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Staff Roster

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Staff Roster

This table lists all of the staff members and their roles, grouped by category but otherwise in no particular order:


These are the people that own the website. Whilst generally busy, if you have any high-end queries, they can be contacted for help.
  • Niet

    Dark Absol
  • Garthic

    Inquisitive Riolu
    Staff Admin
    Muffin Smasher

Community Mods

Their primary jobs are handling reports and tickets that come in alongside general community relations. All community Mods are available for general queries. Some moderators do have specialisations that can be found listed underneath their portraits.
  • Eltafez

    Cookie-nomming Mightyena
    General SuperMod
  • Methos

    Meddlesome Abra
    General SuperMod
  • Suríya

    Maenadic Milonair
    General Moderator
  • Cele

    Friendly Noodle
    Forum Moderator
  • Amanome

    Occult Kitsune
    General Moderator
  • MochaFox

    Caffeinated Vulpix
    General Moderator

Moderators In Training

These MiT's are in-training and are under the supervision of the admins and they receive assistance from the rest of staff before they partake in any actions. If an MiT messages you with anything work-related, keep in mind that there is an administrator behind them ensuring that they know what they're doing.

Graphics Team

The Graphics team is in charge of the site's sprites and artwork. Sei should be contacted on the Sprite Permission Request Thread in the event that a user wishes to use a resource created by the PFQ team.
  • Sei

    Art Director

We would also like to extend our thanks to former members of staff who have served us. Graphics team, moderator, content creator.. no matter their role, they've helped our site grow. Because of this, we wish to express our gratitude and wish for them to know we sincerely appreciate them for merely taking time out of their day to help us out. Their names will not be disclosed, as we do not wish to have users contacting them in regards to their former positions, and wish to respect their anonymity. They are, of course, free to disclose this information themselves if they choose. Regardless of who you are, or what your role was on staff, thank you for being part of our team, and we wish the best for your future endeavors!
Edited: 28 Nov 2021
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