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Hunt Post Twenty-Three

HM Duration of 06/Aug til 14/Oct. Extended til 12/Apr
Togepi gem hunt [177♂S] [186♂A] [188♂A] [225♂S] [272♂A] [375♂S] [561♂S] [591♂S] [688♂S] [693♂S] [727♂S] [731♂S] [752♂S] [759♀S] [769♂S] [778♂S] [839♂A] [868♂A] [890♂S] [925♂S] [1072♂A] [1081♂A] [1100♂S] [1118♂S] [1139♂M] [1203♂A] [1221♂A] [1277♂S] [1327♀S] [1335♂S] [1352♂A] [1487♂A] [1516♂S] [1526♂A] [1565♂A] [1690♂S] [1738♂S] [1751♂S] [1836♂S] [1897♂A] [1996♂S] [1998♂A] [2098♀S] [2215♂S] [2249♂S] [2286♂S] [2297♀S] [2298♂S] [2372♂S] [2391♂A] [2416♂A] [2435♀S] [2444♂S] [2445♂S] [2532♂A] [2620 eggs] 06/Aug/2022—04/Sept/2022 Type Race: Fairyalbino Raltsalbino Milceryalbino Ralts Druddigon gem/tr hunt [65♂S] [231♂A] [291♀A] [353♂A] [367♀S] [370 eggs] 04/Sept/2022—13/Sept/2022 Noibat [67♀S] [88♀A] [109♀A] [297♂S] [442♂A] [446♂S] [452♂A] [487♂A] [491♂S] [500 eggs] 14/Sept/2022—21/Sept/2022 H. Growlithe [51♂A] [102♂S] [181♂A] [192♂S] [194♀A] [300 eggs] 21/Sept/2022—23/Sept/2022 Assorted Steel Eggs ×2.5 Niet/+22 Sei/×2.2 Shazi/Steel vwave • shiny Sandshrew • shiny Pawniard • albino Sandshrew • shiny Magnemite • shiny Sandshrew 24/Sept/2022 ×2.5 Niet/+17 Sei • shiny Pawniard 25/Sept/2022 Cufant tiny gem hunt [20♂A] [50 eggs] 25/Sept/2022 Durant steel gems/unova hunt [130♂S] [289♂A] [349♂S] [350♂A] [488♂A] [555 eggs] 26/Sept/2022—03/Oct/2022 Caterpie tourney hunt [68♀A] [148♂S] [157♂S] [300 eggs] 03/Oct/2022—06/Oct/2022 Togedemaru gem hunt [14♀S] [42♂A] [52♀S] [124♂S] [164♂S] [169♂S] [200 eggs] 06/Oct/2022—08/Oct/2022
H. Sneasel [103♀A] [156♂A] [204♀S] [300 eggs] 08/Oct/2022—12/Oct/2022 Type Race: Normal • albino Skwovet • albino Buneary • albino Smeargle Bouffalant tr/unova hunt [108♀A] [200♀S] [205♂S] [220 eggs] 12/Oct/2022—17/Oct/2022 Patrat unova hunt [40♀S] [65♀S] [97♂S] [216♂S] [237♂S] [274♂A] [346♂S] [369♀S] [420♀A] [425 eggs] 18/Oct/2022—23/Oct/2022
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