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Seranity's AvatarSeranity
Seranity's Avatar
hello hello! if you're taking requests, can i please request a kabuto? :)

seranity | she/her | hunting:

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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@Seranity I finished Kabuto and can be found under Kanto! If you want me to make changes/edits end me a PM :)
Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
Hello 👋 I am back could I request a torchic I'm hunting them for a looooong time if I can focus on them my goal is to get a Melan for Easter which is a looooong way
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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@Dyno Bytes I made Torchic and can be found under Hoenn! Any changes/edits send me a PM :) Good luck on your hunt!
Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
Yay tysm! 👏👏👏
RoarRockruff's AvatarRoarRockruff
RoarRockruff's Avatar
Just gotta drop in and say that your baits are awesome! I've looked at a lot of art shops, and your baits are my favourite BY FAR. (Also, that's so awesome and nice that you made it free!)

Babs/Roar | She/her | Pansexual

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Neonyan's AvatarNeonyan
Neonyan's Avatar
these are super cute <3 would you be able to do a tyrunt one?? :D

★ Zachary ★ They/He ★ 22 ★

Quiet nature collector.
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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@Neonyan I made Tyrunt! It can be found under Kalos If there's any changes/edits you'd like me to do, send me a PM :)
Angeliccandy's AvatarAngeliccandy
Angeliccandy's Avatar
Hello! Was wondering if you could do a Swinub one? It's sooo cute ♡
ʚ♡ɞCandy ☆ 33 ☆ She/Herʚ♡ɞ
eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@Angeliccandy I finished Swinub! You can find it under Johto. If there's any changes/edits you'd like me to make, send me a PM :)

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