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Hunt Post Twenty-Four

HM Duration of 23/Oct til 12/Apr.
Lillipup unova hunt [99♂A] [156♂S] [265♂S] [354♀S] [368♂A] [377♀S] [392♀A] [395♀S] [396♀S] [400 eggs] 23/Oct/2022—29/Oct/2022 Scatterbug tourney hunt [35♀A] [94♀S] [155♂S] [156♂A] [197♂A] [200 eggs] 29/Oct/2022—31/Oct/2022 Ferroseed badge/unova hunt [232♀S] [247♂A] [283♀S] [332♂A] [335 eggs] 01/Nov/2022—07/Nov/2022 Togedemaru badge hunt [22♂A] [58♂A] [77♂A] [158♂A] [213♀S] [227♂S] [235 eggs] 07/Nov/2022—09/Nov/2022 Lotad badge hunt [35♂A] [43♂A] [71♂S] [87♀S] [104♀S] [144♂S] [170♂A] [186 eggs] 10/Nov/2022—16/Nov/2022 Type Race: Grass • albino Phantump • albino Applin • albino Rokiwi Pansage unova hunt [6♂A] [53♂A] [57♂S] [187♂A] [227♂A] [295♂S] [300 eggs] 16/Nov/2022—25/Nov/2022 Chikorita badge hunt [47♂S] [49♂A] [67♂A] [147♂S] [300 eggs] 26/Nov/2022—04/Dec/2022
Salandit tourney/badge hunt [103♀A] [118♂S] [330 eggs] 04/Dec/2022—10/Dec/2022 Type Race: Dark • none :( Houndour dex/badge hunt [77♀S] [87♀S] [119♀S] [218♀A] [252♀S] [300 eggs] 17/Dec/2022—26/Dec/2022 Vullaby dex/tourney hunt [36♀A] [88♀S] [160♀A] [171♀A] [313♀S] [332♀S] [344♀A] [350 eggs] 27/Dec/2022—31/Dec/2022 Cacnea [48♂S] [71♀A] [164♂A] [214♀A] [271♂S] [278♀S] [300 eggs] 31/Dec/2022—03/Jan/2023 Applin gem hunt [49♂S] [77♂S] [79♂S] [84♂S] [206♀M] [213♂S] [290♀A] [309♂A] [324♀S] [328♂S] [613♀S] [615 eggs] 03/Jan/2023—09/Jan/2022
Type Race: Water • albino Slowpoke • albino Piplup • albino Wooper • albino Pyukumuku • albino Slowpoke • albino Kabuto Bruxish gem hunt [52♀A] [162♂A] [205♀A] [215♂A] [266♂S] [293♀A] [381⚦S] [391♂A] [525 eggs] 09/Jan/2022—16/Jan/2023
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