster Template 2018-2-19 Sei
Blûrry Røsê Ardik and Skitty Egg Edits 2018-2-19 Sei
dianite Flaroptera (happy) NPC tumblr blog icon 2018-2-19 Sei

January 2018

17th Jan

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Talus Albino and Melanistic Clefable and Gengar Edits/Recolors 2018-1-17 Sei
NeønDaWølf Sylveon Edits/Recolors 2018-1-17 Sei
Glaciersong Vivillon Patterns Recolors 2018-1-17 Sei
Bianica Shiny Mega Rayquaza, Mega Blaziken Edits (Nixnight/Nightpikachu) 2018-1-17 Sei Sei
W.D.Gaster Melanistic Shooting Star Line Banner 2018-1-17 Sei
Blûrry Røsê Alolan Vulpix Edits by AnAbsolsGhost 2018-1-17 Sei
Kieren Sylveon and Rockruff Edits 2018-1-17 Sei
Ash Ketchum 1 Greninja, Necrozma, Solgaleo, [More...]
Lunala and Silvally (dread plate)
Edits by Sandslash666 2018-1-17 Sei
Cerberus Melan Midday Lycanroc Edits by mauriceopye 2018-1-17 Sei

12th Jan

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
NoWindows Klefki Edits/Recolors for a friend off-site 2018-1-12 Sei
whispercats Eevee egg, Kinaster and Searene Edits/Recolors 2018-1-12 Sei
VenetdØm000 Mega Mew Recolor by Alix-Chan 2018-1-12 Sei

9th Jan

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
coolsharpspikes Perfect Form Zygarde and Faemísimo Edits by ÅñÅbsølsGhøst 2018-1-9 Sei
NeønDaWølf Female and Male Trainer sprites and Kinaster Edits 2018-1-9 Sei
Nyan-Cat12 Cosmoem Edits by HowlingCat 2018-1-9 Sei
Delta1413 Chilldoom and Luckoo Edits by Megaabso5 2018-1-9 Sei
Natalia Silvally Edits by Mystera 2018-1-9 Sei
Alexvie Mega Weavile Q Edits by HaloTheSinner 2018-1-9 Sei
Vivi2u Alolan Raichu and Alolan Exeggutor Recolors 2018-1-9 Sei
Møøgirl25 Shiny and Melan Goldesem Edits by ÅñÅbsølsGhøst 2018-1-9 Sei
VenetdØm000 Xerneas Edits by Blurry Rose 2018-1-9 Sei
Blûrry Røsê Sylveon Fusion with Espeon 2018-1-9 Sei
Kaiona Kinaster Recolors/Edits by Vixony An 2018-1-9 Sei
Animalsplash212 Growlithe Egg Recolors by Daemos 2018-1-9 Sei


December 2017

20th Dec

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Vixony An Alolan Ninetales [all variants] and Ponyta [all variants] Edits 2017-12-20 Sei
Iridyon Krystall Oricorio [all variants] Edits 2017-12-20 Sei
Trashø Noivern, Silvally Fusion by Willow Mcplier 2017-12-20 Sei
Soka22 Shiny Mega Salamence, Melanistic Mega Metagross, Albino Kartana and Silvally Edits by Angelghast 2017-12-20 Sei
DiscordX Sylveon Fusion by Angelghast 2017-12-20 Sei
KatFøxxø Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Sylveon and Koroku Edits 2017-12-20 Sei

13th Dec

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Soka22 Kartana, Perfect Forme Zygarde, [More...]
Mega Shiny Mawile, Marshadow and Necrozma
Edits by Curse the Jirachi 2017-12-13 Sei
xXSpringXx Noibat Edits by Sandslash666 2017-12-13 Sei
Remi380 Blophin, Kinaster, Koroku and SS Cleffa Recolors, edits, fusions 2017-12-13 Sei
AlexandriaNovak Salandit, Talonflame, Sylveon [More...]
mega pidgeot, mega lopunny, Aurorus, Mega Altaria, Kyukori, Koroku, Wagell, Quetzypher, Quetzaptyl
Edits by various users. Check screenshots. 2017-12-13 Sei [Cerberus] Sei [Edgy] Sei [Mystera] Sei [Blurry Rose]
HopeQueen Mega Ninetales Q (all variants) Animated Avatar 2017-12-13 Sei
Trashø Type:Null Recolor and Edits 2017-12-13 Sei
PurpleTiger Aegislash (shield and normal, shiny included), Delphox, Rowlet,[More...]
Shiny Fennekin, Bruxish, Flarbat (all variants) and Noibat (all variants)
Edits 2017-12-13 Sei
yueshui916 Yveltal Edits by Willow Mcplier 2017-12-13 Sei
ShinyShinx Flarbat, Flarotis, Flaroptera, [More...]
Taiveret, Taipaeus, Taimorpha, Hydrark, Hydrinus, Hydrinifor, Gragon, Greegon, and Avaragon
Edits 2017-12-13 Sei

6th Dec

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
LunarMoonlite Shiny Salandit, Helioptile Edits by Angelghast 2017-12-06 Sei
RealDean Dartrix Edits by Willow McPlier 2017-12-06 Sei
Aero Vampire Gligar and Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin Recolor 2017-12-06 Sei
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Lunupine, Solynx, Orkit, [More...]
Gosold, Searene, Ardik and Bunbori
Edits 2017-12-06 Sei
GlitchedSpirits Shiny Sylveon Edits by TheLightKing 2017-12-06 Sei
Panni22 Persianite Q, Mega Persian Q and Meowth Egg Edits 2017-12-06 Sei
AlexandriaNovak Goomy, Sliggoo, Goodra [More...]
Yveltal, Zygarde, Xerneas, Amaura
Various Edits by different users, see screenshots. 2017-12-06 Sei (Edits by Edgy) Sei (Edits by Mystera) Sei (Edits by Cerberus)
astrophile Albino Searene Edits by ArcticFox 2017-12-06 Sei
Steampunk Rose Albino and Melan Mega Solynx Edits 2017-12-06 Sei
Glaciersong Sylveon Fusion by Angelghast 2017-12-06 Sei
Xhorder Lycanroc [Midnight Forme] Edits 2017-12-06 Sei
Starrywaters Albino Vulpix Edits by Zubat 2017-12-06 Sei
ThunderGod Alolan Vulpix and Xerneas Edits by TheLightKing 2017-12-06 Sei
Ghostplops Yveltal, Albino Male Meowstic Edits 2017-12-06 Sei Sei
BlackShadowWolf Kinaster Edits by ShinyShinx 2017-12-06 Sei
HopeQueen Mega Ninetales Edits by Mysera 2017-12-06 Sei
Uzumi Kinaster Artwork Banner for Tumblr Blog 2017-12-06 Sei

November 2017

14th Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
ImPøppy Phermosa Edits by Howlingcat 2017-11-14 Sei
Whispercats Searene & Kinaster Recolor 2017-11-14 Sei
AlexandriaNovak Alolan Ninetales, Gragon, Greegon, Avaragon Recolors and edits by Mystera 2017-11-14 Sei
Dekï Mega Mightyena, Origami Goldeen Recolor 2017-11-14 Sei
Tetrispriter Mega Umbreon Q, Espeon Edits 2017-11-14 Sei
Amara Decidueye, Unknown Trainer Fusions and Edits 2017-11-14 Sei
Hexel Xurkitree Fusion by Jolteon 2017-11-14 Sei
MissingStar Tsareena, Primarina, Lycanroc, Melan Mega Lucario Recolor 2017-11-14 Sei
EevyernDracaneon Kinaster [all variants], Lunupine Usage on a tumblr blog 2017-11-14 Sei
apple22209 Cosmog, Kinaster Sprite Banner 2017-11-14 Sei
Kyushu Wagell [all variants], Wanamangora [all variants] Usage on a tumblr blog 2017-11-14 Sei
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Phantump, Trevenant, Flabebe, Floette Fusions 2017-11-14 Sei
SmolSnowpix Rockruff Recolor by iFlygon 2017-11-14 Sei
eto-ile Mega Audino Recolor and Edits 2017-11-14 Sei
Megaabsol5 Kinaster, Mega Persian Q, Melanistic Furfrou Icon for Discord 2017-11-14 Sei Sei
SunWolf Lycanroc [Midday], Silvally Recolor 2017-11-14 Sei
Jade-Bow Crysta Froakie, Frogadier, Greninja [More...]
Popplio, Brionne, Primarina
Fusions 2017-11-14 Sei

October 2017

16th Oct

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
TheLightKing Alolan Vulpix Icon Edits 2017-10-16 Sei
Ghostplops Baflammet, Noivern recolors 2017-10-16 Sei
Spïder System Lunupine Recolor by Vixony-An 2017-10-16 Sei
HowlingCat Kinaster Recolor 2017-10-16 Sei
Dekï Searene Recolor 2017-10-16 Sei
N0RSK1 Mega Mightyena, Fluxray, Mega Zoroark Recolor/Edits 2017-10-16 Sei
TrainerBrianna Kinaster Edits 2017-10-16 Sei
ThunderGod Searene Recolors 2017-10-16 Sei
Hexel Xerneas Active, Yveltal, Sylveon, Mega Absol Recolors/Fusion by Willow McPlier 2017-10-16 Sei
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin Edits 2017-10-16 Sei
W.D.Gaster All Medium Gems Edits 2017-10-16 Sei

3rd Oct

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
psiimon Rockruff banner 2017-10-03 Sei
SpaceAsylum Lunupine, Rockruff, Solynx, [More...]
Vivillon (Tundra), Kinaster and Bunbori
Edits/Recolors 2017-10-03 Sei
HuntedTiger6 Fennekin Fusion with Umbreon 2017-10-03 Sei
Grimmew Mega Umbreon and Mega Espeon Fusion with Glaceon 2017-10-03 Sei
Alix-chan Popplio Edits by BriannaKitty 2017-10-03 Sei
NokiaPoland Lunupine, Solynx, Kinaster, [More...]
Mega Zoroark Q, Sylveon, Mega Ninetales Q, Mega Lunupine, Mega Solynx
Recolors, Fusions, Personal Use 2017-10-03 Sei
ArcticFox Fennekin Fusion with Shinx 2017-10-03 Sei
ThëLightKing 1-5 tailed Vulpix, Vulpix Egg, Alolan Vulpix Egg Fusion/Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
Alchemists Fire Melan Plusle Avatar 2017-10-03 Sei
Oramigeist Mimikyu and Shiny Mimikyu Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
MissingStar Melanistic Lucario and Sylveon Recolors and Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
Wistral Fletchling Fusion with Chatot, Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
WarDove Shiny Bunbori, Melan Togetic, Melan Mega Pidgeot, and Melan Uxie Signature/Template 2017-10-03 Sei
Hexel Midday Lycanroc, Shiny minior and Kinaster Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
Dekï Drampa Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
crazy Apocalyptic Growlithe Template by Is It Necessary 2017-10-03 Sei
Hinode Mega Espeon Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
Branble1996 Albino pyukumuku, magearna, bunbori, cosmog ( all both normal and albino) Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
Sapphirevixen Mega Ninetales Q Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
continue Mega Mawile Recolor/Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
Vixony An Albino and Melan Cleffa Banner 2017-10-03 Sei
SpoodleBug Kinaster Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
Tri445 Shiny Cutiefly Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
Talus Gragon, Cloaked Gragon Edits 2017-10-03 Sei
iFlygon Type: Null Fusion with Flygon 2017-10-03 Sei
Cerberus Deinglitch Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
NightcallerZ Death Wing Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei
whisperscats Mega Espeon, Milotic and Sylveon Recolor 2017-10-03 Sei

September 2017

8th Sept

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Kinsater, Lunupine, Solynx, [More...]
Mega Lunupine, Mega solynx, Orkit, Red Nose Primarina
Fusions, Custom Mega
2017-9-08 Sei
AzúlHarp Popplio, Brionne, Primarina Fusion, Pokesona 2017-9-08 Sei
Zilexion Dartrix, Albino Charmeleon, Torracat, Alolan Vulpix Edits
recolors, fusions, edits
2017-9-08 Sei
JunyrisBow Cryst Boxaby, Kangspar, Taiveret, Taipaeus, [More...]
Taimorpha, Buzzwhole, Pheromosa
Banner for Clan 2017-9-08 Sei
StarscreamsGirl Kinaster icons [all] Avatar 2017-9-08 Sei
BlazeTheLion Kinaster, Solynx Recolor 2017-9-08 Sei
Lupatopia Kinaster Avatar 2017-9-08 Sei
TheSolarAurora Kinaster, Solynx, Lunupine, Decidueye Avatar, Fusion 2017-9-08 Sei
Voltr Melan Ralts Banner 2017-9-08 Sei
Icefeather Kinaster Recolor 2017-9-08 Sei
åshlynSçribblës Kinaster Recolor 2017-9-08 Sei
ThëLightKing Ninetaleite Q, Mega Ninetales, Alolan Ninetales Fusion 2017-9-08 Sei
Pusheen Kinaster Recolor 2017-9-08 Sei

August 2017

24th Aug

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Aero Gragon [CLOAKED] Recolor 2017-8-24 Sei
Esme Melan Togedemaru Personal Use, Edits 2017-8-24 Sei
Keirose Melan Togedemaru Personal Use, Edits 2017-8-24 Sei
MagicSwirls Fletchling Edits [REQUEST]
2017-8-24 Sei
Corphish Shiny Clawitzer Fusion
with Corphish
2017-8-24 Sei
RøseThørn Mega Giratina Recolor 2017-8-24 Sei
Zilexion Sylveon Banner 2017-8-24 Sei
Alchemists Fire Albino Plusle Avatar Edit 2017-8-24 Sei
BriannaKitty Gourgeist Sprites (all sizes) Edits (for someone off-site) 2017-8-24 Sei
lion-magnus Rockruff, Litten Edits, Recolor 2017-8-24 Sei
dollchu Primarina, Ninetales Fusion [REQUEST]
2017-8-24 Sei

16th Aug

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
åshlynSçribblës Stufful, Mega Diancie & Alolan Ninetales Edits
Fusions, Recolors
2017-8-16 Sei
ImPøppy Cosmog, Mega Ninetales Q Fusion [request] 2017-8-16 Sei
GêênMêlvîn Melan Tyranitar Edits [request] 2017-8-16 Sei
Shannypopsxx Sylveon Recolor [request] 2017-8-16 Sei
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Mega Umbreon, Mega Absol, Mega Ninetales, Mega Gardevoir Fusion 2017-8-16 Sei
TheDragonGod20 Gragon, Greegon, Avaragon [More...]
Hydrark, Hydrinus, Hydrinifor
Edits 2017-8-16 Sei
BlazeTheLion Fennekin, Midday Lycanroc Fusion [request], Edit 2017-8-16 Sei
Megaabsol5 Frosdour, Chilldoom, Mega Absol, Mega Zoroark Edits 2017-8-16 Sei
NarwhalQueen101 Solynx Recolor 2017-8-16 Sei
Fuchsfee Togedemaru Banner 2017-8-16 Sei
iFlygon Gragon, Avaragon, Apocalyptic Poochyena, Apocalyptic Mightyena banners 2017-8-16 Sei
RøseThørn Mega Haxorus Edits 2017-8-16 Sei
iAmAdAbOi Koroku, Kyukori Recolor [offsite] 2017-8-16 Sei
TrainerBrianna Melan Eevee Edits 2017-8-16 Sei
Yena Doe Holon Capacitor, Delta point, Delta symbols Banner 2017-8-16 Sei
ThëLightKing Popplio Edits [request] 2017-8-16 Sei
Birdy Mega Ninetales Q Edits 2017-8-16 Sei
Sonicboom1629 Noibat, Noivern, Mega Noivern Edits 2017-8-16 Sei
CurseTheJirachi Yveltal Edit [request] 2017-8-16 Sei
nobita Brionne Recolor 2017-8-16 Sei

July 2017

24th Jul

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Diancietherock Primarina, Popplio Sprite edit 2017-7-24 Sei
Suvichan Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y Avatar 2017-7-24 Sei
Crossover Fan Rockruff Sprite edit 2017-7-24 Sei
BlazeTheLion Mega Lunupine Recolor 2017-7-24 Sei
Kirbryfan97 Albino Eevee Fusion 2017-7-24 Sei
SinnohRegixn Mega Gardevoir, Wanamangora Fusion 2017-7-24 Sei
LunaAstron Bewear Sprite edit 2017-7-24 Sei
hannahbonn Sylveon Sprite edit 2017-7-24 Sei
SkyArt Mimikyu Sprite edit 2017-7-24 Sei
The Rich Alder Shiny solynx, Albino Solynx Sprite edit 2017-7-24 Sei
ecclesi-uh Orkit, Koroku (Rokon), Chilldoom, and Dark Ice Houndoom
forme-change for Chilldoom on PF1
Off-site hosting, Editing 2017-7-24 Sei
chiefskye Melanistic Oricorio (all formes)
Pom-pom, Pa'u, Sensu, Baile, and Pointe
Forum template 2017-7-24 Sei

8th Jul

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
LeagueOfPotatoes Amaura & Marshadow Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
Starrywaters Mega Milotic Edit 2017-7-8 Sei
Iceclaw123 Mega Milotic Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
Dahlia Mimikyu Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
åshlynSçrîbblës Mega Ninetales Template 2017-7-8 Sei
BraveHearted Melanistic Baflammet Personal Use 2017-7-8 Sei
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Oricorio (all formes, including icons) Personal Use 2017-7-8 Sei
Niall Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Persian, Alolan Raichu, [More...]
Mega Ninetales Q, Mega Persian Q
Fusions/Personal Use 2017-7-8 Sei
IamaDaBoi Rockruff Fusions/Personal Use 2017-7-8 Sei
KittenPatissier Litten Fusions/Personal Use 2017-7-8 Sei
Zubat Braixen, Performer Costume Braixen, Zubat Costume Braixen, Mismagius Costume Braixen Fusions/Personal Use 2017-7-8 Sei
Ninja647 Mega Charizard X, Decidueye, Lycanroc, Greninja Personal Use/Edits 2017-7-8 Sei
lucielûwû Melanistic Arcanine Personal Use/Edits 2017-7-8 Sei
Icefeather Fennekin Line, Mega Zoroark Personal Use/Edits 2017-7-8 Sei
DakDak Shiny Sensu Oricorio, Melan Mega Umbreon, Mega Solynx Shop Banner, Edit 2017-7-8 Sei
ArcticFox Sylveon Shop Banner 2017-7-8 Sei
îGíRäTìÑãLøVëR Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Umbreon, Mega Espeon Shop Banner 2017-7-8 Sei
Hexel Sylveon Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
SHINX BOT Alolan Raichu, Spritzee, Dedenne, Rowlet [More...]
Fennekin,Goodra,Rockruff, Sylveon
Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
Willow McPlier Litten Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
Mesprît Greegon, Sylveon, Braixen Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei
ThëLightKing Alolan Ninetales Fusion 2017-7-8 Sei

June 2017

7th Jun

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Absoreon Mega Umbreon Q icon personal use 2017-6-7 Sei
Dysfunxtional Skiddo & Gogoat Recolors, edits 2017-6-7 Sei
ÅñÅbsølsGhøst Searene About Me template 2017-6-7 Sei
ScarletWhisp Mega Ninetales Q, Alolan Ninetales, Orkit About Me Template 2017-6-7 Sei
Cailem042 Guild Wigglytuff Personal Use 2017-6-7 Sei
SkylårThePôtåtô Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Mega Ninetales Q
including shiny, albino and melanistic versions
Personal Use 2017-6-7 Sei
åshlynSçrîbblës Chespin, Lunupine, Mega Absol Recolors, Fusion 2017-6-7 Sei
krexxa Searene, Bunbori, Shooting Star Cleffa, [More...]
Shooting Staf Clefairy, Shooting Star Clefable
Fusion 2017-6-7 Sei
angiethecat Cutiefly, Ribombee, Rowlet, Mareanie Personal Use 2017-6-7 Sei
tragícallyhíp Sylveon Fusion with Golduck 2017-6-7 Sei
sitten1115 Mega ninetales Q Recolor by Alatreon 2017-6-7 Sei
foxfeather Alolan Ninetales Shop Banner 2017-6-7 Sei
Maplefire309 Albino Mega Luxray Q Shop Banner 2017-6-7 Sei
Kläïrïnëttë Brionne Recolor 2017-6-7 Sei
ThëLightKing Alolan Ninetales, Mega Ninetales Q, Litten, Popplio Fusion 2017-6-7 Sei
Vixony An Xerneas, Xerneas Active, Yveltal, [More...]
Zygade (all formes), Diancie, Mega Diancie, Hoopa, Hoopa Unbound and Volcanion
Recolors/Edits 2017-6-7 Sei
Ruby Sun Poochyena, Mightyena, Mega Mightyena Q, [More...]
Apocalyptic Poochyena, Apocalyptic Mightyena, (including the albinos) Rockruff, Lycanroc (Midday), Lycanroc (Middnight) (inluding shiny, albino and melanistic) and Dartrix
Recolors/Edits 2017-6-7 Sei
ryüüdrägön Melan Mega Rapidash Q Edits/Personal Use 2017-6-7 Sei

May 2017

9th May

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Omanyte Omanyte Egg banner 2017-5-9 Sei
FallForever Lunupine Fusion 2017-5-9 Sei

4th May

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
The Ashen Arrow Rockruff, Lycanroc [midday], Lycanroc [midnight], [more...]
Alolan Geodude/Graveler/Golem, Mega Aerodactyl, Mega Tyranitar, Binacle, Barbaracle, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura, Aurorus, Carbink, Diancie, Mega Diancie, Minior, Nihilego
edits, recolors, fusions 2017-5-4 Sei
SøraX shooting star cleffa Edits 2017-5-4 Sei
TragicallyHip Impyre, Baflammet Edits/Recolors 2017-5-4 Sei
Icysplash Alolan Ninetals Edits 2017-5-4 Sei
FeatherCats Searene Template from Ashlynscribbles 2017-5-4 Sei
polybear Mega Flareon Q (shiny) Shop banner 2017-5-4 Sei
Mystera Melan Delphox, Mega Ninetales Recolors 2017-5-4 Sei
ãruktai Pokéradar+ Banner 2017-5-4 Sei
Zen Mega Zoroark Edits 2017-5-4 Sei
Icefeather Trainer Sprite Edits 2017-5-4 Sei
Silverfrost0909 Albino Raikou Edits 2017-5-4 Sei
ZealAndSømbra Sylveon Fusion 2017-5-4 Sei
LadyElemental Lunupine Template from Cerberus 2017-5-4 Sei
ThëLightKing Oricorio Egg Edits 2017-5-4 Sei
VanyaBraginsky Cosomog Shop banner from Duskypeculiar 2017-5-4 Sei

April 2017

14th Apr

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Z3r0 Baflammet Edits 2017-4-14 Sei
Audìnìte Swirlix Edits 2017-4-14 Sei
åshlynSçrîbblës Searene template 2017-4-14 Sei
Eñoshima Solynx (normal and shiny) Solynx MCW artwork Tumblr blog 2017-4-14 Sei
JoeyKaiba Rockruff Recolor 2017-4-14 Sei
Jay's World Melan Jolteon Recolor 2017-4-14 Sei
Axiøn Apocalyptic Growlithe Recolor 2017-4-14 Sei
Mystera Baflammet Female Pyroar Recolor 2017-4-14 Sei
FairyTailNatsu Mega Dragonite Recolor 2017-4-14 Sei

1st Apr

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Metallistein Sylveon Edit/Recolor 2017-4-1 Sei
Panni22 Mega Persian Q, Persianite Q Edits 2017-4-1 Sei
SøraX Apocalyptic Growlithe Edits 2017-4-1 Sei
ThëLightKing Alolan Raichu Fusion 2017-4-1 Sei
ThisIsNormal Searene, Mega Latias, Mega Latios, [More...]
Mega Giratina, Primal Dialga, Primal Palkia
Recolors/Fusions 2017-4-1 Sei
SkylärThëPøtätø Melan Finneon, Sylveon Fusion 2017-4-1 Sei
ïRübyFlämës Melan Omanyte Edits 2017-4-1 Sei
Alatreon Haloween Witch Purrloin Egg Discord Banner 2017-4-1 Sei

March 2017

19th Mar

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
MoonlitGiratina Lunupine Fusion 2017-3-19 Sei
OmegaReploîd Sylveon Fusion 2017-3-19 Sei
TheSolarAurora Albino Female Fluxray, Shiny Mega Umbreon, Albino Zoroark Personal use 2017-3-19 Sei
TheLightKing Alolan Vulpix Fusion 2017-3-19 Sei
Dusky Peculiar Zygarde 50% Recolor/Edits 2017-3-19 Sei

15th Mar

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Bayx Lurantis and Tsareena Fusion 2017-3-15 Sei
LoneShadøw Mega Persian Fusion/recolor 2017-3-15 Sei
AnonymousOTP Shiny Minior (revealed) Fusion 2017-3-15 Sei
DuchessLunaire Albino and Melan Smeargle, All mega persian Q Banner/personal use 2017-3-15 Sei
Rockruff-Gardian Solgaleo and Rockruff Fusion 2017-3-15 Sei
RyuokoWolf Faemilarin Personal Use 2017-3-15 Sei
QueenWaffleCat Rockruff, Dhelmise, Dragalge (+shiny) recolors/fusions 2017-3-15 Sei
iGiRaTiNaLoVeR Magearna, Lunala, Solgaleo, [More...]
Cosmog, Cosmoem, Yveltal, xerneas, Zygarde (all formes, including shiny formes)
recolors/fusions 2017-3-15 Sei
AuracleOfBacon Vivillon (all formes) edited by Cephus Edits 2017-3-15 Sei
masochisms dedenne and albino ekans shop banner 2017-3-15 Sei
Plu 4th Master Bug badge Personal Use 2017-3-15 Sei
MoonlitGiratina Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon Fusions 2017-3-15 Sei
Babypoke Midnight Lycanroc edited by diancietherock Personal Use 2017-3-15 Sei
Ryuquiorra Mega sableye (all colors) Recolors/shop banner 2017-3-15 Sei
Elsa Fennekin and Braixen Fusions 2017-3-15 Sei
Dragonbane7 Alolan Vulpix, Alolan ninetales, Alolan Sandslash, [More...]
Meowstic, Pumpkaboo, Fennekin (+shiny)
Fusions 2017-3-15 Sei

February 2017

25th Feb

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
RØÇKRÜFF-GÂRÜîÂÑ Midnight Lycanroc Personal use/edits 2017-2-26 Sei
Lørentius Mega Aggron, Aegislash, Tyrantrum, [More...]
Yveltal,Decidueye, Lycanroc (both), Salazzle
Recolors/Personal use 2017-2-26 Sei
Nocticolor Lunupine Personal use 2017-2-26 Sei
MoonlitGiratina Mega Lugia Q, Mega Ho-oh Q Fusions 2017-2-26 Sei
foolarcana Melanistic Mega Flareon Q Personal use/edits 2017-2-26 Sei
TNSTrittany Shiny Mega Mawile Edit from AnonumousOTP 2017-2-26 Sei
Jay's World Melan Alolan Vulpix Personal Use 2017-2-26 Sei
Harmwilly Gosold, Faemueño fusion 2017-2-26 Sei
dragonbawse Melan Arcanine edits 2017-2-26 Sei
Linykx-Vayathorn Apocalyptic Arcanine, Apocalyptic Mightyena, Chilldoom Personal use/edits 2017-2-26 Sei
Articumbreon05 shiny and albino Bunbori, shiny gosold, melan minior (revealed) Personal use/edits 2017-2-26 Sei
Birdy Shiny sylveon Personal use/edits 2017-2-26 Sei

9th Feb

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
havarti2 Palossand Personal use/edits 2017-2-9 Sei
LilyPreciøus39 Furfrou Personal use/edits 2017-2-9 Sei
SkylärThëPøtätø Shiny Mimikyu Fusion 2017-2-9 Sei
Aero Alolan Vulpix Recolor 2017-2-9 Sei
Miss Alice Albino shooting Star cleffa, Mega diance, jangmo-o Personal Use 2017-2-9 Sei
iGiRaTiNaLoVeR Lunupine, Impyre Personal Use 2017-2-9 Sei

January 2017

31st Jan

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
pikachurock popplio, rowlet, rockruff Personal use/edits 2017-1-31 Sei
xxflareonxx Sylveon Fusion 2017-1-31 Sei
Dekï Mega Mightyena, shiny Tyrantrum, Chestnaught Personal use 2017-1-31 Sei
Enoshima Alolan Ninetales Personal use, post background from Emberlynn 2017-1-31 Sei
madamheichøu Mega Butterfree Personal use/edits 2017-1-31 Sei
sitten1115 Xerneas & Yvetal Fusion from AnonumousOTP 2017-1-31 Sei
Miss Alice Shiny Shooting Star Cleffa & Albino Mega Jirachi Q Personal use/edits 2017-1-31 Sei
Diancietherock Popplio & Primarina Fusion 2017-1-31 Sei
llamadoma Primarina Personal use 2017-1-31 Sei
Prf X Mega Blastoise Personal use/edits 2017-1-31 Sei
Trickstyr Chilldoom & Shinxel Personal use/edits 2017-1-31 Sei
StarDustx Shiny symbol Personal use 2017-1-31 Sei
Lørentius Palossand Recolor 2017-1-31 Sei
Articumbreon05 Goldesem Recolor 2017-1-31 Sei

11th Jan

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Crystallize Sylveon, Stufful & Bewear Personal use/edits 2017-1-11 Sei
Merkari Mega Rapidash Q Personal use/edits 2017-1-11 Sei
beemoji Bewear & Cutiefly Personal use 2017-1-11 Sei


December 2016

31st Dec

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Lyupa Rockruff Recolor 2016-12-31 (Sei)
BraveHearted Mega Diancie Aurorous Fusion 2016-12-31 (Sei)
Indignation Rockruff Fusion 2016-12-31 (Sei)
SkylärThëPøtätø Rockruff (shiny) Personal Use 2016-12-31 (Sei)
RandomStuffMeh Sylveon Fusion 2016-12-31 (Sei)
xxflareonxx Lunupine Recolor 2016-12-31 (Sei)
Ghostly Amy Chespin Alolan vulpix Fennekin Rowlet Fusion 2016-12-31 (Sei)
TravesuraAmante Alolan Vulpix Edits for Pokesona 2016-12-31 (Sei)
pikachurock Litten Fusion 2016-12-31 (Sei)
Jay's World Melanistic Jolteon Custom Avatar 2016-12-31 (Sei)
Dekï Litleo Male Pyroar Yungoos Personal use / Fusion Example 2016-12-31 (Sei)
Cepheus Salazzle (Shiny) Raffle banner 2016-12-31 (Sei)

11th Dec

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
DarkWolfy XD001 Recolor 2016-12-11 (Sei)
SpeedXaaa lotad egg sprite Personal Use 2016-12-11 (Sei)
Tyjoh Inkay Amaura Sprite Edit 2016-12-11 (Sei)
Deki Mega Houndoom Mega Pidgeot Mega Rayquaza Sprite Edit 2016-12-11 (Sei)
HaphazardGirl Delphox Female Trainer Sprite Sprite Edit 2016-12-11 (Sei)
Cephus Litten (shiny) Raffle Banner 2016-12-11 (Sei)
MonkeyDHaru Braixen Pancham Male Trainer Sprite Personal Edits 2016-12-11 (Sei)
Beemoji Rockruff Personal Use 2015-12-11 (Sei)
HowlingCat Baflammet Personal Use 2016-12-11 (Sei)
iGiRaTiNaLoVeR Rockruff Lycanroc (Midday) Lycanroc (Midnight) Personal Use 2016-12-11 (Sei)
Divine Knight Litleo Personal Use 2016-12-11 (Sei)

November 2016

22nd Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Cephus Orkit Sprite Edit for OC/Sona 2016-11-22 (Sei)
Fiönä2005 Egg Pass Sprite Edit 2016-11-22 (Sei)
Shannyi Melanistic Lunatone Banner 2016-11-22 (Sei)
kikinana123 Aegislash Recolor (CUSTOMER) 2016-11-22 (Sei)
Funfun129 Mega Charizard X Stamp/Banner for clan Dragons Rule 2016-11-22 (Sei)
Lia Sylveon Recolor (CUSTOMER) 2016-11-22 (Sei)

12th Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Baylard Mega Zoroark Q Mega Lapras Q Mega Breloom Q Sprite Edit 2016-11-12 (Sei)
Cerberus Shooting Star Cleffa Sprite Edit (CUSTOMER) 2016-11-12 (Sei)
Cephus Espurr (shiny) BoxBox Sprite Edit 2016-11-12 (Sei)

6th Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Shotonemar Male Meowstic Sprite Edit 2016-11-6 (Sei)
Kikinana123 Mega Absol Sprite Edit 2016-11-6 (Sei)

October 2016

26th Oct

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Lupatopia Sylveon Sprite Edit 2016-10-26 (Sei)
ShotoNemar Froakie Template 2016-10-26 (Sei)
bread vivillon fusion w/ victini 2016-10-26 (Sei)

17th Oct

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Raca Mega Furret Q Sprite Edit 2016-10-17 (Sei)

10th Oct

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Eggy Mega Rapidash Q Sprite Edit 2016-10-10 (Sei)

September 2016

25th Sept

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Weasel Mega furret Q Personal edit 2016-09-25 (Sei)
Zanthia Lunupine, Orkit Customer request (fusion) 2016-09-25 (Sei)
GumiTheCarrot Orkit customer order 2016-09-25 (Sei)
SoraX Swirlix, Apocalyptic Growlithe recolor, edit 2016-09-25 (Sei)

10th Sept

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Babypoke Apocalyptic Growlithe Avatar 2016-09-10 (Sei)

8th Sept

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Rhunya Lunupine edit 2016-09-08 (Sei)

August 2016

25th Aug

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
birdknight Sylveon Sprite edit per customer's order 2016-08-25 (Sei)
Zephyria Mega Mawile edit 2016-08-25 (Sei)

20th Aug

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Zephyria Koroku Edit per customer's request 2016-8-20 (Sei)

15th Aug

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Infernapefan2 Mega Jirachi Edit 2016-8-15 (Sei)

July 2016

7th Jul

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Pantera Zygarde Recolor per customer request 2016-7-7 (Sei)
Daenerys Noibat Recolor 2016-7-7 (Sei)

June 2016

10th Jun

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Cerberus Shinxel party sprites Custom charm icon 2016-6-10 (Sei)

May 2016

31st May

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Fireywyrm Sylveon Recolor 2016-5-31 (Sei)

18th May

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Eebit Noivern x2 fusion sprites 2016-5-18 (Sei)

17th May

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Niall PFQ Sprites Template creation 2016-5-17 (Sei)

February 2016

19th Feb

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
El-ahrairah Shooting Star exclusives freebie template for Wishmakers 2016-2-19 (Sei)
Howling Cat Mega Lugia slight edits, story usages 2016-2-19 (Sei)

January 2016

20th Jan

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
WriterRaven Unbound Hoopa Sprite edit 2016-1-20 (Sei)


November 2015

7th Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
afkinz Lunupine sprite Avatar, about me 2015-11-07 (Sei)
eveadelekitty PFQ X&Y Mega Sprites Art Shop 2015-11-07 (Sei)

5th Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Nayru Mega Lunupine Sprite Avatar 2015-11-05 (Garth
Screenshot to be added

3rd Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
HowlingCat Lunupine RP Character 2015-11-03 (Sei)
Fated Primal Groudon & Primal Kyogre Skin Backgrounds 2015-11-03 (Sei)

2nd Nov

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Eebit Malamar, Quilladin sprites Examples in sprite shop 2015-11-02 (Sei)

October 2015

14th Oct

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Bayx Mega ninetales / Shiny Mega ninetales template/signature 2015-10-14 (Sei)

September 2015

4th Sept

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
TuneSakuNatsu PFQ Sprites personal kept log 2015-09-04 (Sei
taken from database search

2nd Sept

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Riiv koroku sprite sprite permission for about me pic 2015-09-02 (Sei
Screenshot to be added

May 2015

19th May

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Nayru Absol in a box (Birthday absol sprite) Avatar 2015-05-19 (Sei)

March 2015

31st Mar

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
Serra Taylor Specific Gen 6 and PFQ sprites Trade thread 2015-03-31 (Sei
Screenshot to be added


December 2014

15th Dec

Username What Sprites What For Date Given Screenshot
TheBrightestEyes Tyrunt (MSPaint sprite "Tyrunt") Anything 2014-12-15 (Sei
Screenshot to be added
Sei's AvatarSei
Sei's Avatar
Art: Bunnytears | Avatar: Novie | Background: Sei
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Garth's love Hi my name is Sei my favorite color is clear
Interested in using a Pokefarm-made sprite? Click here to get permission!
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Sei's AvatarSei
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If your username has been changed, PLEASE do one of the following: • Send me a PM including the date of your granted permission(s) under your old username. OR • If you're requesting a new sprite, inform me of the name change and include the date of permission(s) granted under your old username. Thank you!


Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: [b]My pfq.link:[/b] [url][/url] [b]Sprite(s):[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Who's making the sprite:[/b] Thank you!
To find your pfq.link: This can be found on your party page: I need the one I've boxed in - the second one. :) YOUR REQUESTS WILL BE REJECTED IF THEY DO NOT USE THIS FORMAT. This is because I NEED THE SECOND pfq.me link! An example of a filled out forum would look like this: Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: My pfq.link: [url]https://pfq.link/@s[/url] Sprite(s): Noivern Usage: Recolor Who's making the sprite: AlyssaNights in her [url=URLHERE]shop[/url] Thank you!
# Frequently Asked Questions
1 What sprites do I need to ask permission for?
The Graphics Team has sprited the entirety of Gen 6, Gen 7, Albinos, Melans, and all Mega pokemon - even canon ones. If you wish to edit a sprite from any of these categories, you need to ask for permission. If you want to edit a sprite from gen 5 and below, permission isn't needed (unless, of course, it's a mega - canonical or not).
2 Can I use the "x" sprite to display in my journal/shop/about me/ or use it as an avatar?
If there are no edits being made to a sprite, you don't need to ask for permission. Permission is only needed when you are going to recolor, fuse, or make any other sort of alteration to one of our sprites. This means that you can also use these sprites as an avatar without asking for permission (so long as it's not edited) and you must state that the design you're using is an exclusive and belongs to PFQ where ever you place credit (signature, journal, about me, etc.)
3 Can I make art of [x] fakemon/ fan mega?
Absolutely! Fanart is always welcome, and we'd love it if you shared any and all fanart with us! We have an image gallery and would love to showcase your work there! If you have a submission, PM Garthic about this! All we ask is that you please credit PFQ for the design of the fakemon. So, if you were to draw an Orkit, you would say 'Art by me. Orkit belongs to Pokefarm Q'.
4 I run a sprite shop, can I just have permission to use all sprites made by PFQ?
No. We do not allow "blanket permission". Blanket permission means asking for permission to use a large amount of sprites all at once. Because these are hard to track, we do not allow users to ask for this.
5 Can I use [x] sprite for a shop order
Please have your shop customer post in this thread - the sprite is for them - they'll be the ones using it around the site, so they're the ones who will need to ask for permission. If you run a shop, please include this (or something similar) in the first post/ rules section of your shop: • If you wish to order a sprite made by the PFQ staff team (Gen 6, Gen 7, all Mega Pokemon, and all exclusives), please use the [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/4783/Sprite-Permission-Request-Thread/post/844167]Sprite Permission Request Thread[/url] and request for permission to have the sprite edited by me. When making your order, please include a screenshot of Sei granting permission to have me edit the sprite for you. Their post here should look something like this. I'll use Mega Mightyena Q as an example: "Can I please have permission to let [SPRITE SHOP ARTIST] to [TYPE OF EDIT (ie: recolor)] Mega Mightyena Q?" I will then grant permission for the both of you to use the sprite in question. They should then return to you with a screenshot of the permission - if they don't, please feel free to PM me about this!
6 Can I make my own albino or melanistic?
PFQ did not come up with albinism or melanism. If you wish to make your own version, you're more than welcome to! We encourage creativity. However, if you want to use our specific pallete used on a Pokémon and put it on another, please ask! Always better to be safe then sorry.
7 Can I edit the melan 'x'?
These are free to edit so long as it's not a sprite made by PFQ - For example, you're free to edit an Albino victini or a Melan Poochyena since we didn't make those, but if you want to use our albino or melans in something like a shop banner or a customized avatar, then permission will be needed.
8 Can I use the dex art for [x]?
Apologies, but we're not allowing users to use the dex art for anything. It's commissioned work, and as such, is for our use only. This includes displaying it in your about me.
9 What's the difference between Personal Use and Private Use?
Personal use is defined as using a sprite or artwork for anything you see fit - posting it in your journal, about me, using it as an avatar, stuff like that. Private use is where it will ONLY BE SEEN BY YOU OR PEOPLE AT YOUR HOUSEHOLD. Private use is something we can't regulate - downloading our sprites for reference, making a wallpaper, making a background for the site.. this is all considered Private use, and as such, permission isn't needed. Once it's posted in a public area (INCLUDING personal messages), it's no longer private and permission may be needed to display it.
10 Can I use [x] sprite off-site without editing?
It depends on what's meant here - please post what you would like to use off site and list your reasoning as to why. If permission is granted, please provide us with a link to where it is off-site so we can add it to the first post.
11 How many sprites can I get permission for in one post?
Due to the formatting of the table, and for the sake of my sanity, a maximum of ten sprites is permitted per post. Any more than that and I'm afraid you'll have to make another post requesting more at a later time. Keep in mind when you say something like "the flarbat line", which includes gender differences, that means it takes up THREE spots - male and female are included since they're the same species.
Sei's AvatarSei
Sei's Avatar
Work In Progress


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Lunupine
  • Avatar/About Me
  • 7/Nov/2015
Axel Dragneel
  • Zygarde (50%)
  • Recolor for customer
  • 7/Jul/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Apocalyptic Growlithe
  • Avatar
  • 10/Sep/2016
  • Mega Zoroark Q
  • Mega Lapras Q
  • Mega Breloom Q
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • 12/Nov/2016
  • 12/Nov/2016
  • 12/Nov/2016
  • Mega Ninetales Q (+Shiny)
  • Template/signature
  • 14/Oct/2015
  • Rockruff
  • Personal Use
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • Sylveon
  • Edit for customer
  • 25/Aug/2016
  • Mega Diancie
  • Aurorus
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • Vivillon (Meadow)
  • Fusion (Victini)
  • 26/Oct/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Espurr (shiny)
  • Box Box
  • Orkit
  • Litten (shiny)
  • Salazzle (shiny)
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • Edit for OC/sona
  • Raffle banner
  • Raffle banner
  • 12/Nov/2016
  • 12/Nov/2016
  • 22/Nov/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • Shinxel icons
  • Shooting Star Cleffa
  • Custom charm
  • Edit for customer
  • 10/Jun/2016
  • 12/Nov/2016
  • Lunupine
  • Recolor
  • 31/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Noibat
  • Recolor
  • 7/Jul/2016
  • XD001
  • Recolor
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • Mega Houndoom
  • Mega Pidgeot
  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Litleo
  • Pyroar (M)
  • Yungoos
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • Personal use/fusion
  • Personal use/fusion
  • Personal use/fusion
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
Divine Knight
  • Litleo
  • Personal Use
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • Mega Furret Q
  • Sprite Edit
  • 17/Oct/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Malamar
  • Quilladin
  • Noivern
  • Shop example
  • Shop example
  • Fusions
  • 2/Nov/2015
  • 2/Nov/2015
  • 18/May/2016
  • Mega Rapidash Q
  • Sprite Edit
  • 10/Oct/2016
  • Shooting Star Cleffa line
  • Template
  • 19/Feb/2016
  • PFQ X&Y Mega Sprites
  • Art Shop
  • 7/Nov/2015


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Primal Groudon
  • Primal Kyogre
  • Skin background
  • Skin background
  • 3/Nov/2015
  • 3/Nov/2015
  • Egg Pass
  • Sprite Edit
  • 22/Nov/2016
  • Mega Charizard X
  • Stamp/clan banner
  • 22/Nov/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
Ghostly Amy
  • Chespin
  • Alolan Vulpix
  • Fennekin
  • Rowlet
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • Orkit
  • Customer order
  • 25/Sep/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Delphox
  • Female Trainer Sprite
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • Lunupine
  • Baflammet
  • RP character
  • Personal Use
  • 3/Nov/2015
  • 11/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Rockruff
  • Lycanroc (Midday)
  • Lycanroc (Midnight)
  • Personal Use
  • Personal Use
  • Personal Use
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • Rockruff
  • Fusion
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • Mega Jirachi
  • Edit
  • 15/Aug/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
Jay's World
  • Jolteon (melan)
  • Custom Avatar
  • 31/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Mega Absol
  • Aegislash
  • Sprite Edit
  • Recolor for customer
  • 6/Nov/2016
  • 22/Nov/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
Lava Spire
  • Birthday Absol
  • Mega Lunupine
  • Avatar
  • Avatar
  • 19/May/2015
  • 5/Nov/2015
  • TBA
  • Sylveon
  • Recolor for customer
  • 22/Nov/2016
  • Sylveon
  • Recolor
  • 31/May/2016
  • Sylveon
  • Sprite Edit
  • 26/Oct/2016
  • Rockruff
  • Recolor
  • 31/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • PFQ Sprites
  • Templates
  • 17/May/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Litten
  • Fusion
  • 31/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Sylveon
  • Fusion
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • Lunupine
  • Edit
  • 8/Sep/2016
  • Koroku
  • About Me
  • 2/Sept/2015
  • TBA


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
Serra Taylor
  • Specific Gen 6 and PFQ sprites
  • Trade thread
  • 31/Mar/2015
  • TBA
  • Lunatone (melan)
  • Banner
  • 22/Nov/2016
  • Froakie
  • Meowstic (M)
  • Template
  • Sprite Edit
  • 26/Oct/2016
  • 6/Nov/2016
skrellfish (NC)
  • Braixen
  • Pancham
  • Male Trainer Sprite
  • Personal Edits
  • Personal Edits
  • Personal Edits
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • Rockruff (shiny)
  • Personal Use
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • Swirlix
  • Apocalyptic Growlithe
  • Recolor/edit
  • Recolor/edit
  • 25/Sep/2016
  • 25/Sep/2016
  • Lotad Egg
  • Personal Use
  • 11/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Tyrunt (MSPaint)
  • Anything
  • 15/Dec/2014
  • TBA
  • Alolan Vulpix
  • Edits for Pokesona
  • 31/Dec/2016
  • PFQ Sprites
  • Personal log
  • 4/Sept/2015
  • Inkay
  • Amaura
  • Sprite Edit
  • Sprite Edit
  • 11/Dec/2016
  • 11/Dec/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Mega Furret Q
  • Personal edit
  • 25/Sep/2016
  • Unbound Hoopa
  • Sprite edit
  • 20/Jan/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
  • Lunupine
  • Orkit
  • Fusion for customer
  • Fusion for customer
  • 25/Sep/2016
  • 25/Sep/2016
  • Koroku
  • Mega Mawile
  • Edit for customer
  • Edit
  • 25/Aug/2016


UsernameSprite PermissionsPurposeDate GivenProof
Gyro Lennox's AvatarGyro Lennox
Gyro Lennox's Avatar
May I use the Syleveon sprite to fuse with a Poochyena sprite please? It's for my own use on this site only. (Will be uploaded to PFQ image uploader).
Avatar of my PokeSona Shadow the Umpardious Art by Plu No idea what am doing. I just exist and I am thankful to those who read this... Well um goodbye now? *Leaves room*
awa1997's Avatarawa1997
awa1997's Avatar
Ok, my bad, sorry for that, I read the whole thread and missed anything relating to the blanket permission thing. I'll know better when the time for making said sprites comes and I ask permission for them. And thanks for the correction.
Larvitini sprite created at my request by Enderdraconian7799 on fusemon.net before the site died, sprite made 'shiny' by myself and used as my pokesona.
May I use the Meowstic sprites to make PMD icons? By extension, may I edit a Meowstic sprite to be my Pokesona? Thank you.
Avatar by me!
tasukete's Avatartasukete
tasukete's Avatar
May I use this sprite I made myself? http://bildr.no/image/R0xJYkJN.jpeg And how can I code it onto my profile if so?

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