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🐔 Chicken's Art + Adopt Shop! [11 adopts/2 slots]

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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Howdy howdy! Welcome to my new shop, with expanded space which means expanded services! Here I offer both adopts and art services! I have rules for both sections, so please take a gander at em:
  1. Mixed payments are allowed! 5GP : 5kCR : 1ZC Payments must be at least half currency (or about as much), but I also accept the following:
    Helix Orb
    priced at 50ZC/equiv each. (PLEASE don't buy some from the market to give to me;; that just makes them more expensive for me. x_x just give me the currency directly!)
    Lucky Seal
    priced at 60ZC/equiv each.
    Random Summon; sprites by PFQ/nintendo edited by me
    priced at 25ZC/equiv each.
    Any Box
    priced at 4ZC/equiv each.
    Box Box
    priced at 120ZC/equiv each.
    for 95ZC For orders of at least 1kZC, I'll accept PayPal at a rate of 100ZC : 1USD!
  2. Prices of services and/or adopts are subject to change. You will not be charged differently if you had ordered before the change was implemented!
  3. My prices are not up for debate/haggling :)
  4. Please be patient. Art is my career outside of PFQ, and along with my mod duties this means I'm a little busy and it may take a while to get back to you.
  5. If you're ALM/TERF, leave. You are not welcome in my shop. If I have seen you make statements to that effect, I may refuse you service.
  1. I require half payment as a deposit before I start working. (This includes paypal!)
  2. Once I am done, I will send you a watermarked version of the finished image. You must send the rest of the payment before I send you the unwatermarked version.
  3. You can post the completed artwork wherever you like, as long as you credit me. Do not edit the art without my permission!
  4. Unless otherwise told, I will use art I've made for you as examples in my shop. I will still indicate that it's art made for you.
  5. I have the right to turn down orders at my discretion.
  6. If you cannot follow through on a payment for art when I am done, you will not be allowed to order from me again.
  1. You must send the payment before I send you the unwatermarked adopt.
  2. You are free to do whatever you want with the design after you have purchased it.
  3. You may post your purchased adopt wherever you like, as long as you credit me. You can link to either my profile here or my toyhouse (preferred!)
  4. You are allowed to ask me to put an adopt on hold for you for up to 48 hours. If you do not pay for it after the 48 hours are up, the adopt will go back up for sale and you will not be allowed to ask for holds again.
"I'll devote my body and soul to following after you, Mr. Edgeworth!"
Chicken 🌻 25 they/them Shop Journal Art Shop
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Here you can order custom art from me! I can draw most anything, humans, pokemon, PFQmon, animals, anthros, couples, "canon" characters, OCs; you get the deal. The only thing I'd say I'm not very comfortable drawing are things like detailed mechas and stuff. Extremely complicated pokemon (such as Eternatus) will more than likely be turned down as well. I have limited slots!! Everything in this post counts towards one of these slots. If my slots are full, I can't take your order right now! I don't have a waitlist either, so please be patient until my slots open back up ;;w;; I'll do my best to get your art to you within a month of your order. Please keep in mind art is my job outside of PFQ, so that will take priority over these! But I will do my best to get to these in a timely manner.
Slots: 1. thal 2. OPEN 3. OPEN
  • General
  • Icons
  • Baits
These are the prices per character! So if there's 2 of them, that'll be double the price!
Any non-doodle art can have the option of transparent or simple colored backgrounds! Default is the gray background as seen in the doodles.
Doodles! 250ZC | 1,250kCR | 1,250GP Just a little doodle of your character(s)! Nothing complex.
Color! Bust - 1,000ZC | 5,000kCR | 5,000GP Waist-up - 1,250ZC | 6,250kCR | 6,250GP Fullbody - 1,500ZC | 7,500kCR | 7,500GP Your character(s) in flat color! Can have simple/implied shading like some examples here. These are what my adopts are like as well!
The Works™! Bust - 1,500ZC | 7,500kCR | 7,500GP Waist-up - 2,000ZC | 10,000kCR | 10,000GP Fullbody - 2,500ZC | 12,500kCR | 12,500GP Your character(s) with snazzy shading!
Optional form that is not required: [b]Hey Chicken! Make me an Art™[/b] What kind? (doodle/color/the works): Description of what you want: References: Anything else to note?: Payment:
Icons are 500x500px, but you will also get a 150x150px version that's ready to use for PFQ forums! Headshot icons are 700ZC | 3,500kCR | 3,500GP! The current examples were from my christmas batch, these will be the slightest bit neater and probably not as intense of color, haha (unless you'd want that!)
Optional form that is not required:
[b]Hey Chicken! Make me an icon![/b] References: Anything else to note?: Payment:
coming Soon(tm)
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
  • Custom Adopts
  • Custom Fusions
For 1,200ZC | 6,000kCR | 6,000GP, I'll make you a simple custom pokemon adopt! Heavy emphasis on the SIMPLE here, I do not do very detailed designs nor ref sheets. You will be getting a flat colored image, like the rest of my adopts! Please tell me what pokemon you'd like, what clothing/accessories they're wearing, and what color scheme they have! If you have specific colors in mind but can't draw, you can color over the official art of that pokemon to give me an idea of what you're thinking of! (but be sure to credit the official art as such!!! And be SURE it is official art; I highly recommend Bulbapedia as a place to get official art!!)

example of something I can work with!

I would like a blue Psyduck with a purple scarf. The yellow parts are dark blue, the bill and feet are light blue, and it has a light blue heart on its forehead. Psyduck art is official pokemon art, edited by me.
You may also give me simple prompts such as "Fire-type Psyduck" "Plushie Psyduck" and so on. Also let me know if you'd like them to be anthro, I can totally do that! I default to non-anthro if not specified. Optional form that is not required:
[b]Hey Chicken! Make me a friend![/b] Pokemon: Color Scheme: Accessories?: Anything else to note/references?: Payment:
For 1,500ZC | 7,500kCR | 7,500GP, I'll make you a custom pokemon fusion! Please tell me which two pokemon to fuse, as well as which one you envision as the "base" pokemon (while I do my best to blend the two species together, it often helps to lean into one species heavier than the other!) For example, this fusion has a Charmeleon "base" with Ribombee "theming" (NOT FOR TRADE!) (also this is older art so excuse the mess) Optional form that is not required:
[b]Hey Chicken! Make me a fused friend![/b] "Base" Pokemon: "Secondary" Pokemon: Anything else to note?: Payment:
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Slowpoke Fusions! 400ZC | 2,000kCR | 2,000GP each
G. Zigzagoon - CLOSED (AbsolGirl1234) Dunsparce - OPEN Gligar - OPEN Quagsire - CLOSED (simonpetrikov)
Assorted Adopts!
Scrafty/Munchlax Fusion! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP
Cherry Applin Variant! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Milotic/Charmeleon Fusion! 250ZC | 1,250kCR | 1,250GP Halloween Wooloo! 300ZC | 1,500kCR | 1,500GP
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Capsule Adopts!
For 300ZC|1,500kCR|1,500GP, you can chose a capsule that contains a mystery design inside! These designs are the result of two randomly generated pokemon fused together! They're all picked by random number generation, so expect strange results. What you'll get will look something like Stuffoth here, quality-wise! (Stuffoth not for sale!!)
Available Capsules!
None right now!

Past Capsules!

Capsule 1 - CLOSED (Jalakins) Capsule 2 - CLOSED (PupperCakes)
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Hoodie Friends! Simple anthro characters, in hoodies.
Monferno friend 750ZC | 3,750kCR | 3,750GP OPEN Jirachi friend 1,000ZC | 5,000kCR | 5,000GP OPEN
Furret friend 900ZC | 4,500kCR | 4,500GP

Past Hoodie Friends!

None yet!
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Nightmare Pokemon "Nightmare Pokemon have only appeared in dreams, so while their physical existence has been up for debate, no one can deny their presence and impact in all cultures. Contrary to their namesake, Nightmare Pokemon are not all harmful creatures, but their intimidating presence has earned them this title. Strangely, they take the form of already-known Pokemon, implying they are simply figments of the imagination, but their widespread influence suggests otherwise. No picture has been taken of them, but the most common traits are dark, amorphous bodies and glowing white eyes that never blink. Some Nightmare Pokemon are said to be much, much larger than their real-world counterpart, standing two or three times taller than the average human."
Nightmare Mawhile "Nightmare Mawhile appears in the dreams of hosts with unhealthy obsessions. Many describe the large mouth biting into the ground, causing the host immense pain." 750ZC | 3,750kCR | 3,750GP OPEN -- Nightmare Salazzle "Nightmare Salazzle show themselves after recurring dreams of being trapped in sinking floors. These dreams end abruptly, the host waking up in a cold sweat." 750ZC | 3,750kCR | 3,750GP OPEN

Past Nightmares

Nightmare Rapidash "Nightmare Rapidash is a commonly seen Nightmare Pokemon and is largely apathetic, neither causing harm nor good to the dreamer. It is said if one manages to ride a Nightmare Rapidash, one can control their own dreams." (owned by bird-kicker) Nightmare Braixen "Nightmare Braixen often appear after a string of uneasy dreams. Some believe they are a benevolent Nightmare Pokemon, arriving to drive away the unpleasant dreams, while others believe the Braixen is to blame for the dreams in the first place." (owned by crownedkitty25)
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar

Past Adopts!

Poochyena Fusions! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Venonat - CLOSED (Jalakins) Volcarona - CLOSED (Tengu Øracle) Ponyta - CLOSED (crownedkitty25) Smeargle - CLOSED (SandsofJordan)
Jangmo-o Fusions! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Cyndaquil - CLOSED (MissPinkDragøn) Snivy - CLOSED (Lynxray) Mudkip - CLOSED (PupperCakes) Cofagrigus - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta)
Shaymin Fusions! 250ZC | 1,250kCR | 1,250GP each
Mismagius - CLOSED (SandsofJordan) Druddigon - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta) Sigilyph - CLOSED (merinqüe) Emolga - CLOSED (fangraixiii)
Scorbunny Fusions! 300ZC | 1,500kCR | 1,500GP each
Duskull - CLOSED (SandsofJordan) Sliggoo - CLOSED (merinqüe) Houndour - CLOSED (Jalakins) Croagunk - CLOSED (fangraixiii)
Munchlax Fusions! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Patrat - CLOSED (Shiftry) Kabuto - CLOSED (simonpetrikov) Spewpa - CLOSED (Jalakins)
Gogoat "Deltas"! 300ZC | 1,500kCR | 1,500GP each
Fire - CLOSED (AriaPsiana389) Ghost - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta) Electric - CLOSED (SubwayWolf) Poison - CLOSED (YeltonLongNose)
Charmeleon Fusions! 250ZC | 1,250kCR | 1,250GP each
Dragonite - CLOSED (Lynxray) Umbreon - CLOSED (crownedkitty25) Ribombee - CLOSED (keeping for now >w>;;)
Ribombee Fusions! 200ZC | 1,000kCR | 1,000GP each
Oricorio - CLOSED (PupperCakes) Purrloin - CLOSED (Jalakins) Pyroar - CLOSED (Jalakins) Pachirisu - CLOSED (Avacyn)
Applin Variants! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Orange - CLOSED (CrunchyLemon) Peach - CLOSED (Kaywi) Banana - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta)
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Aand we're open! :D

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