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PFQ Meme Thread -- REBOOT

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Groudon1911's AvatarGroudon1911
Groudon1911's Avatar
Scrolling through the shelter be like

Image Credit

Image from the The Incredibles movie

Avatar credit

Avatar originated from this Instagram page and later, a youtuber used it as his pfp, which was where I got it from
FORMERLY KNOWN AS MudwingNightwing
JadeJester22's AvatarJadeJester22
JadeJester22's Avatar
Buying Tanzakus for 15 ZC
summon_jir.png × 26 / 300
Sir Dessert,my little buddy :) Profile Picture is from PFQ Advent 2021
RoyaLotad's Avatarhypermode-12.pngRoyaLotad
RoyaLotad's Avatar
just kidding Sally we're cool (Meme format is from Spongebob Squarepants, Sally's art is from the official PFQ wiki, and the RoyaLotad icon is gift art from my friend Shiny_Mod (not the exact same piece of art but that's because it's only on Discord and I can't find the original message for the life of me)
shattered psych oct '23 win | made by @Cryst
Score: 6912
Original by LycanKai, new by NassiLove, icon by Pokefarm
Profile pic is gift art from my good friend Shiny_Mod on Twitter!
Shirarisun's Avatarhypermode-12.pngShirarisun
Shirarisun's Avatar
you could also just put the "internal database error" message here and it'd work just as well (image is from the fairly oddparents)
shira//any pronouns//-4 server time hunt journal
summon_ogr.png Collecting Teal Masks for future Ogerpon hunt! (1 so far)
summon_dce.png Collecting Diamond Tiaras for future Diancie hunt! (2 so far)

pfp source | sprites from kirby super star
dont be like me btw
Chris - he/him - 22 Trade shop - Art shop - Journal fairy.png TYPE RACE SCORE: 6,933 | Icon official card art (edited by me)
Groudon1911's AvatarGroudon1911
Groudon1911's Avatar
(I know its a little too late for this but no harm done if I still make a meme about 12 DoC) Edit: Did not realize someone already made a meme using the exact same template I used and focusing on the same subject as me, I was not trying to copy that person as I didnt see their post before making mine


Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny meme from The Incredibles movie
JadeJester22's AvatarJadeJester22
JadeJester22's Avatar
Me seeing the results of the bonus counter poll (We always want the same three counters) Image from Star Wars episode 2.
We all know which one we choose OR alternately: Meme made on imgflip, original image by jake clark on Tumblr
Star | She/Her | Psychopath
summon_dce.png x 500 summon_jir.png x 500
Sells a variety of things!
Full credits here. PFP => Salty_Lightning on Pinterest Button => Kaelwolfur
How i love this event (Image edited on IMGFlip, OG from Invincible)
Score: 5052
By LycanKai
Avatar: Official Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity artwork of Master Kohga
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
Shoutouts to that anonymous person who sent me all those dozen sweethearts and everyone else who sent me any, I really appreciate it <3 Image is from Big Nate by Lincoln Pierce badly edited by me on Imgflip. Sweetheart sprites belong to PFQ.
Signature art by TheWildSalem! My avatar was made by Cledanio! ♥︎

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