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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Bonds Beyond Boundaries

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Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Bonds Beyond Boundaries
In the Paldea region, there are two prestigious acadamies for Pokemon trainers, Uva Academy and Naranja Academy. The two schools maintain a friendly rival relationship, and every year, they participate in the Treasure Hunt, as well as a friendly competition to deterimine which academy is better. This is your first year at your new school, will you find your own treasure?
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No fighting OOC. PFQ Rules apply at all times. You can have any Pokemon in your party, not including DLC, but if you have a Pokemon not found in Paldea, you must explain how your chaaracter obtained it. One Legendary Pokemon per character, and only one of each Legendary Pokemon. If you have an idea for using a PFQ Variant as a regional form, PM me the information, and I'll consider it. Same goes for fan made Paradox Pokemon Create your own form, I'm bad at coding
Paradox Pokemon from both games can be found in Area Zero There will be occasional 7-Star Tera Raid, both ones from the game and ones that aren't Hisui is its own region that still exists, so no time travel, you can be from Hisui and have Hisui regional variants The Time Machine now works to bring students to and from the present, the distant future, and the ancient past. Only students that are Champion rank trainers are authorized to use the Time Machine, as it is located in the restricted Area Zero

Uva Adacemy


Director: Open Biology Teacher: Open Math Teacher: Open History Teacher: Open Home Ec Teacher: Open Battle Basics Teacher: Zeph Lyniel-Female-Glacierwing Art Teacher: Open Nurse/Health Teacher: Open


0 Spots Open Caelan Blake-19-Male-Me Pip Tristin-14-Male-NumelNumelNumel Esper Lanes-16-Female-Snowy Fox Pandora Starlings-17-Female-ShootingStarRain Kolo Seraka-16-Male-SmolWooper

Naranja Adacemy


Director: Open Biology Teacher: Open Math Teacher: Open History Teacher: Open Home Ec Teacher: Open Battle Basics Teacher: Open Art Teacher: Open Nurse/Health Teacher: Open


3/5 Spots Open Okubo Jun-18-Male-Another Story Sammy Mackey-12-Male-Mijumarulover1

New Pokemon

Terror Beak: The Paradox Pokémon Type: Fighting/Dark Ability: Protosynthesis Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex: In the grasslands of the mysterious Area Zero, reports have surfaced of a large Pokémon that resembles fossils of an ancient ancestor of Dodrio. Due to this Pokémon's ferocious nature and large beaks that it uses to stab and tear apart prey, it has been given the nickname of Terror Beak. Pokémon Violet Pokédex: This aggressive Pokémon is a voracious predator. While it is unable to fly, it can chase prey across open land as fast as a Cylizar, and neutralize it either with powerful kicks, or by pecking it with its sharp, hulking beak. Shadow Weaver: The Paradox Pokémon Type: Ghost/Ice Ability: Photosynthesis Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex: This Pokémon resembles a creature known as Shadow Weaver from the Scarlet Book, which shows similarities with Weavile. Its icy blue eyes can place anyone who gazes into them in a hypnotic trance. Pokémon Violet Pokédex: While it seems to resemble Weavile, it does not rely on speed and agility. Rather, it uses its beauty to lull its foes into a false sense of security, before attacking with the cold fury of the spirit realm Crescent Claws: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Bug/Dragon Ability: Protosynthesis Bearing a striking resemblance to Lurantis, this creature's appearance also matches up with an image in a scarlet tome which has been lost to time. The creature has been named Crescent Claws, as its large claws resemble that of a crescent moon. Iron Shadow: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel Ability: Hadron Engine It has som similarities to a Pokemon introduced in a dubious magazine as a superfast cyborg from the future. Iron Pharaoh: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Fighting/Psychic Ability: Hadron Engine It has some similarities to a Pokemon introduced in a paranormal magazine as an Aura-powered machine from a post human civilization. Feral Fangs: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Dark/Steel Ability: Protosynthesis Bearing a resemblance to all known regional variants of the Meowth line, this creature shows an unusually calm and passive demeanor, only becoming aggressive if it feels threatened. Its appearance seems to line up with an image within a scarlet book. Its name, Feral Fangs, is given to it for its long fangs. It has been theorized that this creature is the ancestor for the Meowth line, though its unknown why certain traits of this creature are dorment in certain regions Depth Fear: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Dragon/Water Ability: Protosynthsis Female Entry: Female Depth Fears are much larger and more aggressive than the mails. They have high resistance, this may be due to the need to protect their young. Depth Fear's pups are very attached to their mother and in the same way, they will enter into combat if she is in danger. Male Entry: Depth Fear males arge much more agil than females, due to their small size. They are very independent and tend to swim alone in search of a peaceful place to settle. When it finds it, it becomes very territorial, which leads it to face others of the same species to the death. Iron Orbs: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Psychic/Electric Abillity: Hadron Engine Bearing a striking resemblance to Falinks, this group of five orbs seem to match an image found in a violet tome. Dubbed Iron Orbs, these five work as a cohesive unit, with a notable lack of a consistent leader. They seem to work much better in groups of exactly five, and seem to struggle with taking on targets one segment at a time. Pyro Palms: The Paradox Pokemon Type: Fairy/Fire Ability: Protosynthsis This being posesses the ability to manipulate fire, with enough control to form majestic patterns with its flames. Named Pyro Palms, it bears a resemblance to Gallade and Gardevoir, despite its strange red coloring. It is rumored to have been the inspiration for the first humans' usage of fire.
Setup Link Terror Beak and Shadow Weaver commissioned by me Crescent Claws, Feral Fangs, Iron Orbs, and Pyro Palms owned by ShadyBlazeBlizzard Art Usage Permission from ShadyBlazeBlizzard
credit | free to use
Pandora was very happy as she leapt up the stairs of Uva Academy. She was humming. Besides her, however, was a very grumpy-looking Meowscarda that did not look eager to be here. "Rose, cheer up! We'll be able to stay here, I'm sure!" she twirled around and to face her starter. Rose let out a growl that seemed to suggest that she was a fool if she believed that. Pandora rolled her eyes. "If you continue this," she warned, "You are going back to your ball. The only reason I let you out is because I wanted you to see your new school and hopefully not start any fights that would get us kicked out. There was absolutely zero need to challenge that Pelipper." The Meowscarda somehow grumbled. "Plus, Demetria would freeze everybody on-sight," she added. "I don't think that'd be a great way to start off the year. And poor Sierra wouldn't be able to get around. I'll let Demetria loose in a battle soon. I'll let Sierra out just as soon as there is a pool to do so." Rose looked at Clara, who looked around in awe and looked as if she was about to bump into something. "Uh...yeah. Clara is perfectly fine. She is just a little confused." "Meowscara," Rose replied drily. "Fine, a lot confused. Still, she's let out. Lucy isn't going to be a troublemaker...hopefully. And I dunno about Whitney, but she's calm, so I'm not very concerned. Clara, other than her cluelessness, is pretty much harmless. You are the Pokemon I'm most worried about." Rose let out a snorting/huffing sound. She clearly wasn't too happy. "Ugh, just don't start any fights," she said. "I do not want another five hundred students after you - which in turn, means I'm expelled from the school." "Meowscarada." "Just behave." Rose turned away and huffed again, trailing behind her. Whitney was soaring above but still staying close to Pandora, and she seemed to be conversing with another Pokemon. "Whitney!" Pandora called. The Altaria let out an apologetic squawk to the Pokemon she had been to talking to and flew downwards. Pandora petted the Altaria. "Having a good time?" she asked. "Tar-ia!" Whitney sang. "Alright, alright, continue, I won't interrupt," she said, throwing her hands upwards like a person releasing a messenger dove, and Whitney flew off. She turned towards Lucy, who was hovering towards her, the membrane extending from the end of her hat swishing around as she seemed a bit overwhelmed. She floated closer to Pandora. "Do you want to go back into your ball?" she asked. Lucy shook her head in an almost human-like way, but stuck even closer to Pandora. "Alright. As long as you're sure." She turned towards Clara just as the Salazzle walked into a wall. "Great..." she said, facepalming. "Clara!" The Salazzle instantly scampered to her side. "Stay close to me, okay?" "Salaz!" the Salazzle agreed. God, this was going to be such a great year.
Star | She/Her | Psychopath
x 500 x 500
Sells a variety of things!
Full credits here. PFP => Salty_Lightning on Pinterest Button => Kaelwolfur
I walked down the path and up the huge staircase that my gps told me was the right one. Thank goodness it was, because as I reached the very top I was amazed to see a spectacular building in front of me. The front area was buzzing with the talk of students. I had arrived 15 minutes early. I was intended to arrive earlier but my gps sucks. They were talking about the new students, one of which of course was me, and Orion who kept looking threateningly at them. “Orion,” I hissed “Stop that!” But my attempt failed,
Numel. Sprite by doofisconfused Join my rp! *Truly lost*
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Caelan was walking up the massive stairs leading to his new school, Uva Academy. He recently got transfered there, and he was looking at his Rotom Phone to check on the news. He noticed an interesting article that said "Champion ranked trainers visit Area Zero." However, many of the important details of the article were obscure, but the fact that stated there are dozens of unique Pokemon that have never been seen anywhere else, and that there was a time machine there were what caught his eye. As he let out his Hisuian Typhlosian, he asked him, "What do you think buddy? Should we try to become Champion rank trainers?" His Typhlosion nodded, giving out a solid cry of determination. It was at that moment where Caelan set a goal for himself during the Academy's annual Treasure Hunt. Whatever this so called time machine was, he wanted to see it with his own eyes, but he'd have to work his way there in order to become a Champion ranked trainer.
Pandora was almost at the entrance when she saw a boy with Hisuan Typhlosian. She decided to give social stuff a try. "Hey!" she said, walking up to him. "I'm Pandora, and this is Rose!" she introduced her starter. "What's your name?"
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Caelan turned around to see the girl and her Meowscarada and smiled, "Hello, my name's Caelan, this is my Typhlosion. It's nice to meet you Pandora." before putting his Rotom Phone back in his pocket.
I looked around and saw everybody talking and chatting away, that is, all except me, but I thought I’d just keep to myself for now, ya know wait for someone to talk to me first.
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
Esper runs over to the group, her team following after her, while her rotom phone, in an eevee case, struggles to keep up with her. oh! Hi there! Im esper! Her female blaziken, comm. Steve, lets out a happy noise upon meeting new people, bonbon is perched on espers shoulder, and spingo seems to be quietly glaring at rose, almost seeming to try and intimidate pandoras meowscarada, and siren, malice, and rosey are just silently watching. scar...... vee! ken! ....... ...... ......
pfp credit goes to cryst! And any custom pmd sprites credit goes Here! those whose memories fade seek to carve them into their hearts..... all dreams are but another reality..... Never forget..... Never forget these words......
"Oooh!" she said. "Nice to meet you too! Can I pet him?" she asked, referring to the Typholsion. Unfortunely, what Pandora failed to do was noticed how Rose was glaring at another Meowscarada, whom was glaring back at her. Rose stepped forward and growled. Now would be a really good time for Pandora to turn around, but she was kind of busy...
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
Spingo sees this as a challenge, and she steps forward, growling as well, getting a flower trick ready. scarrrrr......

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