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Hunt Post Twenty-Two

HM Duration of 17/Apr til 14/Oct.
Toxel [162♀S] [200♀A] [214♂S] [260 eggs] 15/Apr/2022—17/Apr/2022 Shelter Hatch Tourney • albino Togedemaru Sentret [79♂S] [165 eggs] 24/Apr/2022—30/Apr/2022 A. Vulpix [27♂S] [77♀A] [123♀S] [193♀S] [200♀S] [249♀S] [265 eggs] 30/Apr/2022—08/May/2022 Roggenrola [120♂S] [155♂S] [194♀A] [252♀A] [272♂S] [356♀A] [400 eggs] 08/May/2022—16/May/2022 Type Race: Rock • albino Larvitar • albino Rolycoly Nincada gem hunt [21♂A] [40♀S] [42♂S] [52♂S] [112♀S] [136♀S] [151♂A] [164♀S] [231♂A] [265♂S] [325♂S] [385♂S] [423♀S] [437♀A] [568♂S] [585♂S] [687♀A] [733♀S] [762♀S] [769♀A] [875♀S] [916♀S] [938♀S] [948♀S] [1043♀S] [1193♂A] [1213♂S] [1238♀S] [1243♀A] [1249♂S] [1300 eggs] 16/May/2022—12/Jun/2022 Type Race: Ground • albino Numel G. Stunfisk tr hunt [54♀A] [185♂S] [200 eggs] 12/Jun/2022—24/Jun/2022 Oshawott hisuian form hunt [159♂S] [195♂A] [200 eggs] 25/Jun/2022—02/Jul/2022 Snorunt ice hunt [163♂S] [259♂S] [260 eggs] 02/Jul/2022—09/Jul/2022 Type Race: Flying • none :( Pikipek evo hunt [44♂S] [214♂S] [256♀S] [288♀S] [292♂A] [308♂S] [380♂A] [423♂S] [500 eggs] 23/Jul/2022—06/Aug/2022
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