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PFQ Meme Thread -- REBOOT

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Cheers -- As many of you may know there were a lot of conflicting things said about the previous meme thread and the conflicts made handling reports related to the old Meme Thread sort of a nightmeme (ha~). Staff has taken the time to discuss and decide on new, more clear rules for the thread and have archived the old one in order to start on a clean slate with the updated rules.

The Rebooted Meme Thread Rules

1. Memes must comply with all site rules, including those about age-appropriate content, respect, and crediting all images used. 2. In order to ensure that all content is both appropriate and appropriately credited, only official sources of images may be used. "Official" sources are those taken directly from a TV show, movie, video game, etc. If you are unable to directly cite the official source of the image, the image may not be used for your meme. 3. Content copyrighted by PokéFarm must be either unmodified (beyond being copy/pasted), or have our Art Director's permission to modify. There is a form that needs to be filled out and approved before use. 4. If there is an issue with someone not following these rules, do not post to them in the thread -- instead, report them so that Staff can handle it. Any other action besides reporting the user is considered mini-modding and is not allowed. (PMing the issue to Suriya is not reporting the user. Please utilize the "Report Post" option).
As always, if there is a question about a rule or if you are unsure, please report the thing you aren't sure about and ask Staff. We will let you know the right answer and handle it accordingly~ :)
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Meme Thread Rules/Information Changelong

This will be added to, as needed -- if needed -- going forward so that people can see what is said if further discussion leads to changes. Hopefully this will keep us all on the same page.
*mods create a new meme thread with straight forward RULEZ* everybody: *looks at each other* NAW Further, Me: Please Sally, I have my albino radar set to level 7, and this is a chain of 395. Can I have one shiny, please? Sally: Did I just hear someone say "albinos please"? Okay, if you say so. And yes, there are no images. Use your imagination or something.
Colorful's AvatarColorful
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Users: Can we use this meme thread? Staff: We have a meme thread at home. The meme thread at home;
Original version of this meme posted April 8th, 2009 by Twitter user @Guesswhocruz

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The last meme thread: Agitated yelling about the shelter and sally. This meme thread: *Cricket* *Cricket* rules? HAHAHAHA Hilarious we'll see.
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doge (c) kabosu the shiba inu, and his human, atsuko sato
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wobbegong's Avatarwobbegong
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people: *talking about the fall of the old meme thread and how there's apparently a new one now* me, who wasn't in the old meme thread: *drawn by me, based off the awkward look monkey puppet meme (sort of?)
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greetings pfq forums, it is i, blue, here to Ruin Your Day and Make Irritating Noises B) i hope you do not enjoy
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genshin impact manga
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everyone when they're about 500 eggs into a melan hunt "I've had enough of this dude" from Always Sunny in Philidelphia
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Bringing back an oldie but a goodie *Meme name is "Distracted Boyfriend". Fun fact- the original name of the photo is "Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another girl"
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relevant again :^)

original images from spongebob squarepants drawn over + text added by me bonus bar sei/albino sigilyph/albino star sprites from pfq
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