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The As One Experiment (v2)

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Them He leans forward. 'That was... unexpected. A technical error of sorts made us lose contact with Mercury. But, everything seems to be fine now...' He turns to the group of As One scientists. 'I believe you know what caused it?' he asks. 'Hazy signals, colors crisscrossing and overlapping with each other, causing disruption.' The displeasure is clear in his voice as he continues. 'Use clearer means next time. Bold or italic works fine. If you must use color, remember to use a suitable background.' 'Now, let's see what he's up to...' Mercury Static suddenly fizzes in my head, and I blank out for a minute or so. I take a small breath and turn to face the group. 'Arceus is hard to control,' I say to Julian, 'They are god of all Pokemon, after all. But that's the motivation. If we can fuse with them, we can gain ultimate power. Simply capturing will not work, as Arceus can just refuse. But if fused with another body, their thoughts can be harnessed and their power used freely.' 'And, I told you, I can't tell you the exact location. But you can fly to Sinnoh and try searching it if you want.' I WILL MAKE A BETTER INTRO LATER signup

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thoughts speech Tarya responded using Julian's voice, "And how do you know this is going to work? How do you know that it won't backfire?" 'I've never seen you this serious before, Tarya. 'I'm just worried. Mewtwo was something similar to this, right? Have they really thought this through and learned from their mistakes? After all, If I can take partial control, imagine what arceus might do in a panic. Or, if they are able to get it under control, who says the person that fused with arceus will obey them?' 'You do have a point. But I'm sure they've taken every precaution in the book to make sure this works. So it doesn't end up like us.' "Yea sure lets just all fly to Sinnoh and search the area top to bottom!" He replied in a mocking manner. "Oh wait. YOU CONFISCATED ALL THE POKEMON I HAD WITH ME. And even if we DID somehow fly there by the time we find out where the base is it's going to be TOO LATE. Julian snapped back, letting his feelings burst out. Grabbing a rather sharp piece of tree shrapnel from his earlier outburst, he stepped out of arms reach, holding it menicingly. "I'm getting tired of your games."
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regular text = Pandora bold + italics = Ophiela italics = Pandora's thoughts Well, this wasn't looking good. Two figures were in front of her. She really did not want to get into a fight here. The two seem to be arguing and one was holding sharp, pointing stick-piece. Fun. And then a voice sounded inside mind. Hello, little one. Pandora whirled around, confused. It appears we've been fused together, the voice murmmurs. I'm Ophiela. You're fused 'mon, it looks like. Huh? Don't you remember what happened? Pandora shook her head. Well, whatever. They said something about flying. Let's go. Maybe we can unfuse. Pandora agreed. The voice in her head, different physical traits, mostly everything was freaking her out. And so she stepped up to the two. "Um...if it's flying, maybe we could all go together? I mean, I think Arceus can fly, right? And maybe you can to? Also maybe put that stick down, fighting isn't going to do us any good..." Hahahahaha. Shut up! she thought vehemently.
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thoughts speech "With all due respect, that was meant to be sarcastic." Julian turned and clarified with a hint of sourness, but holding the wooden shard in a way as to not threaten them. He didn't recognize this person, it must have been one of the ones that woke up at a later time, since they seemed pretty confused. Or, at least, more confused than the rest of them. "We can fly to Sinnoh after we get a little more information from this scientist. I know they're witholding information. While it's useful to know their target and their goals, we can't really do much without a base location." He explained. Before continuing his interrogation session, he added with a bit of amusement, "I'm pretty sure Arcues isn't just going to show up and ferry us right to sinnoh, considering these scientists have been tracking it down with the intention to fuse it with someone so they can control it. And no, I cannot drop the stick, I need it as incentive for this guy to talk." He gestured towards the scientist, before turning back and resuming what he was previously focused on. "Now where were we? Oh yea. Threats. As I mentioned before to another victim of your mad-scientist experimentation, I'm sure that you DO know where the lab is, since you mentioned how you 'cannot forget the location', yet you refuse to tell us. Its not that you can't tell us, it's that you won't tell us. And because of that, we're going to keep you here until you decide to do so!" As soon as he finished that sentence, he lunged forward and slashed the left arm of the scientist, using the sharp splinter as a makeshift weapon, before jumping backwards to retreat to his previous position. "So, do you want to perish by a thousand cuts, or a quick one from your higher-ups? The choice is yours." 'Isn't there any other way we can do this?' 'I'm afraid not. If we want any feasible chance of separation, we have to do this. I know you don't want to see harm befall him, but then again it was his choice to approach us' 'And your choice to attack without reason!' 'It WAS with reason, the reason being we need information and he will not tell us. Do you want to be stuck like this?' 'No...' '...Look, I'm sorry if I'm harsh, but that's just how the world works. We can help him after we get the information, ok? How's that?' 'Sure... 'Its going to be ok, Tarya.'
Okay yeah she didn't like this. Not one bit. So... "Stop!" she cried out. Harming each other wasn't going to do anything. Oh, Pandora you poor soul, Ophiela said. Let me show you how it's really done. Suddenly, without her permission, one of her arms flew up and something happened. What did you do? she yelled internly. Lock the guy's ability to hurt using a stick using Seal, Opheila said. It's more powerful version than Imprison. Although...merging seems to have weaken my ability, so it'll be quite limited...
Russell walks over to the two of them “What’s going on those two seem very, mad” He looked nervous “wait… and who may you be” you seem new here… “Oh, right my name’s Russell and I have an incredibly annoying Decidueye in my head” -Hey!- **Its true**
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thoughts speech Right after his attack, he heard the girl from earlier shout in protest, and then a strange tingling feeling in his arm, which forced him to drop the stick shard. As soon as he did, the sensation almost immediately went away. As he bent down to pick up the stick again, that same feeling struck him, and he was forced to let go. 'What the... what is this??' 'Is it paralysis?' 'No, I can move my arm fine...' Julian tested his right arm, and it seemed fine. Picking up the stick again with his left hand caused the feeling to re-appear, except in the left arm. Gripping tightly to not let go this time, he tried to move it, but was prevented from doing so. Dropping it again, he found he could move it again as if nothing had happened 'WHAT IS HAPPENING???' 'I don't know! It's almost like the stick got cursed, or something. I can't move it around either!' Backing away from the scientist to think for a moment, he had only one idea as to the cause. "YOU." He stomped up to the girl. Tarya tried to pull him back but to no avail. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" He snarled. Right before anything else could happen he saw one of the other's walking up to them, and he tightened his composure as if he wasn't just yelling. This person introduced themselves as Russel, fused with a decidueye. "I was conducting an interrogation session with the scientist so we could get more information. But it seems SOMEONE here doesn't want me to do that, and now I cant hold the stick I was using to threaten the guy with." His tone was doing its best to sound professional, but a hint of bitterness was present.
" Well maybe you shouldn't have! Did it ever occur to you we could try asking?" she snarked back. " I know you're mad, but my Pokemon is a Jirachi, and a seemingly powerful one at that! I don't think you want to fight her. Also, I think Ophiela may be able to just lock her ability to not lie! And the scientist could be telling the truth!"
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Alyx pushed themself into a sitting position, rubbing the sleep from theri eye as they watched the other "fusions" debate the ethics of forceful interrogation. They, uh... didn't really want to get involved. They didn't know what was happening. So with that, they looked around for a friendlier face to attach themself to. Not like a parasite, mind you, but like a starfish looking for a rock to attach to. An anchor, yes. 'What about her? She looks stable,' came Icarus' voice as the Togekiss turned their head towards Cunoştinţa. 'Good as any,' they decided before reluctantly leaving the anonymity of being a random person on the ground for some sort of socialization. They were still a little blurry and couldn't quite tell what had been going on around them the past few moments, but... hopefully things would calm down soon.
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Glacierwing's Avatar
I watch as Julian and Pandora argue, somewhat grateful for the help but knowing that it doesn't solve anything in the end. It's a good thing my sleeves are long... I didn't sustain any serious damage. But now what? Now what? This is temporary. One way or another they'll get me to talk. And I'd say that more of them are on Julian's side than Pandora's...

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