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MEGA Evolution!

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If you've been watching my Party, you'd have seen it coming, but yes, Mega Evolution is now HERE! Here's how it works. First, you need a Mega Ring. You unlock this feature by

Spoilers, if you want to find out how by yourself then do not click! (Click to toggle)

evolving Pokémon a total of 200 times
With this done, you visit the Lab and Holly will give you the Mega Ring. You will also receive a Mega Stone, chosen at random from all those available. In addition, you will be given further instructions when the Mega Ring is given to you. Everything you need to know is there. PLEASE NOTE: Most of the Mega Evolutions do not have sprites yet, and will show up as question marks. None of them have Dex Art yet. These images will be rolled out as and when they are completed, so please be patient. Enjoy! Update 16/Dec: Mega Stones can be obtained from the Fundraiser, so now's your chance to grab them! Added a little later: You can now redeem the Mega Stone Vouchers! Here's how:

Instructions (Click to toggle)

First, you need the Mega Ring. I figured this makes sense, since you can't exactly use the Mega Stones until you have the Mega Ring, right? Plus, Vouchers (especially Plus Vouchers) can be worth more than a Mega Stone. So... that's good, right?

If you don't have the Mega Ring, then this is a spoiler! (Click to toggle)

Anyway, once you're equipped, go visit the Merchant. He will have a special area added for Mega Evolution. Go there. Your Vouchers are listed. Select the one you want to redeem.
If the Voucher is a Plus Voucher, pick the Stone you want. Otherwise, just click the button.
Newest story: メガシンカ(Megashinka) Feedback welcome!

I better get to work. ;_;

Spoilers do not read if you not want to know how to get Mega Ring (Click to toggle)

Is their a way to see how many evolution you have or still need to do?
That sprite looks awesome and nice way to get it
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For Gijs879, it is under the basic statistics in the big gray box!
<Taken From the Brave Frontier Wiki

It is now, it wasn't before the question was asked :p

Thank you Joe13510 and Niet for the answer
Serra Taylor

Niet, this totally just made my day (been having a bad week)! I had been hoping they would be added. Now I must get in gear and start working :D
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Hooray! I better get to work, though...
Lřrd Pyrřn

200? That's a long way off...
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Oh my gosh. Awesomeness. Question: is there any way to get more mega stones other than trading for them? (I know this might be asking for spoilers, but I'm curious.)
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