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Star's Pokedex: Gotta Draw 'Em All!

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I'm practicing digital art, so I will draw some Pokemon! I don't think I will complete the full Pokedex lol but I'll try >:) I will post updates and edit this post, so feel free to comment and I am looking for constructive critism + feedback so any would be helpful :) They'll be organized by days, even though I probably won't upload every day.

Day 1: #427 Buneary

Actually pretty sucessful~ That's a surprise

Day 2: #354 Banette

Ugh, I think failed this one's coloring badly

Day 3: #495 Snivy

I accidentally messed up the coloring on the neck ugh I might redo it later. I forgot to put my signature on the Banette gotta do that too

Day 4: #359 Absol

My linework is getting better! Coloring too! Still, not very good -w-
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Drew Banette. It didn't end well. My next Pokemon: Snivy!
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Hello! I stalk this now :)
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:) welcome
Jolmed's AvatarJolmed
Jolmed's Avatar
Oooh I love the perspective on the buneary! Looking forward to seeing your further dex entries ^<^
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Oooh, another one >w<
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
To get the colors exactly right, import a picture of the Pokemon you want, and use the eye dropper tool to get the colors right
yahoo added snivy i might do this cool fusion(yes I made a fusion) i made next, or absol!
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Coloring looks good on the Snivy!
I think I may have messed that neck up a bit :cry:

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