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Frostynova's AvatarFrostynova
Frostynova's Avatar
120zc for your 3 gracidea seeds and 3 gs balls?
Score: 245
Badge by LycanKai Avatar drawn by me
Could I grab those other two Fire Feathers for 40zc total, please? c:

Avatar is my sona, drawn by Saapricots!

Mùff Pizza's AvatarMùff Pizza
Mùff Pizza's Avatar
2 ice carrots and 1 hyperspace ring for 110zc please? :3
Avatar made by Jellyfishbones, for my use only <3
NatsNeko's AvatarNatsNeko
NatsNeko's Avatar
Can I snag your Raijins and Inari for 20 ZC each? :D
Avatar is official HM game art. HM © Natsume
bryanc92's Avatarbryanc92
bryanc92's Avatar
Your griseous orbs for 60 ZC each?
My melans and adamant twins!
RashPidgeot's AvatarRashPidgeot
RashPidgeot's Avatar
Can I have 4 regular necrozma for 180k credits? Thanks!
Profile made by Dachsbuns Me and Snowy's Shop! Typerace Score: 251 Delta Collector (PM)
Background from Pokemon Anime F2U code by Gumshoe
Can I get 7 origin sash for 217zc
I have permission to use these counters im collecting origin sash
× 586 / 1000
Also collecting small fairy gems
× 28 / 9001
Captain's AvatarCaptain
Captain's Avatar
I'd love to buy your Ancient Drive again for 20ZC!
Kang's AvatarKang
Kang's Avatar
120k cr for the tidal bell?
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I collect Tidal Bells
I buy them for 150k cr or 30 zc as long as i can afford it! Please DM me if you have any for sale!

Forum Icon: By LilypadLife of my character Frost! Check out their art shop!
Code @Colorful Pixel art @Blazermaze00
Duskull's AvatarDuskull
Duskull's Avatar
480zc for your 8 jade orbs?
Avatar made by BananaLizard

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