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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: A Rift in Time

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Cal paused in spreading the jam for a second, before continuing. For once, he thought about what to say. "Well, darn, Caelan, that's sweet." He finished the sandwhich and placed it in front of Caelan, ruffling his fur. "Y'know, you'd be- are, I guess- a great little brother. Glad to make you feel comfortable! Glad to provide you room and food!" Cal sat, "Though, I'd always assumed you're just from a different place, like those rattatas or meowths."
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Not seeing anywhere else to go, and wanting some help finding the Expedition Society, Hera makes his way towards the Pokéopolis Mall. In doing so, he's putting himself at risk of being seen, but hopefully not all Pokémon in this strange new world are that rude.
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Caelan took a bite of his sandwich and replied, "Kind of, I am. But when I tell people I'm from Treasure Town, they just laugh at me. Pokeopolis is huge compared to where I'm from, I've never seen such a large town. Back in Treasure Town, my parents wouldn't let me leave the village, it was too dangerous for most of us, we were just simple farmers, we weren't strong enough to defend ourselves."
"Well, wouldn't they be suprised at all the adventure you've had!" Cal doesn't mention the Treasure Town part, thinking Caelan is mixing up his home town. Heck, there could be some place named after the old town, who was she to know? "Well, if you ever need some help, I know this place pretty well. I imagine you've porbably got it down, but just in case. And I know the people well too. Oh, you wanna know what I overheard today-?" There isn't much time to dwell on it, because she's already started to ramble again.
Upon entering the Pokéopolis Mall, Hera freezes up upon hearing the word 'overheard'. "Heracross?" ['Overheard'? You're not talking about me, are you?] he asks, walking up to the two Pokémon.
Cal startles from the new pressence. "Ah! Hello! I didn't catch what you said in my rambling. Do you need room, drink maybe? Or maybe you're a tourist, we have some maps off the attractions-" Caladium comes up with multiple scenarios for what Hera could be doing, oblivious to the fact she'd know if she'd offer a chance for him to speak. (If Hera could speak like most pokemo in Pokeopolis, of course.)
"Heracross?" [Are you sure you weren't talking about me when you said 'overheard'?] Hera repeats his question, attempting to use his extremely limited range of movement to make his point heard.
Cal squints, "Heracross?" she mumbles back. "Well, I guess you are a heracross. Are you looking for another heracross-? I haven't seen many today..." Cal's ears press back, waiting for a response this time.
"Cross?" [Got anything I can write with?] Hera asks, wanting to find a way to get his point across. Hopefully, someone will understand what he's trying to say. The little cloaked Heracross figure looks over at Caelan, wondering if the strange Sneasel may have some idea. ...heck, Hera doesn't know where he came from. He doesn't even know how he ended up here.
Caelan looked at the small Heracross and asked, "Can't talk normal? Some sort of trauma maybe? Here." before taking his jounal out of his school bag and handing it over to the Heracross. He'd seen odd things since arriving in Pokeopolis, but a Pokemon you could only say it's name? That was a new level of strange.

Pages: 12345

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