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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: A Rift in Time

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Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: A Rift in Time
A long time ago, much of our world was unexplored and filled with dangerous and aggressive Pokémon. A small village, once known as Treasure Town, had many Pokémon who were scared of the outside world. But there were also those who wished to explore and map the world around them. The Expedition Society was born. Many years passed, and many more Pokémon joined the Society. New lands were discovered, and Treasure Town grew bigger as new Pokémon moved there. Centuries later, Treasure Town has grown to become the bustling city known as Pokéopolis. Things are fairly peaceful, but something is wrong. People have been reporting seeing strange bolts of lightning, followed by dangerously strong and aggressive Pokémon, only for them to disappear as suddenly as they appeared. People are scared, crime rates are increasing, and the Expedition Society is at a loss to find out what's causing these strange events. Can the Expedition Society figure out what's going on before it's too late? And what of you? Are you a schoolkid, a baker, or a shopkeeper? Regardless of who you are, these events are sure to affect you in some way. Are you ready?
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1: PFQ Rules apply at all times 2: No fighting OOC 3: Minor cursing only, and even then, keep it at a minimum 4: Each player may have 1 Shiny, 1 Custom Sprite, and 1 Alpha. I will not stop you from making a shiny Alpha, but I'd rather keep shiny Alphas at a minimum. Scars, piercings, and tattoos do not count against your 1 per user count 5: No legendary Pokémon, not including mythical Pokémon 6: This RP is LGBTQ+ friendly, please respect that and don't be hateful against LGBTQ+ characters in character or out. 7: Make your own form, I’m not great at coding, especially on PFQ
Pokéopolis is a large city with all the sorts of shops you see in the PMD games, a bank, a general store, storage, etc. but you can make any sort of store you want if you decide to be a shopkeeper. Pokemon that start off as a Hisui form, such as Sneasel or Voltorb, the Hisui Pokemon must be from Hisui and travel through time via a time rift. This applies for Alpha Pokemon as well. Any Pokémon that evolves into a Hisui form, such as Dartrix->Decidueye, Dewott->Samurott, Quilava->Typhlosion, etc. need a Time Flower in order to evolve them into their Hisui regional variant. Petilil requires both a Time Flower and a Sun Stone. Pokemon that need to know a specific move or item to evolve do not need a Time Flower. Examples are Scyther->Kleavor and Ursaring->Ursaluna. Pokémon don't need to go to a special area to evolve, if they are strong enough to evolve, they can evolve at any time you choose.


Expedition Society

Leader Open Deputy Open Veteran Explorers (9 spots open) Detsu-17-Male-Shiny Zoroark-ddëtsú.yk Explorers (Unlimited Spots) Esper-15-Male-Shiny Eevee-MelanUmbreon4 Hera-22-Male-Hercross-Mijumarulover1

Pokéopolis Mall

General Store Open Bank Open Bakery/Juice Bar Open Pub/Inn Caladium-22-Bigender-Mightyena-Alpha-Night-Fang Storage Open Training Dojo Open Citizens Unlimited Spots

West Academy

Principal Open Vice Principal Open Nurse Open Teachers (5 spots open) Students (Unlimited Spots) Caelan-13-Male-Shiny Hisui Sneasel-Demonic Darkrai Elliot-15-Male-Galarian Ponyta-NoxianGayce Cyan-11-Male-Pikachu-noahzard11
The Expedition Society was formed approx. 300 years ago in a small village called Treasure Town. Treasure Town was inhabited by a variety of Pokémon, but very few of them were strong enough to leave the village. Approx. 10 years later, a group of strong Pokemon came to the village, injured and hungry. As thanks for the villagers’ hospitality, they decided to stay and protect the village from aggressive Pokemon. Those Pokemon were the founders of the Expedition Society The first Mystery Dungeon was discovered approx. 275 years ago, and the Expedition Society placed the dungeon as a restricted access area. That dungeon is now known as the Volcanic Den. The volcano hasn’t erupted in over 100 years, but it still has active lava, making traversing the dungeon somewhat difficult. West Academy was built approx. 260 years ago by an Expedition Society archivist, who valued intelligence. The archivist made the entire school, with a library with many important documents and an obstacle course for training. Originally, students were training in order to join the Expedition Society. In the modern era, the Expedition Society is more of a sponsor to the school, graduates don’t have to join the Society if they don’t want to. The Pokéopolis Mall used to be a small bazaar where traveling merchants would stop and sell their goods. Over time, the bazaar became bigger and bigger until it became the mall that we have today. The mall is always expanding to make more room for new stores.
credit | free to use
(So, who wants to start?)
My Breeding Pair shop. Collecting regular deltas if you have any up for trade.
(Sprites by CHUNSOFT and JFain on the PMD Sprite Repository) Hera enters Pokéopolis, amazed at the sight. His cloak is secure, blowing in the wind. He looks around for the Expedition Society, though he is unable to see it due to his small stature.
Menusprite of Oshawott from Pokémon HOME
Caladium stands outside a shop,the handle of a basket of food held in her mouth. Her ears are perked twoards two random pokemon, seeming to have gotten distracted by local gossip.
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Caelan was in his cloak in the Pokeopolis Mall. He didn't really understand why people looked at him like he was weird, he was just another Sneasel, it's like they've never seen a Sneasel in their life. But getting tired of weird looks, he decided to start wearing a cloak to hide himself from other. Right now, he was heading to the inn, which was also a pub. Since he didn't have an actual home, he rented a room at the local inn. The innkeeper was nice, letting him stay for free when she realized he was a homeless child.
Cal remembers what she was doing, snapping back to her chores. She paid for the food, and headed back to her inn. She thought about making a new meal, the influx of homeless pokemon giving her the money to buy expensive ingredients, but pushed it aside. I'm no cook, she thought as she put the food away into storage.
(Sprites by CHUNSOFT and JFain on the PMD Sprite Repository) Hera walks around, trying to find any places of interest. He is unable to see much of anything due to his small stature, but he keeps looking for one- preferably, the Expedition Society.
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Caelan entered the inn and saw Cal stocking the storage with food and said, "Hey Cal, good to see you." He lowered his hood, he trusted Cal enough to know that she wouldn't judge him for looking strange. Then again, she was a bit of an airhead, so he wasn't sure she even noticed the difference between him and a normal Sneasel. Of course, he didn't even realize that Sneasel in this time period looked nothing like him, they weren't even the same type. Caelan was a Poison/Fighting type, all the other Sneasel in town were Dark/Ice types. He didn't even realize it, even though he was the leader of a delinquent Sneasel gang. Not that Cal knew that, which was probably for the best.
"Hello, Caelan!" The mightyena spun on her heels, facing him. "Always good to see you. What d'ya need? I just got food, so I could whip you up a meal. Y'know, I was thinking at trying to make some new curries or sandwhiches for the menu, have extra money I don't know what to do with, but I'm not much a cook so-" Cal continued to talk, changing the topic at least three times in the span of a couple minutes. If Caelan didn't say anything she might yap his ears off.
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Caelan smiled lightly as she started talking. Sure, it could get annoying if it went too long, but Cal's enthusiasm always made him smile. He told her, "I guess a peanut butter and Pecha jam sandwich will do, I'm not starving or anything." before sitting at the little table in the room. As he watched Cal cook, he told her, "You know Cal, I can't thank you enough for how kind you've been to me. Not only do you let me stay here for free, you're one of the few people who doesn't think I look weird. I feel comfortable around you. You're like the big sister I never had."

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