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Fished Shiny Showcase

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VibravaX's Avatarhypermode-12.pngVibravaX
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With the new update to fishing and more importantly the update to fishing shiny rates, I'm sure lots of people are getting shinies through fishing now! Especially because of the current tournament. Since these aren't hatched shinies, and I'm pretty sure they're rarer, I figured it'd be cool to have a separate thread showing off just shinies gotten from fishing. There are a few rules: 1. Do not contact a player about selling their shiny unless they explicitly state it's UFT/UFS. If you do contact a seller do so via PMs, not via this thread. 2. This thread is a place for support and encouragement. Don't complain about having bad luck. 3. Only post about shinies caught through fishing! For shinies you got through hatching, please visit the Shiny Hatching Thread instead. I myself have gotten very lucky so far and got two shinies in two days! I love them both very much <3
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ItsAeth's AvatarItsAeth
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I got this one a while ago while fishing for the tournament! Very original name, I know hahah
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Feesh!!! The gender I needed, too!
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RoyaLotad's Avatarhypermode-12.pngRoyaLotad
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Snagged this one early on! It'll be a totem eventually. (The name comes from how in Sonic Rush DS during boss fights, Eggman would constantly say the voiceline "Get ready to be schooled!". I promise my nostalgia is very normal.)
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Just got my first fishing shiny!! Nothing too special but I love him nonetheless :]

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I never used fishing much so the adjustments & the tournament was a nice incentive :D
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In a tournament about a year ago, I was massively fishing and trying to stay in the top 100s, and got this little guy! He was my first shiny I ever fished <3 Considering my love for the Marill line and how I was so happy to find him out of the other fish in the River, I was ecstatic!
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Lostlorn's Avatarhypermode-12.pngLostlorn
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Not a bad little souvenir for this tourney! I'm gonna replace the totem Whiscash I had in the making with them.
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F4T4L FL4W's AvatarF4T4L FL4W
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ahhh!! i get somewhere to showcase my new son!! i got him earlier today! (technically yesterday for the server..) i need to figure out what to name the lil bugger.. :thinking:
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