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Regarding PokéRus Abuse

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freezir's Avatarfreezir
freezir's Avatar
the unlocking/uhiding fields thing is a bad idea as a whole and i think the cons about it just cant be worked around. Planning gifts for friends, bad looking fields, unstacked field, all those may be hidden for good reason. Unhiding fields altogether and not being able to lock them would be a - excuse my french - S T U P I D move on behalf of staff. Then the idea where you cant hide anymore fields when you get rus (keep the ones you already have hidden) comes up. What if people get a shiny, or have to put their unshiny hunt pokemon in fields and dont want them seen? Yeah no, bad idea as a whole. Im sorry.
Estherchu's AvatarEstherchu
Estherchu's Avatar
I mean... Could you not just give a temporary ban or a warning straight away to the people responsible? I'm sure once that's happened they won't be likely to do it again, and if they do, I'm assuming there would be harsher consequences. Then again, I'm not sure whether this is a thing that lots of people are doing or if it's just a couple as I don't tend to look at Pokerus much myself... But if it's only a few, then I'd think you can probably just grab them and be done with it? Unless it becomes a trend...
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Levian Wonder's AvatarLevian Wonder
Levian Wonder's Avatar
It was a whole group of people. and this post did serve as their warning
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SunshinefoxYT's AvatarSunshinefoxYT
SunshinefoxYT's Avatar
Quick suggestion, if the abuse of Pokerus is causing the same people to have Pokerus over and over again, why not cap it at some point? Like, for example, maybe you could only get Pokerus 2 times per day? Or something of this degree? This might already exis but i don't hang around here a whole load anymore so idk
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Garthic's AvatarGarthic
Garthic's Avatar
Because if someone puts in the effort and wins at RNG, they shouldn't be punished for it. The cooldown is long enough as it is. Truth be told, the suggestion of slapping hands when they misbehave is effectively what has happened. So, to be candid, that's a suggestion already in play. And more, but... Yeah, I already discussed that one. We won't be opening peoples' fields - as I mentioned, we're just going to be looking at what we can and can't do, regardless of whether we plan on using things. It's easier to know what's possible when you know the whole system, not just a part of it, and while I don't know any sufficient level of coding to manage or alter what Niet has created, I apparently have enough understanding that my suggestions are either useful, or at least thought-provoking. He's referred to me as his "rubber duck" on more than one occasion in the time we've lived together xD ( For those who don't know, a coders 'rubber duck' isn't so much figurative, though it could be anything. He had a literal rubber duck, for this however - in any case... The 'rubber duck' is something that you explain your code to - typically when something is going wrong and you can't figure it out, so you explain it step-by-step walking through the written code until, typically, you realise your mistake / get an idea. Useful stuff, apparently x) )

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