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Hunt Post Twenty-Nine

HM Duration of 12/Aug til 09/Oct
Type Race: Ghost • albino Zorua (H) Bramblin tr/paldea/gem hunt [53♂S] [93♂S] [97♂S] [125♂A] [162♀S] [179♂S] [209♀S] [326♂S] [349♂S] [429♀S] [430♀S] [462♀A] [549♀S] [574♂S] [598♂S] [603♂S] [636♀S] [650 eggs] 14/Aug/2023—20/Aug/2023 Nincada gem/wf hunt [77♂S] [89♂S] [150♂S] [218♂S] [291♂S] [311♀A] [326♂S] [350 eggs] 20/Aug/2023—22/Aug/2023 Wooper gem/wf hunt [103♀S] [185♂A] [205 eggs] 22/Aug/2023—24/Aug/2023 Random V-Wave eggs • albino Spritzee Tinkatink paldea hunt [145♀S] [291♀S] [317♀S] [585♀A] [594♀S] [600 eggs] 27/Aug/2023—29/Aug/2023 Wiglett paldea hunt [83♂A] [90♀S] [125 eggs] 30/Aug/2023—31/Aug/2023 Varoom paldea hunt [31♀S] [62♀S] [135♂S] [224♀S] [278♂A] [289♀S] [300 eggs] 31/Aug/2023—02/Sep/2023
Orthworm paldea hunt! [35♂A] [107♀S] [110 eggs] 02/Sep/2023—03/Sep/2023 Scatterbug tourney hunt [14♀A] [41♀S] [115 eggs] 03/Sep/2023—05/Sep/2023 Magnemite gem/wf hunt [75A] [84A] [142S] [200 eggs] 06/Sep/2023—09/Sep/2023 Type Race: Psychic • albino Indeedee • albino Espurr • albino Gothita • albino Ralts • albino Natu • albino Ralts • albino Hatenna • shiny Ralts Ralts tr hunt [127♂S] [136♂A] [142♀A] [211♀S] [250 eggs] 10/Sep/2023—13/Sep/2023 Flittle tr/paldea/z hunt [38♂A] [39♂A] [66♂S] [80♀S] [107♀S] [160♀A] [165♀S] [191♂S] [225♂A] [307♀A] [329♂S] [345♀S] [399♀S] [472♂S] [500 eggs] 13/Sep/2023—19/Sep/2023
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