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S/A Complaining Thread

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MintyOscar's AvatarMintyOscar
MintyOscar's Avatar
Complain about your Shiny and Albino Hunts/Odds! Don't: Be Mean to each other Compete for who's luck is worse And other harmful things You Can: Give Tips if asked for them Be generally nice Complain about Sei day Complain about the Albino Radar Complain about the Poké Radar And other things that are not harmful
I'll begin! Yesterday was Sei day and my Albino Radar was at level 7. I got 1 Albino and No Shinies... I knew this hunt would be hard with nothing but the Albino/Poké Radars. Might stop it early to finish my dexes. Here's the Albino:
sillyguy's Avatarsillyguy
sillyguy's Avatar
Sei day was yesterday and guess who got a shiny RIGHT AFTER the day ended... edit: the shiny
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MintyOscar's AvatarMintyOscar
MintyOscar's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by ricewithice

Sei day was yesterday and guess who got a shiny RIGHT AFTER the day ended... edit: the shiny
Ooo pretty
sillyguy's Avatarsillyguy
sillyguy's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by MintyOscar

QUOTE originally posted by ricewithice

Sei day was yesterday and guess who got a shiny RIGHT AFTER the day ended... edit: the shiny
Ooo pretty
haha thank you
angelatos's Avatarangelatos
angelatos's Avatar
I've got an espurr chain of 1200+, and it seems like I've gotten just about every nature of shiny except the one I need. I'm this close to giving up haha

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concrete's Avatarconcrete
concrete's Avatar
So, type race is happening right? I have rock. Rolycoly, one of my new favorite Pokemon, is a rock type. Cool, I'll spend some credits ordering and hatching Rolycoly with my fully charged albino radar (and ubercharm), hoping to get a cute male albino Rolycoly. So I hatch... it feels like dozens... not a single albino in sight. Okay, it's just RNG and all that. I've already hatched two albino Aerodactyl, as I search I get a Lileep, Tyrunt and Aron, so it shouldn't be too painful to get an albino Rolycoly. I keep hatching. Nothing... then... finally! An albino! Yes! And it's female. I immediately melted into green goo. I still have plenty of credits and IP to order/hatch more but oof I just wanted a male RNG pls give me a male you've already provided so much but I just need... him...
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Nutlyaen's AvatarNutlyaen
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Ohhh nice tread. Okay so. There were multiple Sei days during my Fennekin hunt. It took me a lot of time to get 3 shinys, even more to get 3 of natures I collect. And now shiny Cubones are just raining, and albino too, and every. one. of. them. are one of my favorite natures. They were sooo low on my "Planned Hunts" list, and yet it looks like it'll be the easiest hunt in the world. Lady Fortuna laughs at me. Thanks to her for sending me to ground type team and giving me all of these beauties, I guess, but why can't I be so successful on the hunt I really want to do.
Kihte's AvatarKihte
Kihte's Avatar
Gotta love being 300 eggs into your hunt and not hatching a single albino ccccccccc: And then realize all your albino luck was used on random event eggs you were hatching just to complete the dex. "Yes," Says Sally, "Lets give her 3 albino event mons that are not Naughty so when she starts chaining naughty Sandile, she wont get a single one." Sally smiles. "Yes, that sounds like a plan." Screw you too Sally.
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MintyOscar's AvatarMintyOscar
MintyOscar's Avatar
I maxed out my Albino Radar yesterday and only got one albino *sigh*
nanarini's Avatarnanarini
nanarini's Avatar
gave up on finding a specific gender/nature shiny (to be an oc of mine in pokemon form) for sale, and decided to start a chain myself got wildly lucky to hatch a shiny pretty early, 49th in chain, no hypermode, no sei, no anything, out of specifically the 6 eggs that i got nature bred out of the daycare. right nature. wrong gender. this boy is a miscreant. i am livid. tossed him to my bestie before, in my rage, i could yeet him straight into sallys ever hungry maw instead.

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