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LilyValley's AvatarLilyValley
LilyValley's Avatar
3 large Psychic gems for 270 GP and 30k credits?
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Oh, I'm very sorry! The 100GP per large was a typo. ^^''' Sorry for the confusion!
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rijker's Avatarrijker
rijker's Avatar
i'd like to swap my two medium and three small poison gems for fairy gems, please. c:
selling many items! summons, mega stones, and more!
* pkmn swap shop - offering multiple ditto and albino pokemon! * activity may be sporadic due to school.
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LaveriaDreams's AvatarLaveriaDreams
LaveriaDreams's Avatar
I have 1 medium poison gem and 3 small poison gems I want to swap for 1 medium and 3 small grass gems please!!!
bunifu's Avatarbunifu
bunifu's Avatar
My two Medium Poison Gems for Fire?
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Trade sent! :)
xXSpringXx's AvatarxXSpringXx
xXSpringXx's Avatar
can i dex trade any 10 regular shinies for 50 gp total? any shinies are fine!
Frostleaf's AvatarFrostleaf
Frostleaf's Avatar
my 380gp for your 76zc?
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
Sorry, I'm not exchanging currency at the moment! ^^' I think I understand where you got confused, though, I'll try to reword it to make it clearer.
Frostleaf's AvatarFrostleaf
Frostleaf's Avatar
i always get confused over the money exchange with people.

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