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Hunt Post Twenty-Eight

HM Duration of 24/Jun til 09/Oct
Nacli rock! [35♀A] [148♂S] [174♀A] [179♀A] [202♀S] [218♂A] [279♀A] [311♂A] [385♂S] [387♀A] [442♀A] [511♂A] [550 eggs] 24/Jun/2023—30/Jun/2023 PotD Tourney • albino Shuckle Albino Toedscool! Shroodle [33♂A] [50♀S] [55 eggs] 01/Jul/2023—01/Jun/2023 Maschiff [49♂S] [82♀S] [167♀S] [177♂S] [328♂S][355♂S][364♂S][381♀S] [393♂A] [400 eggs] 02/Jul/2023—05/Jul/2023 Toedscool [91♀S] [125 eggs] 05/Jul/2023—07/Jul/2023 Darumaka tr/unova hunt [14♂A] [186♀S] [197♀S] [240 eggs] 09/Jul/2023—16/Jul/2023 Type Race: Fire • albino Growlithe • albino Charmander Charmander shiny/megax2 hunt [73♂S] [169♂S] [188♀S] [250 eggs] 17/Jul/2023—21/Jul/2023
Albino Rellor! Ducklett unova/flying gem hunt [42♂S] [104♂A] [159♂S] [200 eggs] 21/Jul/2023—23/Jul/2023 Oricorio flying gem hunt [55♀S] [110♀A] [141♀S] [158♂S] [166♀A] [350 eggs] 23/Jul/2023—28/Jul/2023 Mini Roggenrola Hunt so many eggs in shelter, couldn't resist [118♂S] [142♂S] [147♀S] [300♂S] [309♀A] [398♀S] [404♀S] [418♂A] [455♀A] [521♂S] [589♂A] [637♂S] [676♀S] [743♂S] [754♀S] [787♀S] [860♂A] [930♀S] [931♂A] [942♂A] [1070♀M] [1090♀S] [1134♂A] [1145♂S] [1211♀S] [1283♀S] [1295♂S] [1332♂A] [1421♂A] [1483♂S] [1498♂A] [1527♀S] [1576♀S] [1582♀A] [1654♂S] [1686♀A] [1700 eggs] 29/Jul/2023—05/Aug/2023 Spearow flying gem hunt [9♂A] | [i keep breaking the chain to hatch savage so no count lol] 05/Aug/2023—07/Aug/2023 Savage Spearow slow hunt while i upgrade badge [103♂S] [136♂S] [214♂S] [237♀S] [308♂A] [316 eggs] 07/Aug/2023—14/Aug/2023 V-Wave Tourney • albino Fidough • albino Mimikyu
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