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Hunt Post Twenty-One

HM Duration of 20/Jan til 16/Apr.
Fennekin fire evo albino hunt [16♂A] [84♂S] [157♂S] [160♀A] [199♀S] [215♂A] [242♀A] [281♂S] [290♂S] [300♂A] [385♂S] [442♂S] [464♂A] [484♂A] [497♂A] [519♂A] [535♂A] [550 eggs] 21/Jan/2022—03/Feb/2022 Lotad water/grass evo hunt [13♀A] [15♀A] [41♀S] [42♀S] [59♂S] [75♀A] [131♀A] [144♂A] [172♀S] [178♀A] [216♀S] [245♂A] [267♀S] [327♂A] [437♂S] [438♀S] [550 eggs] 03/Feb/2022—09/Feb/2022 Phantump tr hunt [60♀S] [62♀S] [156♀A] [182♂S] [216♂A] [239♂S] [422♀S] [477♀S] [630 eggs] 09/Feb/2022—24/Feb/2022 'Combee' Hatching Tourneyalbino boyalbino boyalbino boyalbino snow boy Combee ez hunt [77♂S] [167♂S] [199♂A] [208♂S] [212♂S] [268♂S] [292♂S] [301♂A] [365♂A] [374♀S] [463♀A] [541♂S] [544♂A] [557♂S] [643♀A] [723♂S] [726♂A] [800 eggs] 25/Feb/2022—11/Mar/2022 'Winged' Hatching Tourneyalbino Pikipekalbino Pikipek Woobat tr hunt [52♂S] [63♀S] [104♂S] [113♂S] [124♀S] [335♂S] [341♂S] [360♀S] [378♂A] [394♂S] [408♀S] [814♂S] [844♂S] [846♂M] [890♂S] [981♂S] [1000 eggs] 11/Mar/2022—28/Mar/2022 Type Race: Psychicalbino Bronzoralbino Indeedeealbino Exeggcute Wagell [105♀A] [147♂S] [150 eggs] 28/Mar/2022—04/Apr/2022 Shelter Hatch Tourneyalbino Croagunkalbino Stuffulalbino Croagunk Wooloo [28♂A] [40♀S] [105 eggs] 04/Apr/2022—12/Apr/2022 Type Race: Electricalbino Toxelalbino Pichu
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