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Sprite Permission Request Thread

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deïno's Avatardeïno
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Salutations! May I please have permission to allow Nightløre to fusion a Mega Espeon Q with Celebi?
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Nightløre's AvatarNightløre
Nightløre's Avatar
Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: My pfq.link: https://pfq.link/@yVF Sprite(s): Mega Espeon Usage: A fusion of Mega Espeon and Celebi for Polarize Who's making the sprite: I am! Thank you!
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Cinis's AvatarCinis
Cinis's Avatar
Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: My pfq.link: https://pfq.link/@sm3 Sprite(s): melan apoc. Growlithe Usage: Recolouring for About me Who's making the sprite: DemonZorua Thank you and have a nice day! :D
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Nicknick6534's AvatarNicknick6534
Nicknick6534's Avatar
Hello sei I would like to use a sprite made by pfq My pfq link: https://pfq.link/@crV sprite: tapu bulu Useage: fusion Who's making the sprite? Augie279 Thank you have a nice day
LavenderHues's AvatarLavenderHues
LavenderHues's Avatar
Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: My pfq.link: https://pfq.link/@wMc Sprite(s): Koroku, Kyukori, Alolan Vulpix Usage: Fusion with Moltres; Also asking for speculative shiny, albino, and melan recolors when the sprite is done; Purely for my own personal use and for fun Who's making the sprite: Me! (I thought that it would be cool to answer my own question of “what would a Koroku/Kyukori made with Alolan Vulpix and Moltres look like?” and then think of shiny, albino, and melan recolors for it; I also want to share it with others by posting it in my journal)
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Sei's AvatarSei
Sei's Avatar


As recently announced, this thread will be closing down with a new thread being opened on the 14th. A new post will be made to grant permissions for the outstanding requests, but no opportunities will be given to correct posts as this thread will be shutting down and a new thread will be ushered in. We just want to ensure that everyone has had time to read this announcement before being archived. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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Sei's AvatarSei
Sei's Avatar
Apologies, but there's been a change in plans - the outstanding requests should use the new format.

Sprite Permission Request Form is now accessible

The new discussion thread is now open!

Pages: 123··· 919293

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