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Absol's Little Shop

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Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar
Everyone please send the trades!
Avatar made for me by Xaandiir! Regular Journal | Trade Thread Buying Kagamis @ 40 ZC, Ice Feathers @ 80 ZC, Ruby Orbs @ 50 ZC, and Lustrous Orbs @ 60 ZC, Rusted Swords @ 140 ZC, Origin Sashes @ 55 ZC, Rage Feathers @ 200 ZC
Mysteriøus's AvatarMysteriøus
Mysteriøus's Avatar
hello, i can sell you a rusted sword for 200 zc!
myst - she/her | they/them - weirdo shop || journal type race: 949 avatar made by me, sig by galladerox, permission here
Juzíneo's AvatarJuzíneo
Juzíneo's Avatar
Hi there, may I get your 4 Ice Statues for my 160 ZC please?
Check out my shop!
Credits for background image are on my Profile's About me. Avatar was made by Kerilet.
Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar
Both please send the trades~!
I have 2x Origin Sashes, 1x Kagami, and 1x Ruby Orb. I'd like to swap the Ruby Orb for the GS Ball, and I'd like to swap the rest for how ever many v medals the sashes and kagami could get me? ;o
winter / emmie / torchie korea / UTC+9 / she/her avatar by Angelheart formerly known as torchietrade threadjournal
MelonCrusher's AvatarMelonCrusher
MelonCrusher's Avatar
Hello again! I hope this is okay, I have a rage Feather and I see on your signature that you are buying them but didnt see it on your summons uft part of your shop, but if you are: my rage feather for your 200zc please? :) (I could just be blind if it is on your list in the summons post)
Quitting Sale I own my avatar <3
Zweira's AvatarZweira
Zweira's Avatar
May I buy all 3 of your kanaloa idols for 120 ZC?
Avatar made by AngelHeart. Go see her art shop here! Looking for Magatamas! Visit my shop here!
Progress to Mespirit hunt! 92 / 250
abingy's Avatarabingy
abingy's Avatar
Hi! I have 4 origin sashes, 1 ruby orb and 1 kagami. Swap them for your 4 thunder fangs (50 ZC each) and 110 ZC?
Avatar made by mewitti of deviantart. Free to use.
Trade Shop - Summons, S/A, Box Hunts
Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar
Sorry for the delay everyone! I went camping and had no service for the night ^^;; @Winter Solstice: I can do 5 V Medals for the extra summons~! Could you send the trade please? c: @Everyone else: Please send the trades~!
KaiserMeowser's AvatarKaiserMeowser
KaiserMeowser's Avatar
My 5 Kagamis, 1 Origin Sash, 2 Lustrous Orbs and 15 Rusted Swords for your 3,375 ZC? 0:
Buying S/As in my shop! Current melan hunt: None Here's a handy chart with all egg types and EHPs listed! Buying:
Order's Crests
Blue Soul Dews
Eclipse Flutes
40 45 90

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