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Hunt Post Thirty!

HM Duration of 17/Sep til 09/Oct (due for a 365 day renew) Wowza, 30 hunt archive posts.
Lab Tourney • albino Taillow • albino Cutiefly • albino Klefki Greavard paldea hunt [50♂S] [52♀A] [68♂S] [83♂S] [100 eggs] 19/Sep/2023—20/Sep/2023 Cyclizar paldea hunt [87♂M] [92♂A] [186♀A] [188♀S] [200 eggs] 20/Sep/2023—24/Sep/2023 Tatsugiri paldea hunt [72♂S] [196♀S] [220♂S] [269♀S] [271♂A] [337♀S] [350 eggs] 24/Sep/2023—29/Sep/2023 Daycare Tourney • albino SS Cleffa
Tatsugiri v2 hunt [60♀S] [101♂S] [109♀A] [123♀S] [140♀A] [142♀S] [243♂S] [347♂S] [389♂S] [492♀S] [500 eggs] 30/Sep/2023—09/Oct/2023 Critter Hatch Tourney • albino Caterpie • albino Cutiefly • albino Cutiefly Dedenne tr hunt [5♀A]/29 eggs 12/Oct/2023—13/Oct/2023 Type Race: Electric • albino Toxel • albino Mareep • albino Toxel Frigibax paldea hunt [49♂S] [148♀S] [211♀S] [322♂A] [330 eggs] 14/Oct/2023—20/Oct/2023 Girafarig paldea forme hunt [150♀S] [245♂S] [399♂A] [400 eggs] 20/Oct/2023—23/Oct/2023 Scatterbug naive tourney hunt [118♀A] [178♂A] [246♀A] [331♂S] [354♂S] [411♂S] [465♀A] [521♀S] [522♀S] [559♀S] [595♀S] [651♀A] [722♂S] [747♂A] [909♂S] [983♀S] [992♂S] [1021♀S] [1137♀S] [1266♀S] [1307♀A] [1327♀A] [1336♂S] [1346♂A] [1410♂S] [1426♂A] [1449♂A] [1467♀A] [1500 eggs] 23/Oct/2023—28/Oct/2023 VWave Type Affinity Tourney • random albino Cactaboo! • albino Flittle • albino Snom Pumpkaboo [141♀A] [163♀A] [316♀S] [349♀A] [400 eggs] 30/Oct/2023—02/Nov/2023 Shiny Cactaboo! Cacnea [71♂S] [103♂S] [135♀S] [166♂M] [169♂S] [178♂A] [200 eggs] 03/Nov/2023—05/Nov/2023
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