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skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Hi! 60zc for more Soul Hearts? :o
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Not actively buying. Or actively doing anything in general.
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Savybear27's AvatarSavybear27
Savybear27's Avatar
may I buy these in zc 2 albino Gossifleur 1 shiny Gossifleur
cheesekek's Avatarcheesekek
cheesekek's Avatar
Hiya my 2 Wishing Stars and Jungle Root for 95ZC?
Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Savybear27

may I buy these in zc 2 albino Gossifleur 1 shiny Gossifleur
Please give an exact number as I don't have set prices on them right now. All other trades are sent out
Buying: BSDs 20 ZC Prisms 70 ZC
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by Kaede

wxtchdxgs's Avatarwxtchdxgs
wxtchdxgs's Avatar
can i get your tanzakus for 15zc each pls? :3
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Zeldy's AvatarZeldy
Zeldy's Avatar
15 blue soul dews, 11 jungle roots & 17 wishing stars for 1,370 zc + your 2 adamant orbs?
wxtchdxgs's Avatarwxtchdxgs
wxtchdxgs's Avatar
your kusanagis and komainu figurines for 15zc each? :3
Cometily's AvatarCometily
Cometily's Avatar
Could I buy a Terracotta Epee for 70gp?
× 29 / 500
Creambevroe's AvatarCreambevroe
Creambevroe's Avatar
Howdy! Can I nab all of your Gray Stones for 25 ZC each?
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My lil boi *gently holds*
Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar
All trades are sent out, apologies for delay. Hectic week and been busy trying to help out my older sister around work. I'll try to be on more the next few days, but until she's back on her feet and home again, I may be slow still.

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