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Regarding PokéRus Abuse

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QUOTE originally posted by ArtisticUmbresol

QUOTE originally posted by Hael

Does this have anything to do with seeing the same couple of people get Rus over and over again the past few days? @@ Maybe fields can be prevented from being locked if you get Rus or something..,
im just going to say that would be a bad idea, cause a lot of people have fields that are already locked and if rus allowed you to click those fields than pokemon people might not want leveled would be clicked.
One suggestion would be to disallow interactions with locked fields for rus eligability.
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DemiDanni's AvatarDemiDanni
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If it is indeed about locking fields after having buddies mass click them, then I'm also disappointed--but not surprised. Knew something like that was happening months ago.
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Glad its being dealt with. Don't cheat guys... please
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Honestly... I comepletey forgot Pokerus was even a thing. I've been playing without for quite a long time now. XD
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Arcolov's AvatarArcolov
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it does get quite annoying to not be able to click anything on pokerus
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Clairefairy's AvatarClairefairy
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I thought it was just users trying to get people to focus on clicking their party pokemon so they could shiny hunt faster.
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Foiry's AvatarFoiry
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Guess it's safe to say I'm not abusing it considering I'm unsure of what this implies. 🐛 Read the other replies - I had no idea people even did this. :( stinkers.
And I just thought I was having bad luck with Pokerus. Its a shame how thoughtless people can be if it means self gain.
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Kahuna's AvatarKahuna
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QUOTE originally posted by Asteroid Panda

Wait! is that why I kept coming across people who had insane amounts of pokemon but had all fields locked!? That's lame, people can be butts sometimes
I just want to point out that cheating isn't the only reason pokerus hunters have their fields locked. I don't need EXP in my fields, and by having most of my fields locked it makes party clicks much more significant in terms of entering the "lottery" to get PKRS. So, less pokemon = more party clicks.
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melodysangel's Avatarmelodysangel
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As long as people that have fields locked for legit reasons (like me--everything hidden is maxed out or rte) arent targeted. Then again, even if I was trying for rus, noone would have access to my fields before hand.

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