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Sprite Discovery

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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Not that the mean part. I think it's mean to say it like that in the thread. It'd be more clean and friendly if you'd messaged me that not causing everyone the trouble to read it through. But it's just my opinion... who am I to queston your decisions...
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Don't want to fall behind with the new sprites? Sprite discovery thread~ and you can discuss them in the Sprite Discovery Discussion~
You seem to be applying your own tone, your own agenda and your own apparent want of "this person is being mean" on to Niet. None of what he said was remotely nasty. It's mean for him to say, publicly, that he's concerned that something will become deleted - for the same reasons as something else that they once had - thus leading to the creator being upset, which he would like to be at least lessened, so better to say something now than to wait for the crash. Granted there was a misunderstanding - hence the apology made in public. Look - If you're doing something good for the community, as you say, then you wouldn't be acting like one of the owners is out to be pointlessly nasty (when the evidence proves that they are not), would you? We are allowed to have a discussion as much as everyone else And that is all that Niet did. He discussed this situation with you and others in this thread - found out his worries were unfounded, regardless - but also got to point out some potential additions (in discussion with others) that could allow others to see the sprites that you were showing in the previous thread. Actions speak louder than words. It would be nice to see your actions to coincide with what you're saying.
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
Hey, how do you add in a missing sprite to the wiki? I have both the melan Spritzee and Aromatisse sprites and i'd like to add them there. I'm sorry this is a dumb question.
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Joshua Kiryu's AvatarJoshua Kiryu
Joshua Kiryu's Avatar
If you click on the red link where the sprite would go, it'll take you to an upload page
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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
Oh, thank you. Why haven't I thought of doing that before? XD Now in all honesty, I do prefer having a thread of recently discovered sprites and having users say 'Hey, look at this cool thing this cool person hatched" on it, but a wiki is more helpful if you want to see all the sprites. I like Ryuoko's idea of maybe deleting the older updates once they get a bit... old. Plus there is a benefit for the wiki editors. It's a lot easier to see an update on a discovered sprite the thread and then post it on the wiki, so both sides of this discussion get something good out of it. Of course, I'm not the one running the show here and it can go any way Niet wants. It's his right to make the decisions, not mine.
Kodiyak's AvatarKodiyak
Kodiyak's Avatar
Just popping in here for a little PSA(?), since I've noticed this when sprites are uploaded to the Wiki. Don't forget to add the appropriate Category, as it is hard for us to go back through all the files and find the ones without any. Take the category from another Pokémon from the same region if you have to. Can't wait to see any other new variants you find though! Thank you for making this thread again, but as a update only new ones, the other sprite page wouldn't crash my browser but... *shrug*
TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
@Garthic: I'll pm you in some minutes, I hope it's okay. @Niet: Sorry for snapping, I was just... Dunno. I really appreciate that you have admit the misunderstanding. Thank you. I just want to make this thread work... I hope it's okay.
So, to make it clear, I have put in the first post more clearer what's my plan is. Sorry for wording it not so understandable. Also, can please someone pm me a quite detailed description how the uploading and labeling things work on the Wiki? So I can make a miniguide (as the image url grabbing one) and add it to the first post. Thank you~ <3 - Got it, thanks~ <3 Edit: now I have added to the first post, as well! Thank you again, Kodiak~ <3 I am missing some words now when I am writing. cool... orz
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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
I am on my phone right now, but look it's a Grubbin! And a melan Lycanroc midnight forme~ Shiny Goldesem:
Wardove's AvatarWardove
Wardove's Avatar
Kase's lovely Celtic Pupper. Absolutely beautiful...
Found another melan baby~ Plu's Owlicious~
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