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Hunt Post Nineteen

HM Duration of 5/Sep til 18/Oct. New duration: 18/Oct til 16/Apr.
Scraggy v-wave hunt [10♀A] [41♀S] [51♂S] [56♂A] [60 eggs] 05/Sep/2021—07/Sep/2021 Applin v-wave hunt [30♂A] [30 eggs] 07/Sep/2021—08/Sep/2021 Murkrow [42♂A] [44♂S] [78♀S] [100 eggs] 08/Sep/2021—11/Sep/2021 Cubchoo type race hunt [3♂A] [83♀A] [119♀S] [135♀A] [142♂A] [148♂A] [230♀A] [256♀S] [264♀A] [286♂S] [300♀A] [300 eggs] 13/Sep/2021—25/Sep/2021 Type Race: Ice • albino Sneasel • shiny Sneasel • albino Sneasel

Dark Hunts

• albino Sneasel • albino Zigzagoon (Galarian) Nickit gem/evo hunt [53♂S] [87♀S] [188♂S] [193♂S] [197♂S] [199♂S] [213♀S] [217♂S] [223♀S] [250 eggs] 27/Sep/2021—04/Oct/2021
Bounsweet [56♀S] [57♀A] [70 eggs] 04/Oct/2021—11/Oct/2021 Type Race: Fighting • albino Croagunk • albino Scraggy • albino Stufful • albino Heracross Falinks [24A] [63A] [66S] [70S] [100 eggs] 11/Oct/2021—19/Oct/2021 Trubbish little hunt lol i meant melan hunt apparently ugh [19♂A] [70♀S] [159♀A] [165♀S] [172♂A] [228♂S] [252♂A] [269♂A] [314♀A] [315♀S] [334♀A] [349♂A] [371♂S] [431♂S] [444♀S] [511♀S] [520♂S] [556♀A] [594♀A] [600♂A] [638♀S] [662♀A] [667♂A] [709♂A] [755♀A] [827♀S] [866♂A] [907♂A] [1026♀S] [1050♂S] [1155♀S] [1187♂S] [1200♀A] [1242♂S] [1293♀S] [1306♂S] [1357♀S] [1374♂A] [1385♀A] [1443♀A] [1460 eggs] 20/Oct/2021—02/Dec/2021 Type Race: Steel • shiny Pawniard • albino Klink • albino Beldum Nosepass tourney hatching [22♂A] [50 eggs] 02/Dec/2021—03/Dec/2021
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