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I'd love to request a Yveltal bait!



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Yuloo's AvatarYuloo
Yuloo's Avatar
Can i request a tapu lele bait?
Starblaze's AvatarStarblaze
Starblaze's Avatar
I would love to see a Fletchling bait.
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XØXØ's Avatar
I would like to request "Cufant". This will be my bait for this months type race! Please take your time! I'm still using the Shroodle bait 🖤 Shroodle is so cute!!!
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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@ShootingStarRain Jirachi is finished & can be found under Hoenn Honedge is finished & can be found under Kalos. I had a bit difficulties matching colours from the site to my reference since the stances are different. I hope it'll do. any edits/changes just say so :)
tysm for nacli can u do scorbunny and dipplin ?
Pika-Boo's AvatarPika-Boo
Pika-Boo's Avatar
Could you do a Snivy one? :)
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GnarleyQuinn's AvatarGnarleyQuinn
GnarleyQuinn's Avatar
Could I request Morelull?
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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@Pika-Boo Snivy has already been made & can be found under Unova
Unbreakable1's AvatarUnbreakable1
Unbreakable1's Avatar
Hello would you make me a Luxray one

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