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Hunt Post Twenty

HM Duration of 03/Dec til 16/Apr.

Poison Hunts

Weedle evo hunt [25♀A] [28♂A] [71♀A] [78♂A] [84♀A] [109♀S] [111♀S] [120♂S] [149♀S] [150♀S] [193♀A] [197♀A] [216♂A] [217♂A] [221♂S] [234♂S] [264♂A] [265♂S] [308♀S] [315♀A] [320♂S] [336♀S] [342♂A] [360♂A] [366♂A] [376♀A] [379♀A] [387♀A] [400 eggs] 03/Dec/2021—08/Dec/2021 Gulpin gem hunt [108♂A] [143♀A] [165♂S] [172♂S] [182♂A] [185♀S] [209♂A] [218♂S] [230 eggs] 08/Dec/2021—17/Dec/2021 Type Race: Poison • albino Salandit • albino Toxel Skrelp [6♀A] [32♀A] [49♂A] [58♀S] [78♀S] [113♂S] [120♀S] [140 eggs] 17/Dec/2021—20/Dec/2021 Weedle tourney/gem hunt [6♂A] [77♀S] [78♂S] [123♂S] [158♀A] [185♀S] [192♀A] [209♀A] [238♀A] [289♀A] [328♂S] [330♂S] [348♂A] [386♀S] [400 eggs] 21/Dec/2021—26/Dec/2021 Ekans gem hunt [12♀A] [56 eggs] 26/Dec/2021—27/Dec/2021
Blipbug tourney hunt [73♂A] [97♀A] [106♂A] [186♂A] [200 eggs] 28/Dec/2021—30/Dec/2021 Random Poison Eggs • albino Ekans • albino Nidoran • albino Nidoran • albino Ekans • shiny Weedle • albino Ekans • albino Croagunk 31/Dec/2021—03/Jan/2022 Weedle evo hunt/delta'd [20♂A] [31♂A] [57♂M] [63♂S] [96♂S] [128♂A] [130♂A] [138♀S] [141♀A] [148♀A] [177♀S] [192♀S] [210♀A] [290♀S] [293♂A] [301♂A] [315♂S] [359♀A] [372♀S] [375 eggs] 03/Jan/2022—07/Jan/2022 Salandit goal: shiny female first shiny lol ok goal: another female shiny for totem [14♂A] [18♂A] [39♂A] [55♂A] [66♀A] [72♀S] [95♂A] [135♂A] [153♀A] [164♂S] [178♂S] [199♂A] [213♂A] [303♂S] [346♂S] [354♂A] [364♂S] [458♂A] [461♂S] [484♂S] [500 eggs] 07/Jan/2022—20/Jan/2022 Type Race: Fire • albino Torchic • shiny Growlithe • albino Ponyta • albino Scorbunny • albino Apoc. Growlithe • albino Growlithe • albino Chimchar
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