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@Garthic: I'll pm you in some minutes, I hope it's okay. @Niet: Sorry for snapping, I was just... Dunno. I really appreciate that you have admit the misunderstanding. Thank you. I just want to make this thread work... I hope it's okay.
So, to make it clear, I have put in the first post more clearer what's my plan is. Sorry for wording it not so understandable. Also, can please someone pm me a quite detailed description how the uploading and labeling things work on the Wiki? So I can make a miniguide (as the image url grabbing one) and add it to the first post. Thank you~ <3 - Got it, thanks~ <3 Edit: now I have added to the first post, as well! Thank you again, Kodiak~ <3 I am missing some words now when I am writing. cool... orz
Avatar is made by HotTubz ordered here. Collecting (mostly) missing and special deltas + deltas for Trebor! Pm me, please~ <3 ~*~*~¤~*~*~
Don't want to fall behind with the new sprites? Sprite discovery thread~ and you can discuss them in the Sprite Discovery Discussion~
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