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Willow Grove Sprites || FULL

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No payment required, tips
welcome! Note: Sprites are slow due to incredible procrastination (but they're free, so? tradeoff? sorry)

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Please try to limit to a maximum of two types
Choose a Color Scheme by submitting either a Pokemon or a description WITH HEX CODES
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Pricing / 10 / 1
If you have a Fakemon you'd like me to sprite, send a picture or VERY detailed description of it and I'll sprite it!
This kind of thing When ordering, please provide the sprite you wish to be edited. There are over 1000 trainers throughout the gens. I'm not going to go through every single one to find the one you're talking about. Just provide the base sprite and I'll do the rest. Regular (non-animated) Trainer sprites can be ordered in bunches. ANIMATION REQUIREMENTS: Takes a LONG time. Be Patient. This sprite can only be ordered as the only sprite in the requst. Do not request other sprites in your post if ordering an animated trainer.
I'm willing to try pretty much anything you ask for! Don't feel limited by the above!" I've seen tons of different styles of sprites, and there's no way to possibly list them all, so instead I will go by a case-by-case basis. If you suggest something and I'm unable to do it, I will make another sprite (I can't offer refunds because these don't cost anything!)
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Only ask for orders using Official Black and White sprites. I can't edit Kalos, Alolan, and Exclusive Sprites the Pokefarm team worked hard to make unless YOU get permission for me to edit it from this thread. Do NOT ask for a sprite from Kalos or later without getting permission and putting the proof of permission IN THE REQUEST or I will outright say 'NO' Thank you for understanding.
When using sprites, please use the code that is given in the sprite's post. I work very hard to make these sprites, and if I see a sprite that is not properly creditted I wil have to ask you to remove it or put in the credit properly.

This is NOT okay-

These are okay-

Thread Title shows how many spots are taken out of 10 If the shop is full, please wait to post your order. I will accept orders until I reach 10 requests, at which point I will add "FULL" to the title of the thread to show I'm not taking any more orders at the moment. I will finish all 10 requested sprites before I 'open' again and accept more requests again. If two requests are sent at the same time while there is only 1 avaliable spot left, both requests will be added, making a total of 11. This does not apply to any orders except ones that would 'tie' for 10th. Once the shop is closed, if you wish, you may request a sprite and join the current order list for a small fee (10 /5 /1 ). Otherwise, you will have to wait for the shop to reopen to order.
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Credit for Free-to-use sprites

Sprites made involving pokemon from Kalos+ require credit to the artists. The following artists are given all credit for any free-to-use sprites used in any way to create the sprites made here.
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  • Zerudez
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  • Willow Grove
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See? I told you so!

Willow McPlier


QUOTE originally posted by Rainbow565656

@willow Pokemon:Suicine Type:Fire, Steel, Flying, Dragon
[img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Willow_McPlier/Custom_Suicune.png[/img] [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/80295]Credit[/url]


QUOTE originally posted by MsEmoDrago

If it isn't to much trouble... Pokemon: Flareon Type: Grass (I love flowers)
[img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Willow_McPlier/Custom_Flareon.png[/img] [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/80295]Credit[/url]


QUOTE originally posted by YanderMedic

Pokemon: Butterfree Type: bug, fire and steel If you can or have the time.... I do not want to be a bother...
[img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Willow_McPlier/Custom_Butterfree.png[/img] [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/80295]Credit[/url]


QUOTE originally posted by Kaamui

I don't suppose you'd mind making another? Could I request an Aggron with a Diancie Recoloring?
I wasn't sure which color would be the base, so I made 2 versions: Credit
GradïsUsagï's AvatarGradïsUsagï
GradïsUsagï's Avatar
Pokémon = Bisharp Type = Ghost & Poison
Avatar by Slimemold!
Collecting! 39 / ?

Willow McPlier

QUOTE originally posted by Gradis

Pokémon = Bisharp Type = Ghost & Poison
I'm on it! ^u^
GradïsUsagï's AvatarGradïsUsagï
GradïsUsagï's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Willow McPlier

QUOTE originally posted by Gradis

Pokémon = Bisharp Type = Ghost & Poison
I'm on it! ^u^
I can't wait! thanks.

Willow McPlier

QUOTE originally posted by Willow McPlier

QUOTE originally posted by Gradis

Pokémon = Bisharp Type = Ghost & Poison
I'm on it! ^u^
Credit Sorry it's not very good. I couldn't find a good way to implement the Poison type Code:
[img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Willow_McPlier/Custom_Bisharp_.png[/img] [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/80295/]Credit[/url]
Meg277's AvatarMeg277
Meg277's Avatar
Hello! Can you make me a... Sylveon *Dark or ghost Thank you!
All art and coding by Shiro.
Just a happy vulpix

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