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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: A Rift in Time

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(Sprites by CHUNSOFT and JFain on the PMD Sprite Repository) Hera takes the journal, flipping to an empty page. The Heracross figure writes out his question, soon writing out another. [Was that Pokémon talking about me when she said she overhead something? Oh, and do you know where some sort of "Expedition Society" is?] he asks, showing the journal to Caelan.
Menusprite of Oshawott from Pokémon HOME
Cal reads the page, then laughs. "Oh, no! There were these quite intresting folk when I was grocery shopping- a buizel and a cinderace, no heracross. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me get you one of those tourist maps." He stands and leaves to grab one of the brochures laying on the bar table. When he's back, he's it out flat to reveal that it is, indeed, a map with all the tourist locations marked. "So, the Expidition Society is over here. It says this is just a tour, on the map, but its a tour of the building and history and yada yada, so you'd be there. You can probably ask someone where the entrance is and whatever you're looking for." Caladium takes the pen Hera was writing with and circles the spot, before folding the brochure back up and handing it to him.
My Breeding Pair shop. Collecting regular deltas if you have any up for trade.
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Clover | Sprigatito | No interactions Clover had just finished opening up her bakery for today, wiping down the tables and floor and setting up her bakery display. There was only so much she could do as a small cat so she had her assistant, Dahlia, who was a Sceptile, do the work that she herself had a lot of trouble doing. Clover made her way outside to a stand she had set up. It had free samples like SweetBerry Cake, Apple Pie, and much more that she planned on giving out to passersby. She jumped up onto the wooden stool she had placed behind the stand and waited patiently for any Pokemon that happened to pass by.
Hello. My name is Mercuri! You can just call me Merc if you'd like, though. I am a huge fan of FNaF, Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats, Pokemon, and MLP.
(Sprites by CHUNSOFT and JFain on the PMD Sprite Repository) Hera gives the journal back to Caelan, taking the brochure. It's rather big compared to him. Regardless, he heads out of the Pokéopolis Mall and towards the Expedition Society, making sure to check the brochure.
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As the Heracross left after returning his journal and getting a map, he looked to Cal and asked, "Doesn't something seem strange about him? He's very small for a Heracross, plus it seems like he can only say his species name. I remember stories about a world where humans exist and enslave Pokemon and make them fight one another for no good reason. I always thought they were just rumors to scare children into behaving, lest they be sent to that world."
Cal hums, "A very strange individual indeed. Let's not jump to conclusions though. Maybe somethings wrong with their voice box or they have a speech impediment." Cal shrugs. "They were really small though, I'll agree to that."
(Sprites by CHUNSOFT and JFain on the PMD Sprite Repository) Hera keeps heading towards the Expedition Society, making sure to check the brochure. It takes him a while, as the Heracross figure is quite small. Hopefully, someone there knows how he got here.
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Clover | Sprigatito | No interactions Clover sat with her head rested on her paw. She'd been sitting at her sample stand for quite some time now and had no customers so far. A few Pokemon had walked by, but they refused the samples politely and went on their way. She began to think that maybe she'd just have to close up the stand and go back into the bakery, when all of a sudden, a Scizor came up to her. "Hello," he greeted, his voice sounding monotonous. "Hello sir! Would you like to try one of our small samples?" Clover picked up a bright yellow mini-cupcake with sprinkles that resembled lightning bolts. The Scizor took a moment to think before nodding, reaching out with one of his claws and gently taking the cupcake. With one bite, the cupcake was gone. "That was good, I must say. I think I'll check out your bakery." The Scizor gave a small bow and "Thank you", before making his way into Clover's Bakery. Her first customer of the day!
"Well, then," Caladium gets up for her seat on the floor, "this was a wonderful chat! I left in the middle of my work though, and still have some errands to run, I should get back to it." Cal gives a wide smile, before dissapearing into the kitchen to sort foodstuff.
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Detsu approaches the town known as Pokéopolis. He felt the wind blowing on his back as he returned from a recent expedition in Unova, his region of origin. He loved it there, all the diversity, it was so beautiful. Maybe he'd show it to some friends one day, if he had any. He carefully approached the main road, looking at the town and it's hustle and bustle. It looked so nice, he quite liked the feel. ((AH SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW THE RP WAS UP- HOW'RE YOU GUYS DOING?))
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I'm Detsu, I'm 18, and I don't bite, so don't be afraid to shoot me a DM, I love making new friends :D
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